Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Free of Bias

Note: One of the most efficient means of the message has been a small booklet which I made at the end of the year 2000. It is one transcription of a single recording of a Sailor Bob Adamson meeting.
The books that followed are, for some obscure reason, still relatively difficult to get for some. I still have difficulty in getting my local spiritual bookshop to stock the books regularly(No angel wings on the cover).
In response to this apparent difficulty of spreading the message, I have started re-printing the original booklet and it will be available for order via my website with the usual Paypal facilities.
The booklet contains the message which struck me with a profound shift.
After more than twenty five years of a close familiarity with all kinds of esoteric and traditional literature, I found this message of Bob's to be of a very different ‘order’ and its simplicity brought me quickly to the immediacy of a direct inquiry.
Everything began to shift and slide as an open view revealed itself. (It didn't happen overnight. The blockage, the 'rock of ignorance' was already rolling out of the way and the light of direct knowing began to assert its natural place.)
This booklet carries, most effiently, the message and makes it available to ANYONE who reads it with a close attention.
Bypassing the complications of publishers and the book world, it appears that is sometimes necessary.
I say “get the message and be done with the whole seeker realm altogether”.
This booklet has the potentiality to do just that.
Note this point before ordering it: The booklet is NOT for those who already have Bob's Books, unless they wish to pass it onto friends as a relatively inexpensive item with a profound potency.
This booklet will be ready for order within a few days or so. - Gilbert

Part Two of Stephen Wolinsky's Trilogy "I am That I am" is an excellent item for anyone with a bright intellect and who can sustain their attention and so follow what he has delineated there in. It is broken down into bite-able size sections. To work your way through these in a series of sittings is sure to be illuminating for many. It is not "Non Duality for Dummies".
I am sure this Trilogy will take its place as valuable material in the realm of what's available in the media.

Here is an extract from "Everything is Clear and Obvious" - a new forth coming book by the author of this website.

Page 49 "Free of Bias"

Even though in the ultimate view, there is no transmission, yet here in the world of seekers and gurus, it does appear that there is (the assumption here is that you still believe it is so).
Only from the point of view of open awakened awareness is the riddle resolved.
From the perspective of a ‘seeker’ it appears that a transmission is necessary and desirable.
Original seeing is undivided and it does not have any qualities of being a finite point because it contains all points, as such and is the very vastness of presence awareness, which is timeless and unbound.
Even so, it appears that one who is free in this life, can actually assist to bring another into the same open view.
The one who is free knows full well that the ‘other’ is already ‘there’ so to speak and the introduction is simply a vibrational connection held long enough for the ‘other’ to taste this freedom fully in themselves.
Then it is over!
The full deliverance into open awareness appears to take ‘time’.
In ‘pure duration’ (this ever present moment), you have never been lost at all.
The mind of the seeker is usually so full of anticipation or anxieties, etc., that this taste goes unnoticed. It is ignored by preferences for or the attraction of gross concepts and sensations. It is a false sense of reality and has no security.

Once this ‘new view’ settles, it is noticed that there is no interest in the ‘old’ views and even how things appeared ‘before’ (memory) actually contains nothing you need.
Presence is full and it washes over all content and the fragmentation of previous views is made whole and partiality disappears into its origin — impartiality.

Note: Words are not the real.

The barest factual memories are still available but they are known to be nothing but a reflection in mind.
They are nothing but presence (seemingly gone) and have no independent nature of themselves.
They no longer trigger off states of wanting or desire for more of anything with which they are associated.
It all simply IS as it is.
All the fuss and bother about enlightenment is known to be completely unnecessary. The dramatic search for enlightenment is a joke.
The one who can truly see that, is beyond the humor or sadness of this joke and beyond the drama of a search ‘out there’.
So much has been written on non-duality, some of it is clear and much more of it is just messy dualistic notions disguised in fancy nonduality language.
This indicates that the authors are not free at all.
They would disagree, of course.
Their expressions reveal far more than they might intend.

To the one who is free, this is of no consequence or concern.
Who cares? - The ‘person’ is only an appearance.
When that is fully known, then all the patterns, which appear, along with the apparent ‘person’, are simply a play of energy and these do not compound into anything at all. Space-like awareness remains free of all content.
There is no entity, nor any ‘doer’, apart from an appearance in mind.
How many appearances have appeared?
The appearance of things is ceaseless.
In looking from the space in which seeing is happening, all is clear and empty.
So it is seen that there is no substantial foundation for any stance to be taken except as an appearance in mind/body and these come and go endlessly.
Not one has any permanence at all.
In knowing that, one does not cling to anything and so one rests in open awareness, which is free of any bias whatsoever.
This is Freedom.
What must be seen is that no matter what is appearing on awareness, it is and can only be awareness appearing as the energetic expression in forms and patterns.
Being aware of this is spontaneous and un-contrived.
In essence it is known already yet because of beliefs, beliefs in that which is appearing, this knowing is translated into more patterns of belief for the mind. What is not commonly seen is that this knowing is untouched by anything that is appearing.
It is actually untouchable and is ever present as the direct cognition of ‘what is’.
The energetic array of phenomena is nothing but awareness.
You are this awareness and the appearance is this awareness.
And so, you are not separate from anything at all. It all appears within this awareness right now.
Even concepts of exchange or transmission are simply awareness appearing as the conceptual.