Sunday, February 05, 2006

This immediate Moment

The repetitive difficulty for the so-called intellectual is that any expression presented to it, which is clear and demonstrates a clear understanding is very often abrasive and challenging to its multiplex belief structures. - It grinds and grates against ‘all sides’.
It is often felt as an uncomfortable experience and is discarded after naming it as ridiculous or delusional.
The Solipsistic view is not welcome for the intellectual, due to their ‘centre of gravity’ being immersed in belief patterns of habituation.
Simple expressions of a simple and undeniable truth, like: Seeing is spontaneously happening without any instigation from any ‘you’. - Such expressions are discarded as being useless.
The fact that such expressions are a key to revealing a whole matrix of belief is forgone.
So how to proceed? - Put aside any resistance and simply rest in an open view.
With no references to, or even a notion of, a past and with no references to a future with its inevitable expectations and anticipations, let the mind rest on nothing at all.
In this way the nature of everything reveals itself without projected meaning getting in the way.
When it is heard that all is clear and obvious, the intellect fights with it. - Annoyance brings more resistance and that is the very thing that can reveal ‘something’.
In finding the source of this annoyance or resistance, one sees ‘something’.
All is in the direct and immediate experiencing.
As long as you place yourself IN the drama, then it is useless.
The open view is from ‘outside’ of the drama. - The dramatist is seen and so it is known immediately that ‘I am not that dramatist’. - The value in that knowledge is only in the immediacy of knowing.
Nothing of this or anything actually compounds into anything even if one is tempted to call it self-knowledge. - There is only immediate knowing. - No ‘library’ of self knowledge exists anywhere. - However, that is far too confronting to the intellect.
As Bob says: “The word is not the real”.
Yesterday’s realization is useless in the face of this immediate moment. - One must see through the ‘obscuration’ in THIS immediacy. - Trying to see with ‘yesterday’s eyes’ is a delusional exercise.
A great deal may arise which looks like self-knowledge but the immediate experiencing is not forgone for any description at all.
In essence it is only this immediate experiencing and nothing but that.
Understanding remains silent.
Now, having expressed that, there is clear evidence that very few will have the capacity to rest in such openness.
In saying that, I am not suggesting that I have something which others don’t.
The intellect quickly assumes much according to its habitual ways of interpreting information and impressions.
What is true is true. - What is false is false. - No new evidence will change the false into the true.
In the same way, no new evidence can change the simplicity of what is true.
All limitations are in the belief system of the intellect or spiritual aspirant.
The unlimited view is ever available. - What is clear and obvious is clear and obvious.
The fact that one appears to arrive at seeing the clear and obvious does not reconstruct reality. Reality IS and it is not a construction of mind, although that is debateable in the realms of intellectuals and scholars.
The basic paradox for many is due to the fact that ‘the form’ is actually ignorant.
The formless essence of knowing is the only knowing there is. All other knowing rests on that formless knowing.
The living essence, which imparts life to any form, is not separate from pure knowing.
The form conceptually aligns itself with the living knowing presence but it can never be it as a separate or independent ‘thing’. - Even so, it is nothing but it. - However it is just an expression of it and has no existence outside of this immediate moment of direct experiencing.

All mind projections can only arise from this immediacy.
This point is so obvious and yet it is overlooked by everyone.
As Bob Adamson says: “What you are seeking you already are”.

So where can you GO from that (if it is realized) ?
Back into the mind's realms of obscured seeking?

Anyone who has realized this simple fact does not advise anyone to practice anything or take up any spiritual method. - Why would they? - All teachers of practices and methods are in a dream and are subtly playing ego games. - It is so very obvious.
- However 'seekers' in the main, love it all and appear to prefer that to real freedom. - How strange!