Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Telegram for I. M. Seeker

Generally speaking:
‘Seekers’ are a ‘Sorry Lot’.
(Normal 'people' are a joy compared to seekers)
Seekers often appear to be full of self pity and woes.
Many have a sad story, to make you cry.
(It takes less muscles to activate into a smile.....than it does to frown)
The seeker is the unfulfilled promise of a distant future glory.
- States of infantile grandiose behavior, along with grand delusions of another realm of angelic being, where they imagine that they have only one foot planted and are purifying their dirt before the ascent.
The other foot keeps slipping into the crap. - Subdued anger eats away any tentative trust in making that leap to solid ground or cloud. - Anger? - because others don’t recognise and believe in their holy and divine nature and so hold them back and even drag them into circumstances they would rather not have to deal with.
Other seekers are like hungry dogs, stuffing themselves with every drop of secret knowledge and every latest ‘self help book’, which they believe will deliver them out of their mess and confusion.

All through the seekers personalized perpetual drama and internal turmoil, their own natural state is ignored.
They have no time to stop and see what it really going on.
Busy, busy seekers!

- Recognise anything in that?
Of course I am not referring to you my dear.

- Contemplate this:
How can the natural bliss and the ease of being present to ‘what is’ ever unfold for such a mind while these erroneous pursuits continue?
What is the seeker clinging to?
Concepts? Ideals? Spiritual arrogance?
Ego? Material security? Personalized perfection?
There is no answer hidden in any of these reference points.
Each one is just another thought or concept and it has no independent substance apart from it immediate appearance.

It’s all rather simple really. - Pay attention.
Spend a little 'time' in your own presence to what IS.
Not with any contrived 'method' or hand me down 'practice'.
Without attention, the mind attributes its conceptual representations (past) out onto ‘what is’.
- There are actually no problems in the natural and spontaneous appearances, which you witness prior to any mind interpretations of them.
Words are not imprinted on these appearances. The sky does not have the word SKY written all over it. Natural phenomena are not patented by some software company.
In paying attention, the habitual drain of energy, which usually flows into habitual beliefs, is starved of energy and so mind projections diminish accordingly.
‘What is’ then informs you most accurately.
You cannot be totally alert to what is, if your engaged or identified with concepts.
The only concept you need temporarily is "I am". - Star with that only until it also is not needed.
It’s that simple - however no one believes it. - Of course it isn't a matter of belief but that is the realm of the seeker and the message must appear in that realm to start with.
Paradoxically for this 'seeker', it keeps (appears to) going back into the content of mind and just complains that "I just don't get it".
- Or "I got it" then a little while later it vibrates into a doubt and its all disappears again.

Lets face it: Seekers want a ‘grand plan’ and some ‘holy carrot’ to hanker after.

In that they know 'who' they are, until it starts to get all wobbly again. It has no stability.
Tense ideation brings exhaustion or stiffness in being. Many spiritual groups suffer from this stiffness. It is internal slavery to someone else's concept of how one should be.
All these activities are illusions, which match the illusion of the seeker himself.
It's all shadow boxing!

Get this:

The telegram boy will knock a few times.
If the message is not delivered, he will return the message to its source.
You think you have ‘time’.
You have NO time!

Habitual responses are useless.

A deep resonance must arise to match the potency of the message.

It’s up to you.