Friday, March 24, 2006

Weather, Gravity and other concepts

Gilbert -
"Hello, I love your work and it has really helped put "me" at ease but nonetheless I am still really curious about what the nature of manifest physical reality is and was wondering if I may beg of you your thoughts?
For instance, what is what we observe and experience (like the elements, the weather, gravity, etc.) say independent of our personal existence?
Do you, or could you recommend someone who address such a topic from the non-dual perspective without the whole search for awakening and end to suffering ordeal?"
Thanks, Kevin

"The true nature of ALL phenomena is emptiness.
The Dynamic display of awareness is what you are seeing.
The one who is seeing is a fabricated mind 'thing', which can't see at all.
Seeing is happening.
Knowing is happening.
No entity.
All indulgence in the realm of explanations will only keep the mind going in circles.
I cannot assist you in that endeavour.
(You appear to do it well enough all by yourself).
My ‘job’ is to PULL you out of the hypnosis of mind belief.
Even if I wanted to, I could not point you to any answers because ALL answers are just phenomena appearing and disappearing.
As long as you try to grasp them, they will mutate or metamorphosize and leave you feeling lost in space. - All answers hang in space and can only cling to other concepts. They all are simply energy appearing and disappearing and there is nothing for them to cling to except more and more patterns of thought. - It all appears in mind. - There is nothing outside of mind and paradoxically, nothing within it either. - Who wants to know that?

You are the space of KNOWING and Nothing more than THAT.
Knowing that is freedom and this pure and direct knowing is free of 'the knower'.

I AM THAT points directly to what you are.

You will not be able to avoid it......
IT IS and 'you' are NOT.
You are THAT".

Warm regards - gilbert

Kevin: "Gilbert - THANKS, very much appreciated!"- Kevin

In addition:
This pure knowing applies to all sentient beings and they are ONE in essence.
This essence is emptiness. - 'It' is what the Buddha discovered.
(Yet paradoxically all Buddhists can only grasp the 'matter' which flows from that emptiness and in doing so they forgo the very essence of what the Buddha pointed to, which is NON attachment. - How amusing for a non Buddhist! - For a non person! To call yourself a Buddhist is to assert 'the anti-Buddha way'. - Who will acknowledge that? - Certainly no Buddhist!)
The paradox is that no one wants to be nothing.
One must transcend 'wants' yet that is impossible, since there is no self to do that.

That is why all these fanciful gurus are so popular....because they provide dreams to cling to.
They will postulate that you have a diamond in your pocket and other such nonsense just to perpetuate their dreams of self glorification. - Watch how they just swoon in their self-love and lap up all the cream and admiration of their ignorant, deluded followers.
They are ALL erroneous concepts. - The true 'teacher' role can only be performed by one who is free of egoistic tendencies. That one even negates the concept that there is any teacher at all.
You are THAT! - Some of these fanciful pretenders even write books with that as the title. How ludicrous is that? - 'Sudden Awakening' and other nonsense.
- How rare is the one who resonates with the true message?
- How common is the one who just wants stories and ego satisfaction?
The simple discrimination between pure awareness and the temporal content of mind is all that is needed.
Enter into that space of knowing and all reveals itself naturally.

After thought. "Posthumous Pieces" by Wei Wu Wei
Sentient Publications ISBN 1-59181-015-9
I have just been given that book. - It contains remarkable 'pointers'. - I find that the author expresses so well the very points which I have been attempting to reveal in the last two years. - Some of it is 'spookily' close to what expressed itself in writing through myself.
-It is however a lot more scholarly.
Read it! - If you have the capacity to follow his indications, it may very well put to rest the minds incessant wanderings. - And you will still be able to appreciate the clouds and sky, the mountains and rivers. - This truly wonderous natural world is the everlasting 'gift' of presence awareness. - It expresses itself only in this immediacy. - The lasting impressions of its impact resonate in the heart and that core essence is your true nature.
You don't have to take one step in any direction to be That.