Monday, September 19, 2005

The Seeker cannot See anything

Anyone in Australia who would like to get a copy of Bob's first book "What's wrong with right now, unless you think about it?" can now do so through me. I have a pile ready for posting locally. Just email me for the details of how to order it.

Several Bob Adamson interviews by Cameron in podcast format: a link on Bob's page on my website. Check it out. Good info in them.
Also check this blog out: Charlie Hayes has recently returned home from seeing Bob in Melbourne.
Also: Allin Taylor interviews John Wheeler at
Laid back conversational exploration of what Bob 'pointed' out to John,
with John's understanding of that. Well presented and worth a listen.


There are NO non-dual experiences!

So, do not search for any in yourself or anywhere else.
All there is and ever is, is this immediate experience-ING.
You do not have to postulate or arrange it.
IT IS happening. - Direct cognition is the non dual activity of awareness.
No forms can touch it. - All experiences belong to 'time' and time is the apparent division of Unicity in the mind. - No division ever happened. - It is impossible for the real to divide.
In appearance there are all the possibilities appearing without anything called time to divide them. - The seeker is only an apparent pattern which is energy. It has NO duration at all in direct experiencing. Only in mind do the lingering impressions bring about the common belief of duration. While engaged in memories are you fully aware of what is before you?
This seeker appears to be looking for its authentic source of being.
- Does your reflection in the mirror look for you? - It will NEVER find or understand anything because this pattern is only an APPEARANCE and it cannot SEE, HEAR, DO or BE - in any way, shape or form 'other' than in appearance. - Your natural state is FREE right now.
The seeker is the ignorance of that fact. The seeker is NOT direct cognition. It is a mind game in 'time'.
The 'knowing' which is happening with you at all times is the authentic unchanging truth of what you are.
- 'You' do not need to discover it.
It is uncovered by the negation of erroneous beliefs. - The seeker is a mirage!
In the realm of spiritual seekers, there is no one that wants to know that? - No one!
For some there is a spontaneous opening much like a flower opens effortlessly.
Nothing can make that happen. - It is beyond time and happenings.
Who can understand that? - The apparent individual has no choice - just like a shadow puppet has no choice.
Hoards of seekers will NEVER be drawn to the clear message because it is too shocking.
Even so, seeing is happening. - Direct cognition is happening.
There is no boundary to THIS. - There are NO enlightened teachers anywhere.
- Those who infer that they are, are frauds with NO exceptions. (sparrows painted as canaries) Now for some 'Stirring the possum'.
Precious seekers
and precious teachers are shadow puppets only.
If you insist on there being a teacher, then ONENESS itself is the teacher, the teaching and the pupil.
It is not called Ramana, Papaji, Gangaji, Jesus, Buddha, Nathan, Tony or any other name you wish to throw up. - Ignorance was obviously totally eliminated in two or three of these mentioned mind/body organisms. - The others are dubious, mixed expressions and add their preferences and dualistic notions. -It may be all very entertaining and heart warming stuff but where are the ones who have found freedom from these teachers? - All examples I have come across are replications and are glaringly egoistic. All quite fine for the indescriminate seeker who wants a glorified idol. They often behave like Hollywood Stars than realized teachers. It's all such a joke from where I am looking from. When a teacher starts believing in their own publicity, then the mind gets distorted beyond repair and everyone suffers by their antics. Precious creatures with precious egos and totally vulnerable to the rawness of life. Red carpet and white limo's won't protect them from the inevitable.
Ten years or more and nothing has changed. Lots just bliss out temporarily and then fall back into their crappy seeker lives - or they totally suck up and get a gold lined certificate and become just another photocopy guru.
It's all more like a viral infection or franchise mentality than anything else.
What do these parrots of non-duality offer apart from more beliefs?
Have you had a one to one with 'the teacher'? Was the result hypnotic, leaving in awe of your precious holy Idol? Servile idiotic behavior will inhibit your own realization.
It is bondage and belief only. - Where is the self-knowledge in it? - Where is the freedom?
Sharp words maybe but the 'alarm clock' can be rude sometimes too. You don't get angry at that, or do you? Its all designed to shake the cage of belief. As long as it is shakable then it is a 'gift', even though it may not be appreciated for awhile.
Has any belief ever delivered you out of the seeking mode?
The mark of a true master brings about the erradication of all beliefs and this leaves one empty.
No glorification can arise without self-hypnosis taking over again.
Who can franchise Oneness? - What banner could represent it?
Just like your own true nature, IT is NAMELESS.
It is the vastness of self-knowing awareness.
Its lesson is at all times, life right now.
The essence and fruition of its lesson is unmoving.
The seed, the fruit and the tree are enfolded within each other.
Who understands this?
Un-learning appears to happen as the erroneous beliefs fall away.
The dynamic aspect of awareness flows over this clear and empty space of knowing and all the appearances come into being. It is direct experiencing and no time is involved.
So 'who' and 'what' can move into the unchanging reality?
'Who' gets drawn into and lost in the appearances? - No one!
There is no separate individual to get lost.
In the appearance, such news is un-welcome to most seekers.
They have no choice. - The 'mirage' (the seeker) will vanish without a trace, with or without their acceptance or denial, assistance or resistance.
In fact it never was.
- 'Who' knows this?
Knowing IS happening.
There is NO boundary to this Knowing.
Try and negate this knowing in yourself.
It can't be done.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj says "There are no customers for this knowledge".

Forget about big crowded rooms and gurus. - If truth were being expounded there, the rooms would be emptied quickly. - Nisargadatta usually gave visitors 8 days, or sometimes two weeks, to absorb the message. - His 'pointing' was and still is highly potent. - Why?
Because he lived it fully as the Knowing presence of what he expounded.
Bob Adamson is the same potent messenger in a different package and he is still accessible now. Go and engage with him and eliminate the doubts as I did. - What stops you?
Sitting in crowded rooms with a so-called non- dual teacher, who just entertains his or her crowd for the purposes of his or her hip pocket is madness. - Why does the message slip by you in these circumstances? - How many retreats do you have to go on? - Their websites are full of
'correct' language and its all rather lovely and enticing for the spiritual aspirant.
The true guru or teacher, if we can speak of such, will disturb your slumber. - He is not a seducer. - (That is Shakti's job).
The habitual beliefs will be swallowed up over and over until they vanish, if one is in touch with a true master. - Otherwise, all that happens is a 'lifestyle' in bondage with self-deluded 'progress' and purifying practices. - Excuses will never bring about freedom. Why settle for a limited view and the bondage of self? - Freedom is here in its totality.
- 'who' does not know this?

Only those who know something of the transparency of the 'me' will be drawn to the clear 'pointing' that Nisargadatta and Bob Adamson clearly expound.
In my case that message found its mark.
Now that same message flows out from here.
When I discovered Bob he was quietly teaching in Melbourne and few knew of his profound 'pointers'. Intelligence brought about the changes necessary and now many have found his 'pointers' to be a 'key' that unlocks the limited view.
'Gilbert' has nothing to do with all this. It all happens spontaneously.
What is clear is that there is no DOUBT that this message works.
The good news comes as a stranger knocking on your door. - Only to discover that it is your own true nature stirring you from a slumber.
The words expressed here are sometimes 'similar' and often 'different' - but the essence is One. There is no emphasis on love or any other aspect of awareness.
Just a simple series of expressions that keep the mind within the nature of presence itself.
In this manner, something seeps through the mirage of conceptual baggage.
The essence of freedom is felt directly as a resonation in being. - It is un-mistake-able.
Freedom is the first instant of being - seeing - knowing. It IS and IS long 'before' any fabricated entity has 'time' to form in the mind. - The First Instant is THAT which is Real - Timelessly!It does not change! - The 'person' is a changing appearance, an illusion, which only appears upon the natural state of what you truly are. - Once you disengage the energy of belief from this 'me' and its stories, then things begin to flow differently. - The First Instant is a challenging book, even for the most highly educated academic, yet it is possible for a simpleton (like me) to understand its import, since the simple one carries no heavy baggage of education- to deviate the mind on a merry go round of endless concepts and intellectual excuses!
- The book wrote itself. - I claim no authorship.
All I know is that there is a knowing presence here - which I recognize to be everywhere.
It has no location in its vast unicity - of Oneness.
Release the joy of simple being and drop all those erroneous concepts of separation once and for all time.
It is so simple and so obvious.
'People' are too busy chasing 'things'. - Stop!
Even if only for a moment, stop and realize that there is nothing wrong.
This space of pure knowing that you truly are, is uncluttered by any 'things'.
This profound fact is so obvious that it is not noticed.
This point should not be by passed. - Look and SEE for yourself. - Now!
Even the body, that you are so familiar with, is an appearance in this open space.
The body is NOT what you are.
Find out what you are.