Sunday, May 21, 2006

'Who' or what can't see clearly?

It appears that a high percentage of readers, apparently, do not have the capacity to see what it is that is being pointed out here over and over - and over again.
An addiction to non-dual literature is not at all the point of this communication.
However, that first statement above is only how it appears to be - because the capacity is always (there) here within the potentiality of conscious awareness.

Identification with what appears as mind content, that is the apparent problem.
Seeing is instant and actually cuts through all content of mind.
The ‘quickness’ of witnessing is spontaneously here. - Pure seeing is instant.
What appears to slow it down is ‘trying’ to witness.
This brings a reference point into the picture.
ME. This has to be seen clearly.
If this ‘ME’ is not seen clearly to be not what you are, then obscuration continues but only for the reference point ‘ME’.
The ‘me’ is ‘an agent’ in for ‘his cut’ of the profits?
A leech, on being-ness?
The sad stories of the me are all about being separated from oneness.
Endless stories.
Is everyone tired of your stories? When you get bored with telling your sad stories of separateness, then something may reveal itself more clearly.
When it is said that this me has to be seen, it is not intended to mean that it is actually seen to be something.
It is seen to be nothing at all.
So you won’t come across any drawings of what it looks like.
In dropping the ‘me’ as being an agent of ‘seeing-knowing’, then ‘seeing-knowing’ is known to be free of all ‘things’.
Free of all things!
This cannot be contrived or manufactured by the mind. Pretenders and false prophets sound like a cracked bell.
The sweet resonance of immediate being is your true nature.
Nothing can separate the essence of freedom.
You are freedom itself.
The immediate resonance of being presence.
You truly cannot be anything ‘other’ than that.
‘Stay with that’ and all attachments will dissolve effortlessly.

Drop the 'seer' and the naming of the 'seen' - and simply SEE.

I am not interested in collecting 'followers'.
I am not a teacher, as such. - The message has expressed itself through me and continues to do so, even though there is little interest here to do that. - The protracted 'path' that most teachers put forward is utter rubbish and deliverance is a concept only.
- It surely looks real for the 'seeker' but the seeker has no descrimination at all and its very continuity relies on belief in erroneous factors.
Remove those factors and the seeker vanishes.
What was shown to me or introduced to me is "this immediate Instant" and this is forever instant, forever immediate.
It just requires clear seeing, in this moment, this eternal moment of direct cognition.
- Presence.
This already IS (or is happening), even though the mind may say it is not happening.
The mind is lost for words, when one meets the essence of it all.
The effortless presence to this immediacy, is here now.
- When we drop thought for a brief moment, this clear seeing is revealed to be present.
- The mind will come back in and try to make some 'real estate' from it.
- Just be vigilant and see that is only conceptual nonsense - self-delusional.
- Seeing that over and over releases the mind from its bondage.
- All this takes place in the immediacy of seeing.
- Seeing is already happening.