Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Carry that weight? - a long time?

Are you going to carry that weight, a long time?

The MASS of your habituated 'load' is only in the mind.
A 'creative story'?
How much suffering is there in the word 'suffering'?
How much wetness in the word 'water'?
How much gold is there in the word 'gold'?
How much does the word 'lead' weigh?
Words, thoughts, concepts and attachments - All are empty and weightless in themselves.
The strings that attach these ideas to each other are weightless also.
Where does this habitual 'heaviness' come from?
Take a close look.
What is found? - More stories, words?

Immediately one factor reveals its presence, yet 'so many' miss it altogether.

All there truly ever is, is this knowing - THIS knowing presence - that you ARE.
Ultimately and immediately, the realization is that the knower and the known are simply transient patterns of energy appearing and disappearing.
The thinking, or the wanting it to be more, is just another pattern, a thought, and these are just pathways to delusion.
Is this clear and obvious?
Can't see it?
Why can’t you see it?
The one who can’t see it is conceptually based and is not the pure function of seeing, nor has it the ability of seeing.
So isn't it just a story about 'not seeing', and yet seeing is always happening.
(Seeing is not limited to the eyes. - The visually impaired are still seeing - all the senses are instruments of seeing.)
This is not a word game or semantics.
See that there is a continual application of concepts to everything - and in this mind- scape of concepts there is what‘appears to be’ an obscuration of what is otherwise clearly obvious.

However the view is never truly obstructed at all - and everything registers cleanly on awareness.
Knowing this immediately releases the ‘luggage compartment’ of the 'mind train', which you have been dragging behind you.

Freedom is here.

If there is an Almighty God, there can only be One God.
That is logical.
Life as we know it must flow directly from this Almighty God.
So our connection to this God must be a living connection.
It must be there whether we know it or not.
It must be LIFE itself. (No point calling it Him, because that confuses things)
Who is not connected to Life directly?
No one is needed to stand as an agent of God and no one is needed to make that connection stronger than it already is.
Even the Bible says; “Let no man come between you and your God”.
A teacher is best as a living pointer with an introduction instigated.
Some call it initiation.
Once you have seen through the self centre of delusion, the teacher is no longer needed in the same way. Respect and gratitude will still be present but the NEED is gone.
Intelligence comes to the fore and all paradox disappears as this living immediacy
cuts through all that once diverted your mind into confusion.
Let this immediate living intelligence be what it is, without all these layers of belief and worship of 'another'.
The quickest way is to start from THIS immediacy with the fact that you are THAT living intelligence.
Then everything else falls into place.

Point of interest: Below is a line from the "Goat on a Pole" Website goatonapole-dot-com:
“It is our hope that we all may someday be like the Goat on the Pole, serene and beautiful, in perfect balance with the rest of its world”.
Take a look at this philosophers 'gem'. - One pointed nonsense.
Funny no mention of the fact that the rope from the chin of the goat is another prop.
And the smiling goat on the graphic is nothing but a gross distortion.
The Goat does not look happy at all and it is being used in a rather obscene way to make money for a lazy jobless slob in India, I expect.
But our Philosophy is much more important than cruelty to animals, isn’t it?
What a bunch of ninconpoops we are sometimes.
- Better to stick the guy on a stick and let him see how he copes.
- After one day, we could get his philosophic pandering down on paper and start a whole new religion.

Monday, May 29, 2006

No Other.

Email from Rob:
Reading your Blogs in March this year I sat laughing and sometimes yelling behind my pc. - My God, how stupid I had been, not seeing all of this! - For me the search for a deeper experience during all the time of the day was the big mistake. - There was still the promise of my advaita -teacher that I had to experience the Real Thing!
I was -according to her- promising but not ready yet. - Well that lasted for a couple of years. - That's all over now.
Thank you for the clear notes Gilbert
- Rob

Here again is one of those Blognotes from March:

Well, it seems logical that you are the centre of the world.
(What that 'you' is made of, is another matter for investigation.)
What do you know about this centre?
If you do not know this thoroughly, then what else could you possibly know?
All the impressions are registering 'right there' in that inner space of consciousness, which only apparently is limited by that body of yours, according to popular or common belief structures.
There is a direct 'path' for light touches you most intimately, where there is no division of 'me' and 'other'.
As you look into (investigate) this centre (of perception) it just opens up more and more.
In letting go of any attachment or any concept, one finds a natural freedom, where nothing is needed to cling to or hold onto.
The courage to enter THIS fully does not come from any psychology or stance in mind.
It is already here as the authentic being presence that you are.
THIS reveals itself as the natural state, which has always been with you.

One finds no one else is here. - All 'others' are 'appearances' only.
Seeing these others, in my world, worshiping Gurus like Ramana and singing their praises, glorifying them as if they were separate special presences, gods, is just another absurdity.
So delusional!
It is all spiritual shenanigans and nothing more than that.
If you cannot love yourself and know yourself, what good is all this identification with these special 'others'.
To speak of this is directly confronting to most 'seekers'. - So what?
'Who' is upset?

I can say this: "Hey! You Idiot! See what you are doing!?"
"You have set yourself apart from your own authentic presence by giving credence to an illusion". - Blank stares from a hypnotized 'seeker'. - Wake up. THIS immediate knowing is all there IS.
Don't throw it away on egoistical 'leaders' of the delusional in the realms of fanciful beliefs. - Open your eyes and see the self-gratified slippery ‘Slug-ness’ of these swanker-ing gurus. - See how they ‘just love the attention’ of their blind, ignorant followers. See their sales pitch lines for what they are: "The fact that you are reading this now, is proof that you are ready, etc." - What a load of bollocks!!!!!
Ready for WHAT? - more of being sucked in by their bullshite stories? - The fact that they wrote such words reveals a great deal.

But wait on! - I see that this note to you is also useless. - Or is it?
These 'others' are just an appearance in awareness - including the illustrious guru.
Crush this hypnotic state of mind and wake to your own authenticity.
That alone is what you seek and the paradox is that it is always here.
It is non-conceptual awareness.

As Bob says: Start from the FACT that you are THAT.
'Then', which can only- NOW! - this ‘centre of your’ world loses its boundaries and a natural embracing of all as oneself, is present AS presence.
Naturally expansive!

Can something come out of nothing?
Can something return to nothing?
Only in the dream!

So if you consider that you are seeking freedom, ‘who’ is it that wants to be free?
All that gathered spiritual knowledge of yours is actually useless and rather boring, except for spiritual 'prattle' over coffee.
The fact is that these 'Truth Franchise gurus' would have nothing to sell, if they told it straight.

They can't tell it straight because you are the ONE, not they.

As long as they make believe and do not 'point' you immediately and directly at your natural freedom, then they are nothing but dream characters. - There is NO exception in this.
You may ask: “What am I without my Guru (Teacher)?”
You are Present and Aware - and THAT in its natural nakedness, is no concept.
In dropping all concepts about this, it leaves you right here and right now with this thoughtless reality.
If you keep running down paths after teachers and gurus you will just go on and on, until you see “the carrot before the donkey”.
The only one that can free you is yourself and this happens only via ‘seeing’.
The concepts we use naturally drop away.
Seeing is left as it always is.
And isn’t seeing happening now? (It is not a doing, so stop trying to see - just see)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

KNOWING is NEVER divided into any parts.

What is this ‘you’ that ‘does’, ‘speaks’, ‘thinks’ and ‘moves’ through space and time?
Can ‘you’ know ‘what That is’?
Can it be reduced to a concept?
Can you ‘get behind’ the knowing?
When you say “I understand”.
- What is that one who understands if not presence itself?
When you say “I don’t understand”, isn’t it Presence appearing as a pattern, a form within the bounds (scope) of immediate knowing? Presence.
When the judge says “I sentence you to twenty years of hard labour”.
It is presence appearing as a form, designated by common agreement, to punish another form via concepts of limitation.
All concepts are limited and the prison of the mind is nothing but limited concepts which appear nowhere else but IN the clarity of immediate knowing.
As the Guillotine executioner pulls the tripper for the blade, is it not presence appearing as a pattern of energy?
As your head rolls into the basket, is it not presence appearing as another pattern within this vast array of all possible patterns?
Are you only that particular pattern?
There is only One (not even one - IT is not Numerical - No thing = 0).

One pattern, One Fractal, One moment of immediate expression – Presence.
As you read this note, is it not presence knowing the form it appears as.
Some say that knowing requires a split into knower and known.
That is just another erroneous concept – a ‘meal ticket’ for the guru.
Knowing is NEVER split into any parts. (One without a second)
The form in which these words reveal themselves to your eyes - is presence.
Your eyes have a clear jell which is always clear.
Unclogged by the impressions of the past - and untouched by the future.
Your mind is also this clear space, which is NOT clogged up by the past nor the future.
It is Presence – Seeing – Knowing.
This immediate livingness, which appears as all forms, objects, thoughts, states, feelings and the re-cognition of such, is not instigated by ‘you’(the form).
This ever immediate cognition is pure intelligence. What do ‘you’ know of it, as a separate ‘thing’?
Find out WHAT you are (forget about ‘who’ you think you are).
This intelligence pulses through you as the One and Only.
Where is the division? Where is the ‘seeker’ of Oneness?
(Trembling at God’s door?)
This livingness pulses through this pattern of energy as it pushes this biro across this scrap of paper, which was (a few moments ago) laying on the floor of my Kombi van.
Is it now a sacred document?
No, that is spiritual crap.
It is only just another form, which this immediate livingness is appearing AS - IN this immediacy. Without Knowing, there is nothing and what you are is THIS knowing, right now.
Is there a transmission of knowledge happening? - NO.
You ARE THIS immediate Knowing.
Throw away all your sacred spiritual concepts and stop kissing the gurus feet.
(You don’t know where they have been.)

“Come Home to yourself - all is forgiven”.
- gilbert

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Presence - Case Closed

Just - Presence.
You are present and aware.
‘Feel into’ this presence that you are.
Do not imagine anything, just feel into it.
It is not an object yet it contains all apparent objects.
It is not a subject, yet it contains all apparent subjects.
It has no specific qualities, yet it contains all qualities equally.
Simple presence.
The Ultimate Reality is That. (ordinary presence)
It is thoughtless, yet it contains all thought.
It is not imaginary, yet it contains all imagination.
“I am Presence and nothing other than That”.

(from "Everything is Clear and Obvious".)

An email:
Hi Gilbert,
I'm following your notes on your website. -They are very clear. -When you understand them there's nothing else to do. -Case closed.
I have one question though. -You call Presence Awareness That! -Nisargadatta did that too.
What I feel is that That is This! -As Douglas Harding always does.
It isn't something else over there, on some mysterious place. -It's me. -Why shouldn't we call it therefore This?
With sincere regards, - Rob

Hi Rob,
It is not me at all. - Me is an image only. - A reference point. - It is the only presence there is. - It is That.
‘This’ may imply a location, a limitation. - ‘That’ also can imply the same.
THIS is THAT and That is This. - No difference really.
Undifferentiated That-ness.
I had the same question long ago and Bob pointed this out to me:
That is a table, that is a chair, that is a cup of coffee and that is Chris.
Take away the words table, chair, cup of coffee and the name Chris and what is left?
Another word for it is Presence.
But take into account that the word is never 'the thing' or the 'non-thing' it re-presents - for the mind.
Just as what ‘you think you’ are is not ‘what you are’.

That is what This is. - And This is what That is. - It easily becomes a word game.
Non-Dual aspirants love the word game and argue over words and their use.
- How absurd and pointless.
- I say "get the message and be done with it".
I live most of my day without even a thought about the non dual type language.
It is only when an insight comes and I write these notes, that I need to be clear and precise and so use that language, which is common for the readers of this stuff.

The mind that is plagued by words cannot find rest because words lead off, diverge, via associative thought, to more and more words. - This activity occupies the mind and seemingly obscures the open awareness, which is actually registering everything cleanly.
It is all That, no matter what it appears as. - It is Presence.
Some words can appear as a pointing to THAT quite effectively and others don’t.
Then again, the average 'person' could read this note and quickly determine that I must be a nutter - since it doesn't make much sense or that it is just unnecessary babble.
Here is an example of clarity in words:
“The true nature of mind is clear and empty”.
That expresses something quite unique.
- However, few can abide with it quietly and so be able to see the profound truth of what it is pointing out.
The same applies to this simple presence. - It is not appreciated because it is too subtle and of no apparent benefit to the 'me'. - In fact it challenges the 'me' straight up.
So it is, that for one who is ready to investigate their own consciousness thoroughly, that simple line may open things up and so 'appear' to bond or include everything in 'This boundless Presence' that 'I AM'.
Therefore one may say: I AM THAT - I am THAT all inclusive Presence.

There is only One Presence and One Moment – THIS is it.
It is self-realizing presence awareness.

As you say: Case closed.

'Who' opens the case up again? -The mind.
And where are the doubts about reality? -The mind.

Drop it. -Be THIS clarity - in which mind appears.

Warm regards - gilbert

Monday, May 22, 2006

Not a protracted Thing - just too simple.

N writes:
Thanks for your email, I was touched to receive it. I will be in a study group w/my friends, where we will use your book to look at what keeps us from awakening now, I hope it works! – regards N.

Hi N,
Are you not present and aware this moment?
There is NO awakening. Those who say there is - are deluded.
You will see from my book that this Presence which is the so-called ‘Ultimate Presence’ is nothing other than your own simple everyday presence - ordinary awareness.
Stop believing what the mind tells you from habitual processes and concepts taken on board from others.
- See that you are indeed present and aware.
- It is so simple, that everyone who has made a 'big deal' out of it, misses it altogether, even though it is always present.
It is not an 'object' and it is not a 'subject'.
It is this direct and immediate livingness pulsing through you right now.

It truly is no big deal. - The bigger we make it, the further it recedes for the mind.
- It gets (seemingly) covered by concepts and words.

It is seeing - it is knowing - it is not an IT - it is just ‘seeing-knowing’, right now.

I know that you are free right now. - You have never been bound by anything, especially not by any words. - Only seemingly so.
Yet words may certainly appear to free one from their hold.
There is NO deliverance and NO awakening - just Presence - and presence is always NOW.
Be simple and quiet for a moment and let the senses open as this simple presence. It reveals itself as your true nature.
It need not be, NO! it cannot be, a protracted thing in 'time'.
- It is truly now and only ever now.

'Special gurus' and 'glorified teachers', along with distorted traditions have (seemingly) spoiled what is so obvious and clearly present NOW.
And That is what you ARE - This Now-ness - Livingness.

Warm regards - gilbert.

Back in the mind again, looking for the Code.

What Code?
So why is it that one keeps going back into the mind content, with an expectation that one will discover an answer?
One is pointed to the immediate presence of conscious being, by conscious presence itself, represented by one who knows.
Having tasted THAT, the mind comes up with its stories again and again.
Habitually the me is the self-centred activity and it is believed in.
It wants to be the centre and it appears to try anything and everything to make its foundation as the consciousness.
It fails over and over.
In desperation is creates a God or Hero to assist in this endeavour.
All this activity is in appearance only.
Now I have an all powerful God to back Me up. - “My God is an all powerful God”. What a load of nonsense. - What an elaborate embroidery of imagination!
- In believing all this nonsense, I set myself up against everything that disagrees with this belief.
- Look at all these anti-De Vinci Code demonstrators.
- Even logic can reveal something: What good is a belief without an opposing force?
- Stagnant minds in agreement are the realm of fools.
- Even in the terms of your own belief, didn’t that God create everything?
- So, are you not simply arguing and fighting with what God has created?
- Love your enemy? - Where is your enemy? - except in your own mind.
- Your opponent may ask: “Who in hell are you - to take a stand against God’s creation”?
Are you so sacred and so pure, to be an agent of God?
Do you say?: “Oh, but I have a special relationship with God”.
Its all just words! I say: “Bollocks”! - That is an expressive word.
It’s all dualism. ‘Relationship’ is dualistic by its very definition.
Some think I am angry when I speak like this. - No, I am not angry at all.
The shell of belief needs to be challenged from the inside.
- Will you do that all on your own?
And what is there, outside of your own mind? Isn’t this webpage appearing in your own mind?
Am I there? Did I force my way in? You can stop reading at any moment.

The peace of simplicity is wordless presence, presence with what is.
How can you get there?
If you drop all the words and simply remain quiet, even for a moment, it will reveal itself.
But most likely your restless mind cannot abide with that silence of being for very long.
On top of that peaceful presence, the drama of life is a transient play of the elements.
Observe nature. - There is no conflict there, except in your own mind.
Life lives on life. - Patterns appear and disappear.
Whatever transpires, Life remains as the One and Only.
Call it ‘God’ if you want, it makes no difference.
You can say ‘there is a God’ or you can say ‘there is No God’.
What difference does it make, except in your own mind?
You cannot deny that you are present and aware.
If there is a God, then surely THAT is it.
Where would you be without it?

How could it be 'any' Otherwise?

"Once there was a ‘time’ when I could have joined you in scatterbrain chat about nonsense".
Is that true?
See how we construct a triad in our minds. Past and future with a vague present as the Third element.
The Past is gone and invisible.
The Future is not here and is invisible.
The Present is a concept and so it also is invisible.
All there truly is IS THIS.
These three worlds we jump to and fro from in our minds are not real.
Rest back for a moment - in this Moment.
You don’t have to ‘wait’ until you are old and incapacitated.
Is there such a thing as time?
The furthest mountain is cognized immediately.
An intellectual will tell you it takes time for the light to reach the eyes and more time for the brain to process the images and then more time to name it all etc.
Isn’t it all just happening in this NOW.
No chronological instrument can separate this now into any parts, except in the minds of the user.
A lone clock stands in an abandoned house, ticking away in this immediacy.
What time has past? -The clock ceases to tick. -Has anything transpired. - Does this story really change anything? - Something may be stimulated. - Something may trickle past the hypnosis. - A single drop of rain touches a parched, dried up leaf.
- Life unfolds everywhere, ever fresh, just as it is.
- No ‘time’ passes - because a concept has no substance and there truly is no before or after.
- So keep chopping wood.
- Keep carrying water.
- The Zen master is yourself.
- How could it be 'any' otherwise?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Free of all 'things'.

Free of all things.
Yes that says it efficiently.
But how to convey this in more words?
It seems impossible and the language does not lend itself so well to the task. – Yet somehow something is expressed of it and it appears that some actually taste what is being pointed to, in themselves.
It appears that words can easily bind the mind into slavery.
Freeing the mind from words and their hold challenges the poverty of language and words.
Poetry is needed but if one is not a poet, then it just has to come out the way it can and does.
This space in which everything is appearing is not cluttered by things at all.
There is a vastness to this presence. - Somehow it is free space and nothing actually touches it, even though everything appears to occupy it almost ceaselessly.
Things everywhere.
City chaos, noise and clambering bodies rushing here and there like ants.
- Each one believing it has volition and some sort of purpose.
- Some appear to have compassion and many more appear very selfish.
- Are there invisible stings pulling them to the office or some other destination?
- Mobile phone conversations, seemingly about trivia, shared with all around.
- A pretty woman gets on the train and the charade of activity is often better than going to the movies.
- She has taken great care to be 'dressed to kill' - but she appears to not know how to deal with the responses.
- It seems that she has a particular ‘prey’ in mind and these local specimens are not on the menu.
- The drama of life, on show all about the place - and its free.
Are we free to observe this drama in its full florishing beauty? - By letting whatever response that arises, to be what it is, without resistance, then the drama may well remain free flowing.
By not assigning my identity onto anything nor by limiting myself to being fixed in this body, the subtle sensation is one of vastness.
- Unbound space like awareness.
It appears that ‘things’ and ‘events’ encroach upon this openness but if one simply comes back to the simplicity of just ‘seeing’ directly from ones true nature, then it is known thoroughly that nothing sticks to this open space.
- Not one molecule of it stays put.
- Take a look at the sky and see how big it really is.
Things and events appear and disappear. - I am nothing that can be reduced to any place or event.
- The space is filled with things, some of them appear to be the same things on a cyclic rotation. - The office or home. - All is appearing in the immediacy of this moment.
- The old hypnotic trance has been broken.
- Who is asleep? - Who is awake?
- No longer is it my concern.
- Each moment is fresh and new.
- The dynamic display of awareness is ever fresh.
- It is wakefulness itself.

'Who' or what can't see clearly?

It appears that a high percentage of readers, apparently, do not have the capacity to see what it is that is being pointed out here over and over - and over again.
An addiction to non-dual literature is not at all the point of this communication.
However, that first statement above is only how it appears to be - because the capacity is always (there) here within the potentiality of conscious awareness.

Identification with what appears as mind content, that is the apparent problem.
Seeing is instant and actually cuts through all content of mind.
The ‘quickness’ of witnessing is spontaneously here. - Pure seeing is instant.
What appears to slow it down is ‘trying’ to witness.
This brings a reference point into the picture.
ME. This has to be seen clearly.
If this ‘ME’ is not seen clearly to be not what you are, then obscuration continues but only for the reference point ‘ME’.
The ‘me’ is ‘an agent’ in for ‘his cut’ of the profits?
A leech, on being-ness?
The sad stories of the me are all about being separated from oneness.
Endless stories.
Is everyone tired of your stories? When you get bored with telling your sad stories of separateness, then something may reveal itself more clearly.
When it is said that this me has to be seen, it is not intended to mean that it is actually seen to be something.
It is seen to be nothing at all.
So you won’t come across any drawings of what it looks like.
In dropping the ‘me’ as being an agent of ‘seeing-knowing’, then ‘seeing-knowing’ is known to be free of all ‘things’.
Free of all things!
This cannot be contrived or manufactured by the mind. Pretenders and false prophets sound like a cracked bell.
The sweet resonance of immediate being is your true nature.
Nothing can separate the essence of freedom.
You are freedom itself.
The immediate resonance of being presence.
You truly cannot be anything ‘other’ than that.
‘Stay with that’ and all attachments will dissolve effortlessly.

Drop the 'seer' and the naming of the 'seen' - and simply SEE.

I am not interested in collecting 'followers'.
I am not a teacher, as such. - The message has expressed itself through me and continues to do so, even though there is little interest here to do that. - The protracted 'path' that most teachers put forward is utter rubbish and deliverance is a concept only.
- It surely looks real for the 'seeker' but the seeker has no descrimination at all and its very continuity relies on belief in erroneous factors.
Remove those factors and the seeker vanishes.
What was shown to me or introduced to me is "this immediate Instant" and this is forever instant, forever immediate.
It just requires clear seeing, in this moment, this eternal moment of direct cognition.
- Presence.
This already IS (or is happening), even though the mind may say it is not happening.
The mind is lost for words, when one meets the essence of it all.
The effortless presence to this immediacy, is here now.
- When we drop thought for a brief moment, this clear seeing is revealed to be present.
- The mind will come back in and try to make some 'real estate' from it.
- Just be vigilant and see that is only conceptual nonsense - self-delusional.
- Seeing that over and over releases the mind from its bondage.
- All this takes place in the immediacy of seeing.
- Seeing is already happening.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A question for you

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Re: A question for you.
Hi Gilbert,
I hope you're well. It has been a while since I've written to you. I went to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games and had the pleasure of meeting with Bob Adamson when I was there. - He answered many of my questions and pointed me to my true nature.
Questions still come up as they do. I guess there is no end to questions and they just lead to more. I have a question which I hope you can answer.
There is the understanding that there is no "me" and thoughts arise of their own accord.
I did a Life Education course a few years ago and it taught that there was the ability to create (manifest) situations by saying "I am the possibility of ....." insert your possibility on the dotted lines.
(Ed: It asserts that -) Life would then create this possibility.
How does this work? - What is going on here? - It really seems that there is the ability to create a life of "my" choosing or to create a life in this dream world.
Is there the ability to shape the dream for our own means?
All the best, Nick

Hi Nick.
There is NO doer! - Everything just happens spontaneously.
Who is creating what? - Billions of ‘people’ creating what? War and conflict?
Wealth and happiness? - For whom? - ME!?
- It’s all about ME! - But is it really?
And the ‘me’ is basically a phantasmagorical sense of separation – a concept
The doer is a dream character only.
Anything can happen in a dream and does. - What substance does it have?
What independence does it have? - Is anything of it ever truly stable or is there anything really achieved? - Whatever appears will disappear.
Giving lots of money to organizations who just appear to induce deeper dreaming
is just happening like everything else.

See and know that you ARE the untapped potentiality itself.
Nothing is attained and nothing is acquired.
The changing patterns are known by the unchanging essence -
cognition. Seeing is happening.

Life aims are happening. - Practical stuff happens and these are apparently very necessary to function in life - no problem.
However, one must ‘go beyond’ the realm of being identified with and as being this ‘mind content’.
You are beyond it already, however it is 'NO thing' for the (dualistic) mind.
So, ask yourself this: “who is it that wants to know the answer”?
See the insubstantiality of that ‘who-ness’ clearly - and the job is done.

The inquiry must be made. Seeing is happening and it is this seeing which is the essence of the investigation, not the attached conceptual ‘looker’.
Endless conclusions and opinions are a dime a dozen and are worthless.
Explore the space of knowing and do not attach your identity to anything at all.
Proceed like that and you will come (back) to the place you have never left.
It will never make sense to people who give Life courses like the one you mention.
They are caught in ‘achievement stuff’ and thrive on incentives and propaganda.
They cater for the ambitious ego-ic notions of the ‘me’ only.
These ‘Life coaches’ often also push a sales pitch of having a spiritual side to it all.
Once you see through the game plan, it is known to be counter productive - if you intend to really come into an understanding.
Warm regards - gilbert.

Hi Gilbert, Thanks for your answer. You've pointed clearly to what is.
- Nick

Sunday, May 14, 2006

There is no-one to Wake up! - Freedom is HERE.

Now read this carefully!
What good has all your guru - hero worship really done?
You search for the key in every scrap of evidence, in every word of self-professed saviours and tricksters. - Don't you see that they all are just appearances in your awareness?
- They all are 'out there' and represent nothing but dreamy characters in your own mind-scape. The dissolution of your troubles cannot dissolve as long as you project these fixated terrains of hope and glorified beings.
Bring it all back to the immediate self evident facts of direct cognition. - Direct knowing is the overlooked basic freedom.
The key to your freedom is nowhere other than right there AS this natural wakefulness.
- It ain't in some CD or in some guru or someone 'out there'.
In fact it isn't even a key because - there is NO LOCK.
SEEING is Happening......
Knowing is happening.....

Whatever the mind throws up is only an appearance.
There is NOTHING in it.

The so-called supreme knowledge that everyone projects onto so-called masters like Ramana is really this ordinary presence awareness.
- NOT the content!!!! - NEVER the content!
Once this is ascertained as the direct and immediate presence, without any entity, then where can you go?
- What do you need?

Nothing! - Too Simple. - NO big deal!!!!!!
Such news goes against, cuts asunder all the conditioning - and that is because it is not 'a story' - it is a fact!
That is why everyone misses it, because they are looking for a big deal, a wonderful story of enlightenment.
'Big Deals' are everywhere, a dime a dozen, and we PAY over and over for Nothing......
Why? - because Nothing compounds or consolidates into anything with any substance....at all.
This is so obvious in this immediate moment - YES, this moment right NOW! - right there in the empty space of knowing in which your body is appearing NOW.

Some direct - 'real information' comes along, potent with freedom, and we ignore it.
What strange creatures we are.

There is NO TIME to waste or not waste, so 'get on with it'.
Don't waste energy on being offended by any words and prattling non-duality arguments.
Grab it at the root of being and SEE what is what.
It can be very quick and very direct. - Nothing stands in your way except your own imagination. Stop and See that you are free. - How can any thought bind you?
Find the empty space of immediate knowing and BE that only.

You are FREE.
Where is the doubt?

There is no-one to wake up - Seeing IS happening.

Such directness exposes the complicated 'stories' of the enlightenment process and deliverance etc. All these stories are just stories for the mind. They are appearing to be perpetuated by 'hand me down gurus' and 'loving teachers'.

So, the illustrious teacher says that it will take 5 to 10 years for
deliverance and insists on methods and meditation practices etc.

The Voice of true freedom says NO!
It is RIGHT NOW - as it ever IS.
As long as you entertain these concepts of a future time, it will keep
the mind trapped in its own woven or matted beliefs.
It does not matter how gross or how subtle the concepts are, they are nothing but concepts. Re-presentations or simply distortions of or in whatever is immediate and obvious.
This pointing out is never popular because it suggests that there is something that one is not seeing or understanding and that brings up a resistance. The self-centre is only a reference point and can't see anything.
So the resistance is nothing other than the self-centre which in the actuality, has no substance, no volition and no place of abidance, except as content in the mind. A belief.
If you try to ‘pin down’ this fixation or these beliefs, you find that it is not possible.
If you turn it around and try to find 'what it is that is cognizing' in yourself, then what is revealed is the very thing (non thing) that you have been searching for (in the wrong place).
As all this 'unfolds', all the 'mind stuff' loses its 'magnetic pull' revealing the natural openness which has always been present.
Presence awareness.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

See Clearly - or is it just impulses in the brain?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Belief in mind stuff.


I've been reading Bob's two books and a question has come up which I'm curious about.
I was wondering if this email address was an appropriate means of asking Bob, or yourself, if you know, a question.
What is presented in the books seems very straightforward and clear.
While awake there appears to be some understanding of what is being pointed out.
However, it must not have fully sunk in as while dreaming there is still a strong identity with the dream character and the dream world, and no clue whatsoever about being only awareness and not the dream character.
While awake, there is some understanding that the waking world is dream-like, but that understanding does not extend at all to the dream world.
Perhaps, the identity with a separate self is still too strong in the waking state as well, but at least there is some sense that I'm really awareness and not a separate entity.
I understand the falsity of the ego entity, but assume there must still be some belief in it, or it seems doubtful there would arise the full belief in this character in the dream state.
My question is this: The dream world appears for an apparent "someone", if it is totally understood that there is no real "someone", but only awareness, does that mean the dream world would cease to appear?
In other words, if there is total understanding of what I really am and what I could never be, it seems logical there would be no cause for a dream world.
Or, if there is a dream world it would appear as transparent as the waking world.
Does Bob dream at night? ~ and if so, is the there the same disbelief in the dream character in the dream world as in the waking state character?
I realise this whole question can be passed off as only mental gymnastics and such, but because there is a nightly experience of a totally ignorant dream character it seems like a matter worth questioning.
Sorry, if I'm barking up the wrong tree with this email address.
Thought it was worth a try.
Thank you ~ Steve

All there is, is experience-ing.
Everything is in appearance.
The assignment of entities and dream characters is all in 'the appearance of things'.
The title of Bob's first book says it all.
The title of the second book says it all.
You can't work it out in the mind~ an answer is not in the mind.
Mind content is fresh and new every moment.
This moment right now is the ONLY moment there is.
What comes and goes? Are you that?
This moment has no beginning and no end.
This direct experiencing is all there is.
Nothing actually compounds or consolidates into anything~ except as 'apparent content of mind'.
Concepts are concepts. ~ Knowing is Knowing. ~ Which of these is unchanging?
Concepts are seemingly individualized.
Awareness is non-dual and universally present everywhere.
Seeing is happening.
The 'seer' is an apparent formation like a 'lens' in the mind. A pattern. It is not fixed or even stable. ~ This needs to be 'seen' from beyond its apparent hold in mind.
Seeing passes through this lens and so is beyond the lens.
There lies freedom beyond bondage.
It is here already and I use the word 'there' only losely.
Seeing ~ pure seeing is happening ~ and the identified consciousness, the apparent 'me', is a fixation, a lens.
Pull the focus back into the space of pure knowing and see that you are not this pattern of energy, which you have taken yourself to be.
A reference point will form by habit~ go back further and see it ~ continue until there is just openness and rest in that.
That is the way to proceed.
Simple. ~ However, few ever follow the simple directions. Why? Because the 'me' wants gratification and seemingly wont let go. ~ It's up to you and yet beyond any control which you are familiar with. ~ See into it all and be the freedom you truly are.
Words are just words.
Warm regards ~ gilbert.

Steve: Thank you for the detailed explanation. Somehow suspected my question would be redirected beyond speculation to the teaching or facts.
Thanks again, ~ Steve

Gilbert: The ground of all speculation is reference points in mind.
All these appear within the scope of seeing.
The re-direction must come from within your own essence.
No one can 'see' for you.
Thinking that someone else can see or know something which you can't is the trap.
SEEING is happening.
The mind translates everything into concepts and that is where the apparent problem arises. The so-called answer is non-conceptual awareness.
Let the mind rest on nothing at all and just see that this is already present.

The perspective is from the heart essence of being.
Your authenticity is never in question.
Distrusting 'what the mind tells you' is necessary for some.

For whatever reason, you have stumbled upon this 'message'.
Stay with it until it is soaked up completely ~ It will bear fruit.

So just see that:
Present seeing (knowing)is all there truly is!
What other seeing is there?
Dream characters can't see.

A Clue:

The 'chick' cracks the egg from the inside.......

warm regards - gilbert

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Free of Bias

Note: One of the most efficient means of the message has been a small booklet which I made at the end of the year 2000. It is one transcription of a single recording of a Sailor Bob Adamson meeting.
The books that followed are, for some obscure reason, still relatively difficult to get for some. I still have difficulty in getting my local spiritual bookshop to stock the books regularly(No angel wings on the cover).
In response to this apparent difficulty of spreading the message, I have started re-printing the original booklet and it will be available for order via my website with the usual Paypal facilities.
The booklet contains the message which struck me with a profound shift.
After more than twenty five years of a close familiarity with all kinds of esoteric and traditional literature, I found this message of Bob's to be of a very different ‘order’ and its simplicity brought me quickly to the immediacy of a direct inquiry.
Everything began to shift and slide as an open view revealed itself. (It didn't happen overnight. The blockage, the 'rock of ignorance' was already rolling out of the way and the light of direct knowing began to assert its natural place.)
This booklet carries, most effiently, the message and makes it available to ANYONE who reads it with a close attention.
Bypassing the complications of publishers and the book world, it appears that is sometimes necessary.
I say “get the message and be done with the whole seeker realm altogether”.
This booklet has the potentiality to do just that.
Note this point before ordering it: The booklet is NOT for those who already have Bob's Books, unless they wish to pass it onto friends as a relatively inexpensive item with a profound potency.
This booklet will be ready for order within a few days or so. - Gilbert

Part Two of Stephen Wolinsky's Trilogy "I am That I am" is an excellent item for anyone with a bright intellect and who can sustain their attention and so follow what he has delineated there in. It is broken down into bite-able size sections. To work your way through these in a series of sittings is sure to be illuminating for many. It is not "Non Duality for Dummies".
I am sure this Trilogy will take its place as valuable material in the realm of what's available in the media.

Here is an extract from "Everything is Clear and Obvious" - a new forth coming book by the author of this website.

Page 49 "Free of Bias"

Even though in the ultimate view, there is no transmission, yet here in the world of seekers and gurus, it does appear that there is (the assumption here is that you still believe it is so).
Only from the point of view of open awakened awareness is the riddle resolved.
From the perspective of a ‘seeker’ it appears that a transmission is necessary and desirable.
Original seeing is undivided and it does not have any qualities of being a finite point because it contains all points, as such and is the very vastness of presence awareness, which is timeless and unbound.
Even so, it appears that one who is free in this life, can actually assist to bring another into the same open view.
The one who is free knows full well that the ‘other’ is already ‘there’ so to speak and the introduction is simply a vibrational connection held long enough for the ‘other’ to taste this freedom fully in themselves.
Then it is over!
The full deliverance into open awareness appears to take ‘time’.
In ‘pure duration’ (this ever present moment), you have never been lost at all.
The mind of the seeker is usually so full of anticipation or anxieties, etc., that this taste goes unnoticed. It is ignored by preferences for or the attraction of gross concepts and sensations. It is a false sense of reality and has no security.

Once this ‘new view’ settles, it is noticed that there is no interest in the ‘old’ views and even how things appeared ‘before’ (memory) actually contains nothing you need.
Presence is full and it washes over all content and the fragmentation of previous views is made whole and partiality disappears into its origin — impartiality.

Note: Words are not the real.

The barest factual memories are still available but they are known to be nothing but a reflection in mind.
They are nothing but presence (seemingly gone) and have no independent nature of themselves.
They no longer trigger off states of wanting or desire for more of anything with which they are associated.
It all simply IS as it is.
All the fuss and bother about enlightenment is known to be completely unnecessary. The dramatic search for enlightenment is a joke.
The one who can truly see that, is beyond the humor or sadness of this joke and beyond the drama of a search ‘out there’.
So much has been written on non-duality, some of it is clear and much more of it is just messy dualistic notions disguised in fancy nonduality language.
This indicates that the authors are not free at all.
They would disagree, of course.
Their expressions reveal far more than they might intend.

To the one who is free, this is of no consequence or concern.
Who cares? - The ‘person’ is only an appearance.
When that is fully known, then all the patterns, which appear, along with the apparent ‘person’, are simply a play of energy and these do not compound into anything at all. Space-like awareness remains free of all content.
There is no entity, nor any ‘doer’, apart from an appearance in mind.
How many appearances have appeared?
The appearance of things is ceaseless.
In looking from the space in which seeing is happening, all is clear and empty.
So it is seen that there is no substantial foundation for any stance to be taken except as an appearance in mind/body and these come and go endlessly.
Not one has any permanence at all.
In knowing that, one does not cling to anything and so one rests in open awareness, which is free of any bias whatsoever.
This is Freedom.
What must be seen is that no matter what is appearing on awareness, it is and can only be awareness appearing as the energetic expression in forms and patterns.
Being aware of this is spontaneous and un-contrived.
In essence it is known already yet because of beliefs, beliefs in that which is appearing, this knowing is translated into more patterns of belief for the mind. What is not commonly seen is that this knowing is untouched by anything that is appearing.
It is actually untouchable and is ever present as the direct cognition of ‘what is’.
The energetic array of phenomena is nothing but awareness.
You are this awareness and the appearance is this awareness.
And so, you are not separate from anything at all. It all appears within this awareness right now.
Even concepts of exchange or transmission are simply awareness appearing as the conceptual.