Thursday, June 30, 2005

Additional FREE e-book now available.

A New additional free e-book (40 pages) is ready for download.
"The Essence of the First Instant". It is a straight forward expression of some of the basic points. The exploration of the details is in the main book for those who wish to take it further.
This new version is composed of carefully selected extracts from the full e-book.
It is available on the 'shining through the mind' website only - now. It is not on the blog site!
Enjoy it - and share it with a friend or two.
To make things a bit clearer, there are now three e-books available. The main book The First Instant, a free short introductory version of The First Instant and this new free one mentioned above. The full version of the First Instant e-book will only be available for download for a certain time limit. A Second main book titled "Everything is Clear and Obvious" will be released later this year. It is a more extensive book, a companion to "The First Instant".
In due course these two books will only be available directly from the author via post as printed books - warm regards - Gilbert.

It is to be noted that the direct approach to Non Duality will never be popular. It will only draw those who have a deep resonance with their own presence or a wish to end the fruitless search - which they may feel as 'the plague' of the mind.
Popular teachings are full of concepts that one can attach to their habitual stories of Oneness.

Awareness can never actually be obscured by any 'thing' or concept.
Everything remains clear in direct cognition and this is ever prior to any 'personal' formation in the mind. If you disagree - then what is obscured by what?
What do you really know of these concepts of being in a 'mind haze' of confusion or arrogance or of being something ignorant?
Basically seeing is always happening. Knowing is always happening.
Where is the 'not knowing' if it is not simply a belief or mind process? Does it have some substance and if you believe it does, what substance is it? It is an obvious question yet few investigate things at this point. It is more pleasant for most to hold onto subtle spiritual beliefs.
Even some of the so called 'advanced thinkers' on Non Duality subtly perpetuate their beliefs and formulae. It is obvious. The 'who' that can't see this is the 'seeker' even when there is a conviction that on has transcended 'belief'.
Seeing and knowing are not two 'things' . 'They' are actually prior to the mind processing.
All the transient 'content' of mind come and go, yet 'seeing-knowing' remain present.
Don't try to hang onto anything that is 'known'.
It all appears and disappears.
'Yesterdays paper' is blowing in the wind.
Be this immediacy that YOU ARE.
It is truly effortless.
AND - It is already happening!
Just bring the attention back from dispersion - to the immediate presence - with 'what is'.
The ordinary mind is two blocks away trying to catch up.
It will never catch up because it is burdened by a whole bunch of concepts from the' past' and this 'personal history' that would slow down an elephant. The point being, that the processing mind is slow and ponderous - while awareness is ever-present, immediate and it is not 'in time' at all. If you can recognize that, then the 'journey' to freedom is already dissolving into immediate presence. The 'journey' is realized to be a mirage. You cannot get out of THIS immediate timeless moment, except as a conceptual being in a time realm in the mind.
That is one expression of the message.

Email about the CD "Shining through the mind":
Hi Gilbert,
Just wanted to let you know what a treasure your CD is !!
After many listenings, I so appreciate the fresh, simple, radical view that flows so effortlessly. Thank you friend. Cheers - Jodi -
Thank you Jodi - G.
Another email:
Dear Gilbert,
Your CD helped to confirm what I previously thought was being pointed to, which was a significant development. I recently read portions of your new book and things have become even more solid - although I'm realizing that they always were.
I think I'm just now having the courage to see what I am. This life has been so difficult up until now.......Your emails to me, your CD and book were truly instrumental in helping me to realize my true nature. Many thanks for your help.
-with love, Robert
This CD is a subtle navigation through the minds functionings. It points to the ever-present facts of natural being-ness and to self-knowing awareness. Short extracts may be listened to on the shining through the mind website.

It is all very simple and basic.
In confusion there arises conflicting views and the mind is clouded and unclear.
The desire for freedom is smouldering beneath the surface of all cases of entrapment.
Yet even this is simply an appearance in the spacious actuality of freedom itself.
The habitual view is always from a mindset, a conceptual prison, made from repeating patterns of thought and attitude. Apparently supported by its own repetativeness.
What you need to know is that these apparently constricting patterns of belief have no power at all against a clean and clear self-investigation.
All of our actions which arise from habitual behaviour patterns seemingly keep the mind clouded in confusion and with distorted intentions. Like a dog chasing its tail, we go round and round the same old ground and we miss the open freedom that is the ever-present possibility and in fact the ever-present actuality. It has to be known directly and immediately - not just as a concept for 'the future'.
By withdrawing 'the energy of belief' or by simply looking closely into things with the presence of our direct attention, all the habitual concepts and erroneous beliefs begin to fall apart and vanish. It is effortless.

Cloud hidden-whereabouts unknown.
A Zen monk travels a great distance to visit a Zen Master after he hears the 'essence message' of his extraordinary teaching.
When the monk arrives at the remote monastery he finds that the master is nowhere to be found. He asks many monks and their reply is that they do not know where the master is.
Finally he asks a monk who is sweeping the pathway to the entrance of the monastery.
“Where is the master?”
A smile accompanies the reply. “The master is cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown”.
(The worldly ‘reason’ is that the master has gone walking in the mountains out of view.)
The deep symbolism indicates something more profound which may be expressed like this:
The master is not to be found in the ‘seeker's’ clouded dualistic mind cravings, insistences and labors. Such activity is only fixating awareness and the fixations themselves cloud the view.
The masters ‘whereabouts’ are unknown because his location is not in the 'content realm' of dualistic mind.
The external master is simply a signpost or a finger ‘pointing’ your attention back into its own source—the ever-present true nature that you ARE.
Once this is ‘found’ and tasted fully the master is found to be present yet still remains hidden from the dualistic mind.
What changes is the view. It is clear and empty and is just so because this is the true nature of mind.
As Nisargadatta says: “You have taken yourself to be something that you are not”.
He also says: “Find out what you are”.

Soft warning: Those who have been addicted long term to meditation and yoga practices will most probably find the information herein rather disturbing, once it gets down to 'the nuts and bolts'. That which is disturbed is the self-centre, the 'me', the imaginary 'doer'.
It requires a definite presence of mind to see through this false concept or entity.