Monday, May 22, 2006

Not a protracted Thing - just too simple.

N writes:
Thanks for your email, I was touched to receive it. I will be in a study group w/my friends, where we will use your book to look at what keeps us from awakening now, I hope it works! – regards N.

Hi N,
Are you not present and aware this moment?
There is NO awakening. Those who say there is - are deluded.
You will see from my book that this Presence which is the so-called ‘Ultimate Presence’ is nothing other than your own simple everyday presence - ordinary awareness.
Stop believing what the mind tells you from habitual processes and concepts taken on board from others.
- See that you are indeed present and aware.
- It is so simple, that everyone who has made a 'big deal' out of it, misses it altogether, even though it is always present.
It is not an 'object' and it is not a 'subject'.
It is this direct and immediate livingness pulsing through you right now.

It truly is no big deal. - The bigger we make it, the further it recedes for the mind.
- It gets (seemingly) covered by concepts and words.

It is seeing - it is knowing - it is not an IT - it is just ‘seeing-knowing’, right now.

I know that you are free right now. - You have never been bound by anything, especially not by any words. - Only seemingly so.
Yet words may certainly appear to free one from their hold.
There is NO deliverance and NO awakening - just Presence - and presence is always NOW.
Be simple and quiet for a moment and let the senses open as this simple presence. It reveals itself as your true nature.
It need not be, NO! it cannot be, a protracted thing in 'time'.
- It is truly now and only ever now.

'Special gurus' and 'glorified teachers', along with distorted traditions have (seemingly) spoiled what is so obvious and clearly present NOW.
And That is what you ARE - This Now-ness - Livingness.

Warm regards - gilbert.