Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mark West interviews 1,2,3, 4 & a new note

Note: Anyone who has been experiencing trouble with the ordering of the CD or Book.
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The Basics:
‘Seeing-Knowing’ are spontaneously happening. - In that there is a direct knowing of all you need to know. - It is the elimination of belief, which uncovers the innate knowing presence, which is your authentic being-ness.
This is effortlessly achieved by resting in the true nature of mind, which is clear and empty.
Usually such direct instructions are rejected all too quickly as being unachievable - by the aspirant. This is simply due to habitual attachments with a mindset, which in itself contains little or no faith in what is authentic.

The following URL is a link to interviews with Mark West.
Mark spent many months with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
It was unusual for Maharaj to allow someone to stay for more than a couple of weeks. - A friendship formed. - I know that many will find some interest in this interview. - There will be a series of interviews with Mark in due course.
More interesting material will follow in due course.
So, take a listen:


This modern realm of Non-Duality Teaching is a bit of a joke.
It is as if there is a great pond in which there are a great number of fish.
Some fish are wise and swim freely about and live on the natural food source which is provided by the pond itself. - Many fish are ‘seekers’, hungry for ‘tasty-bits’ or ‘special’ bate which they believe will transform them into the form of an Angel fish.
Many Gurus come to the pond and throw in their lines with bated hooks. - They love to collect these ‘seekers’ and take them back to their private ‘ashram pond’.
All throughout this drama, there is a wise old fish amongst the ‘seekers’. - He ignores all hooks and swims freely. Other fish notice his freedom and follow his example.
Soon enough, they also can laugh at the gurus and their bated hooks.
How many bated hooks have you swallowed, hook line and sinker?
The true teacher moves about in life without an entourage and without any airs of ‘special-ness’. - There is no self-interest in his message, it is natural and clear. - It, by its very nature, destroys the erroneous conceptual ‘stance’ of being a ‘seeker’. - The job is always completed and this is happening effortlessly.

Only 'seekers' are exhausted. And that exhaustion, when complete, will reveal what lays beneath the shroud of unknowing.

These travelling (gurus) conjurers are just like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.
The Pied Piper never finishes the job because of his own self interest. - He always turns before he leaves the township and throws a couple of rats back, so that ‘He’ will still be needed.
My apparent criticism of some teachers recently is just a demonstration of ‘bate on the hook’. As long as you ‘take the bate’, then you are tricking yourself.
Be the wisdom that you truly are. - See through all these personalized patterns of belief. - No one else can do it for you. - And the delusion will continue unless the natural seeing cuts through these beliefs.
AND....SEE right NOW that seeing is cutting through all that appears, without exception.