Monday, December 01, 2008

The Urban Guru Cafe - check it out.

The Urban Guru Café is a new incentive to make a variety of 'speakers' available in one 'spot' .
This last month of November sky rocketed in individual downloads of the programs.
The monthly graph of the site is a steady rising ‘mountain’ and it hasn’t peaked yet.
There are so many good programs on the site.
I suggest that you listen to the ones you have not listened to as yet.
The Urban Guru Café is a FREE service.
It is a fresh incentive BUT there are costs that are covered by the makers of the programs - Areti and myself - there is no one else directly involved in the programs 'evolution' - so to speak.
Actually, it is hard enough to get anyone at all to do the simplest thing for us, I find.
The UGC does not rely on anyone’s donation and the makers of the programs give their time and skills freely as do all of the participants, the guests.
If you wish to donate a few dollars, please use the donation tab on my website.
Half a dozen have ventured to take the plunge and we thank them for their generosity.
We will probably arrange a donation tab on the UGC site in due course.
If you do actually appreciate what is offered on the UGC and you find some value in it, then a donation is a way of expressing that appreciation.
It all helps but please be assured that it is NOT a requirement.

Well, on behalf of Areti and 'my good self' I would like to thank you for all the visits and downloads you may well have made at the UGC - Stay tuned.

Where is the immaculate, clear seeing right now?
It does not disappear just because a thought comes along.