Sunday, November 06, 2005

What you seek – you already are !

What is true or simply ‘what is’ cannot be reduced to a conceptual expression.
Attempts to add to ‘what is true’ is futile, since all additions, whether deemed to be true or false are simply an aspect of this immediate expression - of 'what is'. - The expression is IN 'what is' and so the expression cannot contain or encompass the ‘medium’ of that expression, which is ‘what is’.
One could say the ‘what is true’ is complete and needs nor can have any additions as such.
Or one could say that all apparent additions to ‘what is true’ are true no matter what coloration they have - negative or positive. - Nothing is actually added at all. - It matters little, which-ever way it expresses itself. - To ‘whom’ does it matter?

This ‘equation’ is equal with your apparent situation as an individual.
No concept can really reveal what you are.
Your authenticity is complete. - All attempts to add to it are conceptually biased and from a limited view point in mind and these are futile. - They are mere reference points in mind.

Note: For the practical life of the so-called individual, methods appear to be useful for all kinds on endeavours and these are not what is being questioned or talked about here.

In the understanding of life’s so-called meaning and in finding ones true identity, no method is needed.
If all methods are dropped and if all attempts to conceptualize it, or add to it are dropped, then it leaves you present and aware.
In this openness there may arise an awareness of the fact that there never was a time when you were not present and aware, even in the midst of so-called heavy drama.
This unconditioned, pure knowing is of the immediate essential nature of all things which of course includes oneself. It is ONE.
This knowing is ever-prior to all language and is not from the known realm of past knowledge. - It is direct and not of time, either past present or future.
Some may wish to exclude 'the present' from that prior sentence. - The 'present' in time is not presence. - It is a process of mind which is named and projected out onto the immediacy - but it is already 'past' due to the process ‘time’ of the mind. - It is a mere conceptual re-present-ation.
- The intellect is slow. - Intelligence is instant.
That may be too subtle for some to grasp.
- This is not significant because the knowing intelligence that you are is forever instantly here.
- KNOWING is instant, unmediated cognition. -Can you truly deny that it is happening right now?

So, from all this, you may re-cognize that ‘you’ need not search for some special knowledge -since you ARE the knowing presence, which is not loaded down with details and knowledge, time or conditioning.
Seeing this as the present and immediate evidence that you are, then what a relief for the intellectually bound. - It all vanishes into thin air.
- However, most intellectuals are repelled from such a view, so long as the self-centre pre-dominates the minds activities. -This is simply 'fixation'. See it, don't be it.
That intellect is not what you are. - It is simply a tool, an instrument of intelligence.
The authentic is forever authentic and is not touched by the self-centred activities.

All this is not about mental gymnastics. - Seeing IS happening.
- Simply SEE that all appears and disappears, yet you remain.

It is so simple, no one suspects it - it is just a matter of seeing directly from the authenticity that you ARE. - It matters little what is seen. - You are not that.
- You are (the) unmediated Seeing.
- You ARE - Seeing IS happening = Not two.

As Bob Adamson points out: "What you seek – you already are".

I receive many emails, some I share with you from time to time. - This is (an edited) one to share:
Dear Gilbert, Like warm rain on the opened and tenderly raw wounded-ness of a farmers' field prepared, planted and waiting Openly Vulnerable, grace showered.
- Both field and sky smiled, the same Smile. - Thank you gentle brother for your warm reception and open ended invitation to interact with you. - You are one of the very, very few "teachers" I have ever met ( and those are legion in number after over 30 years!) who have actually been approachable and available. - I feel grateful and relieved.
- I just know that you are NOT bullshitting us! - You are That by which you Know...and you know it. - You are that which IS the very nature of what I strangely imagine is distant from me when all the while it is closer to me than breath.
- Once for several minutes back in the mid '80's I suddenly knew that the ‘me’ was an appearance in the Actual Knowing Presence. - The most amazing wonder was how on earth could something so patently Obvious seem to be apparently obscured.
- The obscuration seemed more perplexing, and even impossible, than the Obvious.
- Like in a dream, when one awakens, the character he was while in the dream, is gone and yet nothing is lost in the going of it. - Those type of experiences, of shorter duration, occurred off an on over the years. - How amazing to see the mind is not needed to think or speak - yet, wonder of wonders thought didn't stop!! - From that day forward I never once again tried any of the "stop-the-thinking" exercises; once you know you have never been the thinker or do-er, that dumps a lot of the spiritual exercises!
- Do please understand that I know these are experiences as they come and go or came and went. - More recently, there is THIS of which I can say nothing. - Peace, Stillness, Silence come close, but I am not in some bliss-ed out state and don't seem to be focused on anything at all. - I feel distant and present all at the same time. - I feel it in your Presence when I read your e-mails or read The First Instant or listen to the CD.
- If ever I get a chance I will sit with you in person, but I know that it is not really needed, though it can perhaps make illusory me less dense. - Too, it would just be a great delight and a great celebration. - I am almost finished with Presence Awareness by the Sailor and it too, is awesome; also, I am reading a transcription of some of the dialogues with Karl Renz, a wonderfully rascally German who comes to the USA on occasion and who doesn't mind sweet slappin' me around either!!
- We flew out to Los Angeles to see him a few weeks ago.
- He is way too "radical", like you! for a lot o' folk. - Keep in Touch - Bev