Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nutshell # 2

What is the inquiry?

As Bob points out, Intelligence Energy forms into a myriad patterns, which we commonly call the manifestation or phenomenal existence (energy appearing as objects).
Everything you see is actually this singular essence of intelligence expressing itself as 'this and that'.
- In the pattern called a ‘seeker’ there is a biased point of reference called a ‘me’.
This ‘me’ is basically a concept that attaches to another concept - of being separate and this is followed by feelings that appear to support and varify the erroneous view.
An elaborate series of 'rationale' backs it all up with ‘stories’ which rotate around this ‘me’.
To disturb this ‘fortress’ of belief is a ‘no no’.
- It appears that most would rather stay comfortable in their dis-ease than to cut this charade aside and be free. - Fear of freedom is a most irrational way to be.
The seeker has been tricked for 'so long', that it appears that it can’t trust anyone anymore - unless this someone is feeding them a very seductive story that satisfies the 'me's' eccentric appetite.
If this 'other' 'someone' supports the main frame belief in the ‘me’ sufficiently, then the seeker appears as a willingness to do anything in the 'service' of this 'feed' forever and be ‘momentarily happy’ amidst the relative misery of being a servile ‘Bhakti’(devotee). For the devotee, the 'Godhead' is conceptually 'outside' the being-ness of the devotee. The Godhead must be returned to its rightful place of 'I am That'.
I see it so often, this waiting for the blessings of the guru in 'future time'.
Then more waiting - again and again. - Hoping that the purification will descend over them.
- For 20 – 30 years, I have witnessed this in ‘others’ with NO change in the situation. ‘Addiction’ is a pretty correct way of putting it.
There appears to be an impenetrable barrier to realization.
Now ‘Jnana’ is the way of direct knowing.
- The ‘jnani’ (Knowing Essence beyond form), the guru, for the mind of the seeker, is simply a messenger, who appears for the seeker at the ‘right time’ (Now!).
- He appears and disappears in ‘time’ along with the relative experiences of being 'a seeker'.
Yet throughout it all, the Essence remains untouched.
The messenger touches the innate intelligence via ‘direct knowing’ and 'the means' (the message) - for the essence beyond appearances in the ‘seeker’.
This happens as a means of realizing the ‘Immediate Knowing’.

What is the inquiry?
The inquiry is the light of knowing, which shines upon everything. - As the identification and fixated consciousness ‘begins’ to release, due to the message ‘hitting the mark’, then the view spontaneously opens up.
What is revealed is seen and released. - A natural ‘process’ of elimination happens spontaneously and effortlessly.
The apparent brief moments of free and open cognition may appear to increase in duration and frequency. - These are all relative experiences for the mind. - (Awareness is non-dual and unchanging.)
Direct cognition and direct experiencing is the unchanging factor. - It does not belong to a ‘person’. - So, the personal ‘load’ takes on a transparent nature and even though it still appears, the energy of belief ceases to flow into it.

That is how freedom appears to come about.

Yet it is spontaneously here all throughout the ‘seekers’ imaginary journey.

‘Who’ does not know this?