Saturday, April 28, 2012

It has been a few years since I posted on this site.  My website contains over three hundred Notes and the site took over from what this blog had established.  Questions can be posted on the new site.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Urban Guru Cafe

This site will remain here for the moment.
I advise those interested to read the more recent notes on my newer website and listen to the audio programs at the Cafe.

My new website is On that site you will find my latest writings.
The other site is called Urban Guru cafe.

Recent news: - Ramesh Balsekar has passed away. - On the 27th Sept 2009. - I looked through my old tapes and found two recordings of his meetings in Bombay. An edited section of one of these tapes appears on the Urban Guru Cafe as program #54. - Thousands of 'seekers' visited Ramesh over many years. Many will be sad to hear of this news. 'His concepts' will continue to assist seekers.
He may not have been everyone's favorite guru - but the messenger is not important.

Whatever 'turns you around' to discover your true nature is VALID.