Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No 'me' ever 'gets' enlightened.

'People' fall for it over and over - the personalized story of an individual who becomes enlightened. - Yet it is never 'me'. - The clear light of knowing is clouded by 'the story of me'. - The 'me' is a cloud, a formation of thoughts that comes and goes. - It cannot see or know anything. - Mass belief in a story is just that.
In the clear space of direct experiencing (always immediate) everything is an appearance in that - there is no one else, no others and the reference point 'me' is just another appearance. - Seeing that is not knowledge - it is knowing, direct and immediate - lose sight of it and the mind rushes back into belief in duality.
The 'me' gathers apparent substance and belief rolls out a whole 'new' realm of drama (old repeating patterns regurgitated as if real).
The popular beliefs of the masses, the 'herd mentality', is not going to help you - it actually enslaves that 'you' of belief - that 'me of memory'. - It is all stories and nothing but stories.
The only way to go is: Use the intelligence that is totally available (to you) - it is what you are. This investigation is not analysis paralysis - it is simply SEEING what is.
It is happening right now - belief in what the mind is telling us (about what is) is what seemingly obscures the view.
Take a closer look at things - especially that 'me'.

Dear Gilbert,

My name is P….. G…… and I live here in NYC. - I have been a student of Advaita Vedanta for close to twenty years now. - My Kundalini was raised during this time which I still don't understand and no one has explained it to me. - About 16 years ago my intellect (through the Teaching) saw that everything was nothing but Sat-chit-annanda, Brahman. - Everywhere I look I see the underlying oneness of all names and forms. - Despite this revelation, I have yet to get abidance in this Knowledge after all this time (Can you please explain what is the final experience of the one who gets enlightened?). - I have found it extremely difficult to rest in this realization. - I have almost had Nirvikalpa Samadhi on a few different occasions but was too scared to let go completely of my ego and now I do not know how to get back to that state.

I am wondering what I should do to get abidance in this knowledge. - It feels like when I am connected in this Knowledge that everything is an extension of myself - that everyone is a reflection of Myself - like a giant dream where everyone is me. - I feel that oneness. - It is like an inner orgasm where my breath becomes even and the prana does something to my lips (can you explain this - I still have no idea what is going on - I have read about the sushumna and ida and pigala and all that but still do not comprehend it). - I see the whole world as mithya - just an apparent creation and a joke as I am the only reality and everything else is superimposed on that I.
I am hoping you can give me some pointers as to what to do to make this state a permanent realization because right now this feeling comes and goes.

Is there anything I can do to accelerate this process? - I am willing to spend as much time as needed. - Any suggestions you might have as well as any references to books, teachers would be greatly appreciated. - I thank you for reading this and getting back to me. - Thank you.

Regards, - P.G.

(Devoted students are ripe for being sucked into a never ending pathway of belief - The reason that decades go by for these ones without any significant change is because they are chasing rainbows - they have been convinced by 'others' that an answer will come from devoting oneself to all manner of things.)

My Reply:
It is impossible for the mind to rest in 'this realization' or in anything but its own empty nature.
The 'connection in this knowledge' you speak of is only transient thought patterns - all thoughts come and go. - You are not a thought. - You are THAT which REMAINS Present throughout all apparent duration. - If you search for it, you will miss it.
The mind will take you forever away into thought realms and imagination.
One must rest in a clear space of 'no thought' for a true taste of one's own true nature - if only for a 'brief moment'. - Get a taste for it and 'return' to it frequently.
The 'things' that you search for are the makings of an erroneous time bound mission.
You are already what you seek. - WHAT you seek you already ARE.
Why have you begun to seek?
Because of a BELIEF in being separate.
The naked 'I am-ness' is never a problem - it is with the qualifications and labels added by the mind - that is where the problem enters. - You must recognize that - no one can do it for you. - Investigate this concept of believing yourself to be separate.
It is not a complex thing - it is far simpler than one imagines - yet so few are open to it.
The conceptual burdens they carry are too cumbersome and the identity investment already made is too great to let go of.
Recognize that it is just an idea that is commonly believed in - very rarely investigated - See it for what it is. - A 'rare one' actually sees through all mind content, including the idea of being separate - yet this is actually totally available to everyone.
I do not say that "there is nothing that you can do" - that is not true - WHAT YOU ARE
is actually free right now - the shackles will fall away just by SEEING them for what they are - IDEAS - only ideas - that is what must be 'done' - SEE the truth of this moment - this actuality of simple presence - thoughtless, naked presence.
Believe me, the concept of 'separation', of itself, has no power whatsoever - even though all the drama of life appears to arise from it. - It is belief in it that seemingly empowers it. - Cut of the belief (its source of energy) and it will wither away like a dead leaf.
Dissolve this concept of separation and all reveals itself naturally.
Hang onto that concept and you miss the very essence of LIFE.

A drowning man does not refuse a 'life buoy' thrown to him.

The intellect cannot KNOW or SEE anything - it is mind translations only.
There never was an individual.
The mind is TIME.
All of 'your' problems seemingly exist because 'you' of mind, believe in TIME.
All there is, is THIS actuality of PRESENCE (commonly referred to as ‘now’). When have you truly ever left this moment?

What you truly ARE is this ‘One without a second’.
You have always been THAT - it is timelessly so.
The intellect will find all kinds of ‘reason’ to defend itself against this fact – but it fails consistently – it requires constant maintenance, which is tiring and exhausting.
Give it up and your frustrations will dissolve naturally.

The body and mind are appearances - what you are is not limited to these appearances.

If you hang onto them by identifying with them, 'you' will suffer and drown in 'your own' excrement - yet this drama is only in the appearances of things.
You are not a thing - you are invisible - discover this fact and BE.

There is NO Knowledge - ONLY Knowing.

NO Knower.
NO Seer.
NO doer.
NO one gets enlightened.
Experiences come and experiences go.
You are 'the Experiencing' Only. - That, this, is ever fresh and it does not compound into anything called a separate being.

Out of silence appears 'sound' and it disappears back into silence.

Sound is vibration - what the ancients called ‘OM’.

Be quiet and SEE – KNOW what you are.

Warm regards - Gilbert