Friday, January 20, 2006

One Moment of Eternal realization

I have recorded my second CD which is called "One Moment of Eternal realization".
- check its availabilty on the main website.
What is it about?
As with everything, it's ALL about This Moment.
You whole life has appeared to lead right up to this moment.
Have you ever been out of this moment?
Isn't it perfect just as it is? - Isn't there immediate realization happening just as it is. - Seeing is happening.
If there is some thought that this moment is somehow wrong or imperfect, then what’s wrong with that?
Don’t get pinned down to some flimsy opinion. - Be free and see.
Knowing that it is all perfect just as it is, is not a time bound limited view and the view does not belong to a reference point or place.
- This freedom of a clear view is here at all times. - It belongs to no one and is not limited to any moment in time or any instrument of cognition.
It is your true identity even though you may be seemingly caught in some limited view from a fixating mind set. - The one who is seemingly caught is nothing other than a thought.
Seeing that is from beyond the thought.
Seeing is beyond all thoughts. - Seeing is happening quite naturally.
For the so called seeker, that timeless fact is a key to a free and open realization.
Time bound realization is just colours in the rainbow.
Timeless realization is not limited in time at all.
The famous death of the ‘me’ is nothing but clear and immediate seeing.
That is far too simple for the sophisticated seeker who is looking for a ‘big deal’.
This ordinary awareness, this simple wakefulness in ‘this moment’ is unchanging.
Going with the changeful keeps the seeker seemingly bound to its ‘portable prison’.
No matter what is happening and no matter what circumstance you believe yourself to ‘be in’, you are not in anything and the ‘matter’ of it all is clearly visible.
The simple and obvious is overlooked. - You are invisible.
Whatever is happening is perfect just as it is. - You ain’t going nowhere.
All time arises from ‘no time’. It is this eternal realization of the Self, manifesting as the All.
All possibilities are being actualized in this moment.

Note 2: Informal talks on the subject of Non Duality will be held in Byron Bay at some point soon. - Anyone in that area who is interested can contact me for the details. - My email address is on the right hand side of the main website, page 1. The Newcastle area is also planned. - Same applies to those interested.

From my Notepad, written on the bus in wriggly biro, on my way to work:
Nothing is separate and not even one particle exists outside of this infinite ‘field’ in which it appears within. - Of course, all notions of ‘within’ and ‘without’ are only arbitrary points of reference. - The notion that one is trapped in the limitations of being a helpless individual is purely conceptual. - Its all conceptual for the seeker. - The obvious is non-conceptual and ignored.
However, on close examination, the nature of concepts is found to be spacious.
That may appear to be paradoxical for the habituated mind view.
Assuming you can understand it, I will continue.
How can something spacious be binding? - How can a concept bind you?
Is it the fixation that contains the sense of binding? The limited sense?
The senses are mostly closed off and there is a sense of the attention spiraling around a few reference points in mind.
Little of the natural sensations and impressions are being consciously received.
This is the realm of a limited view from a mindset occupied by nothing that is actually within the clear and obvious present evidence.
It’s all most probably imported from some ‘other time’ and ‘place’ or circumstances.
Exploration of any fixation reveals more spaciousness. - Direct cognition comes to the fore. Natural wakefulness dissolves the fixation simply by removing the energy of belief, once things are seen for what they are. - Usually it’s all concepts parading as a story about ‘me and other than me’.
An immediate and extensive investigation reveals more space than anything else.
Isn't it just a sense of spacious knowing without any sense of attachment to anything at all?
The courage that is needed to make this investigation is the very nature of the indestructible spaciousness itself. - Conscious presence!
Isn't this why the teacher points out the news? - That you are not the body, - you are not the mind.
Further more: Taking yourself to be a limited being, you associate yourself with ‘concepts of limitation’.
Your true essence is already transcendent to all concepts or their implications.
The true nature of mind is clear and empty. - In that knowing emptiness everything is made known. Instead of associating yourself with these limited concepts, why not rest in that openness and see clearly that all direct experience-ing is taking place right there in awareness itself - and not in the realms of limited concepts and mind fixations.
So many make a big deal out of this spiritual investigation.
It's no big deal. - It is obvious and ordinary. - It is simply seeing what is.
Sense the space in which the body is appearing now. - Let whatever comes up in the mind just be there. - The space does not disappear. - Whatever arises in mind flows in and out.
Love is felt as a warm spaceous feeling towards oneself. - It is not taught or learned.
- It is neither conditioned nor unconditioned.