Saturday, May 27, 2006

KNOWING is NEVER divided into any parts.

What is this ‘you’ that ‘does’, ‘speaks’, ‘thinks’ and ‘moves’ through space and time?
Can ‘you’ know ‘what That is’?
Can it be reduced to a concept?
Can you ‘get behind’ the knowing?
When you say “I understand”.
- What is that one who understands if not presence itself?
When you say “I don’t understand”, isn’t it Presence appearing as a pattern, a form within the bounds (scope) of immediate knowing? Presence.
When the judge says “I sentence you to twenty years of hard labour”.
It is presence appearing as a form, designated by common agreement, to punish another form via concepts of limitation.
All concepts are limited and the prison of the mind is nothing but limited concepts which appear nowhere else but IN the clarity of immediate knowing.
As the Guillotine executioner pulls the tripper for the blade, is it not presence appearing as a pattern of energy?
As your head rolls into the basket, is it not presence appearing as another pattern within this vast array of all possible patterns?
Are you only that particular pattern?
There is only One (not even one - IT is not Numerical - No thing = 0).

One pattern, One Fractal, One moment of immediate expression – Presence.
As you read this note, is it not presence knowing the form it appears as.
Some say that knowing requires a split into knower and known.
That is just another erroneous concept – a ‘meal ticket’ for the guru.
Knowing is NEVER split into any parts. (One without a second)
The form in which these words reveal themselves to your eyes - is presence.
Your eyes have a clear jell which is always clear.
Unclogged by the impressions of the past - and untouched by the future.
Your mind is also this clear space, which is NOT clogged up by the past nor the future.
It is Presence – Seeing – Knowing.
This immediate livingness, which appears as all forms, objects, thoughts, states, feelings and the re-cognition of such, is not instigated by ‘you’(the form).
This ever immediate cognition is pure intelligence. What do ‘you’ know of it, as a separate ‘thing’?
Find out WHAT you are (forget about ‘who’ you think you are).
This intelligence pulses through you as the One and Only.
Where is the division? Where is the ‘seeker’ of Oneness?
(Trembling at God’s door?)
This livingness pulses through this pattern of energy as it pushes this biro across this scrap of paper, which was (a few moments ago) laying on the floor of my Kombi van.
Is it now a sacred document?
No, that is spiritual crap.
It is only just another form, which this immediate livingness is appearing AS - IN this immediacy. Without Knowing, there is nothing and what you are is THIS knowing, right now.
Is there a transmission of knowledge happening? - NO.
You ARE THIS immediate Knowing.
Throw away all your sacred spiritual concepts and stop kissing the gurus feet.
(You don’t know where they have been.)

“Come Home to yourself - all is forgiven”.
- gilbert