Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Carry that weight? - a long time?

Are you going to carry that weight, a long time?

The MASS of your habituated 'load' is only in the mind.
A 'creative story'?
How much suffering is there in the word 'suffering'?
How much wetness in the word 'water'?
How much gold is there in the word 'gold'?
How much does the word 'lead' weigh?
Words, thoughts, concepts and attachments - All are empty and weightless in themselves.
The strings that attach these ideas to each other are weightless also.
Where does this habitual 'heaviness' come from?
Take a close look.
What is found? - More stories, words?

Immediately one factor reveals its presence, yet 'so many' miss it altogether.

All there truly ever is, is this knowing - THIS knowing presence - that you ARE.
Ultimately and immediately, the realization is that the knower and the known are simply transient patterns of energy appearing and disappearing.
The thinking, or the wanting it to be more, is just another pattern, a thought, and these are just pathways to delusion.
Is this clear and obvious?
Can't see it?
Why can’t you see it?
The one who can’t see it is conceptually based and is not the pure function of seeing, nor has it the ability of seeing.
So isn't it just a story about 'not seeing', and yet seeing is always happening.
(Seeing is not limited to the eyes. - The visually impaired are still seeing - all the senses are instruments of seeing.)
This is not a word game or semantics.
See that there is a continual application of concepts to everything - and in this mind- scape of concepts there is what‘appears to be’ an obscuration of what is otherwise clearly obvious.

However the view is never truly obstructed at all - and everything registers cleanly on awareness.
Knowing this immediately releases the ‘luggage compartment’ of the 'mind train', which you have been dragging behind you.

Freedom is here.

If there is an Almighty God, there can only be One God.
That is logical.
Life as we know it must flow directly from this Almighty God.
So our connection to this God must be a living connection.
It must be there whether we know it or not.
It must be LIFE itself. (No point calling it Him, because that confuses things)
Who is not connected to Life directly?
No one is needed to stand as an agent of God and no one is needed to make that connection stronger than it already is.
Even the Bible says; “Let no man come between you and your God”.
A teacher is best as a living pointer with an introduction instigated.
Some call it initiation.
Once you have seen through the self centre of delusion, the teacher is no longer needed in the same way. Respect and gratitude will still be present but the NEED is gone.
Intelligence comes to the fore and all paradox disappears as this living immediacy
cuts through all that once diverted your mind into confusion.
Let this immediate living intelligence be what it is, without all these layers of belief and worship of 'another'.
The quickest way is to start from THIS immediacy with the fact that you are THAT living intelligence.
Then everything else falls into place.

Point of interest: Below is a line from the "Goat on a Pole" Website goatonapole-dot-com:
“It is our hope that we all may someday be like the Goat on the Pole, serene and beautiful, in perfect balance with the rest of its world”.
Take a look at this philosophers 'gem'. - One pointed nonsense.
Funny no mention of the fact that the rope from the chin of the goat is another prop.
And the smiling goat on the graphic is nothing but a gross distortion.
The Goat does not look happy at all and it is being used in a rather obscene way to make money for a lazy jobless slob in India, I expect.
But our Philosophy is much more important than cruelty to animals, isn’t it?
What a bunch of ninconpoops we are sometimes.
- Better to stick the guy on a stick and let him see how he copes.
- After one day, we could get his philosophic pandering down on paper and start a whole new religion.