Saturday, January 07, 2006

One more 'Shot' into Emptiness.

There is a basic assumption which the seeker appears to make.
That is that ‘it’ can see, hear, do and be. - The pure functions of seeing, hearing etc., have nothing to do with anything called a seeker. - They cut straight through the mind patterns.
The immediate and unmediated 'samskara' (impressions) are a source of wakeful stimulation. - The stored samskara of memory are usually an obscuration, if dwelt upon.

The news that the 'seeker' will never ‘get’ the Non Duality ultimate ‘prize’, which is commonly called ‘enlightenment’, can never be appealing to that belief in being a seeker, to that mind construct called ‘you’.
The ever potent so-called non dual ‘message’ is simply addressed to the true essence, which is beyond the surface of a persona.
So, that elusive ‘enlightenment’ is actually an impossibility or just a spiritual dream. - What that word 'enlightenment' infers is the light of the presence, the ever present actuality, which is consistently overlooked.
- It is overlooked simply because ‘it’ is not any ‘thing’ or state of affairs and its obviousness is simply far too obvious. - To the annoyance of all 'seekers', there are many accounts of some who can't stop laughing when it is recognized.
- The nature of dualistic mind is to discriminate and THIS can never be discriminated, since its very nature is emptiness. - When the minds content is seen clearly without attaching some identity to it or in attaching some entity to that which is seeing, then the view is clear. - (It's actually always clear - too obvious!)
The seeker can never enter into the clarity of the natural state. - It can't 'do' anything at all.
It, the seeker, is just an appearance that appears in the natural state and disappears without a trace.
Its repetition is simply habitual and its seeming substantiality appears real only because it has not been investigated thoroughly.
- Follow that through and the game is over!
Be warned, once the game is over, few will want to hear about it or understand what you wish to convey.
The so-called seekers mind is dotted with passing reference points. It connects all the apparent ‘dots’ and makes up stories, and in that activity it can never find a resting place.
- All the answers that arise in the mind are just more dots.
- If a scientist could calculate how much material there is in the universe, I suspect that it would amount to a miniscule percentage in relation to 'the space in which it all appears'.
- The same percentage relates to all these dots and problems we think we have.
By resting in that pure space of knowing, then these so-called ‘problems’ take on their relative proportion. - Mountains from Mole hills. - Last years, or last weeks dramas have all disappeared.
Life naturally flows with an ease and the apparent ‘me’ appears and disappears without incident. - The intellect will balk at such statements. - “Yes But…..etc”
All that is simply a conceptual parade in associative thought patterns. They are a resistence to what is natural and obvious. - How absurd!
How many concepts have you witnessed? - Which one's were of benefit to you?
Did any ever harmed you?
- Investigate that and it's the end of the game.
By looking clearly and honestly at those questions, it can only bring you 'back' to the this clear and present moment of awareness. - This immediate space of knowing has no room or place for any ‘problem’ to settle in.
- See the truth of that and its over. - Ah but it is far too obvious!
-"It can't be that simple" says the seeker. - Oh but it is!
All these apparently sporadic ‘times’ of ‘conscious presence’ are actually an absence of belief in substantiality. - Too obvious to notice!
No ‘seeker’ worth his ‘salt’ will ever agree with these words.
I know what the seeker is. - The ‘seeker’ has been vanquished here.
- The benefit of that, is that the ‘seeker’ there is also vanquished. You only need to realize that and know fully that you are not a seeker at all. - Far too obvious!
Therefore I quote Clint, and say to the seeker: “Go Ahead Punk, Make my day”.
All these words are forming into a pointing finger, aimed into that space of seeing, in you.
Nothing can touch that emptiness and its ever fresh nature is far too obvious and so you have missed it over and over.
What more can I say?
Like Krishnamurti said: “For forty years I have been singing to the deaf”.

Email response:
Dear Gilbert,

Not everyone is deaf! - It's all very clear here now. - For the past two weeks I have been mainly on my own with no agenda so there has been constant & intense watching of the mind. - Awareness is in the foreground now. - I know I am that. - I see "my story" appearing each morning and it no longer fools me. - I can with all confidence say that I am no longer a seeker. - Love from S.......

Secret Code:
Seekers want ‘the secret code’ and they want it put into everyday language. - Why? - Because they keep looking through concepts! - So many gurus give out endless concepts to ensnare thier devotees.
Take careful note of this: - The genuine teacher or guru robs you consistently of concepts. He does this simply to reveal the source of awareness.

Bob Adamson is a remarkable example of how this Non Dual explanation can be expressed so simply. - It is in fact not an explanation at all. - He may repeat certain points over and over. It is coming directly from the immediate knowing, so it carries with it a potency.
For most it takes a 'staying with it' until that knowing saturates as it disperses erroneous beliefs. - Most seekers jump from one concept or teacher to another in their frantic search. Most want to protect the illusion of being someone 'special'.
It's a dead end track to nowhere but who wants to know that?
Even though Bob is so straight about it all, intellectuals will ask: “Can you put that into everyday language?” - Well the concepts of common consciousness are all rather gross.
- How can a rarefied conceptual pointing ever be put into everyday language?
- Yet Bob seems to do just that. - How remarkable!

Let's face it. - If you really wanted this realization of the ease of being, then you would have taken the steps by now. - Instead of consuming endless non dual literature in some vague hope of some wonderous event overtaking you, why not get fair dinkum? - No one can do it for you.
Anyone who really absorbs what Bob is saying, cannot survive as a seeker. - I know because that it how it happened for me. - Now I find is difficult to remember what being a seeker is like.
It is just a bunch of stories which have lost their 'sting' or 'pull'. - Anyway, why would I even want to remember it?
Most spiritual teachers have got it up side down and back the front. - It is NOT about acquisition.
It is about discarding the erroneous beliefs and little more than that. - The problem is that the 'me' is woven into those beliefs. - It is the primary split in perception. It must be uncovered as being a false premise. - Sure it is 'old' and steeped in habit. - Never the less it has no power over pure seeing. - See that and it is over.

If the intellect insists that it has ‘got it’, even though it is obvious it has got nothing, then even that nothing cannot convince it, 'until' that intellectual posing is penetrated or seen through.
- The ego base and spiritual arrogance of many seekers and even some teachers is simply absurd to witness. - How many of them hero worship Ramana Maharshi? - How many have realized what he so simply pointed at?
There is a common guru trick of talking about unconditional love. - It’s an old one but a seemingly effective one for binding souls to a system.
– It sells heaps of books. - Go into any spiritual bookshop and you are immediately surrounded by a million pages about unconditional love.
Why does it appear to work so well? - Because we want that tender and intimate connection so badly. – And we have been burnt so many times when it looked oh so promising.

He takes me in his arms and says: “As I look into your eyes I melt like butter in the midday sun”. - Six months later, she says: “I can’t stand him around me”.
It’s all about ‘me’ and the ‘other’.
Promising seekers a ‘secret code’ is a sure way to enhance that retirement fund.

The voice of a so-called genuine teacher will rarely speak of love, if at all. - And when he does it is because someone else has used the word in a question.

I could easily go on about love and attract ten or a hundred fold to this website.

- I know all the words to say and how to put it into a lovely soup for the ignorant. - Trouble is, it is exposed immediately as a fraudulent parade of hypnotic jargon. - I prefer some breathing space. - Not being pestered by doting admirers is good enough for me.

Contemplate this word love. - See how seductive it is and how the mind swoons so easily into imagination. - The ones who over use the word have an agenda. - Why speak of it at all?

Who can really speak of love?

Love is not a concept. - It is an aspect of the nature of Non Duality.

- Love is another word for Being or Awareness.

- Love is not a problem. - Sex is not a problem.

- It is what we apparently make them into that seemingly creates the dramas of life.

How many wars have been started over love or attachment? - All of them!

- But it is always about a 'ME' and 'Not Me'. - Duality!

Let me remind you that your apparent interest is in Non Duality.

Non Duality is far too obvious - you can't get out of it!