Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Who is seeing?

The clear and precise intelligence ‘in’ one who has truly realized THIS, has no interest in telling elaborate stories about ‘how it was achieved’. – Nothing has been achieved at all – all that happens is the stories are seen through.
All mind content is known for what it is – no concerns over the past and the habitual fears about the future have fallen away altogether.
There is no dependence on any ‘thing’ in the present, past or future.
There is no indulgence or interest in ‘looking back’ into memory, it is known in an absolute sense, that there is no point in dragging up the ‘story’ of ‘the journey’ - and it is known for certain that there is no use in imposing those stories onto others, as if they had some relevant importance.
It cannot benefit anyone.
You may notice that almost all teachers indulge in 'their story of attainment' - and 'seekers', through ignorance, want to imitate that 'story'. - It is all useless.

In the direct pointing, above all else, there is ‘no impulse’ to imply that someone else should ‘do’ some sort of practice – not even one tiny practice, no practice whatsoever – none at all. - This fact alone eliminates 99.99% of teachers - useless, except as someone to imitate. - What joy can there be in that? - Endless notions of 'becoming' is self delusion on all fronts - the teacher is included in that conceptualized realm of mind stuff.
In the direct pointing, there is a knowing that all of the ‘appearance of how things are’, is nothing but ‘an appearance’ of being – it has no substance whatsoever – and the illusion of pushing some concepts via 'suggestion' about some elusive ‘substance of being’, all concerning the re-arrangement of ‘things’, so that enlightenment can ‘come’, that is known in an absolute sense to be a trap for the mind.
The natural state is present - it is just ignored. - It cannot 'come' because it already IS.
Stop ignoring it.
What is TRUE, along with a natural compassion, prevents any such ideas about elaborate time bound methods and practices from misleading the unwary, they never pass through the lips of 'the true messenger'.
The true messenger does not 'play a game' of being anyone 'special'. - He delivers the message. - There is NO interest in collecting 'followers'.
THIS ‘presence of knowing’ can never be about any kind of 'appearance' of any notions of BECOMING – because it already IS – As it always has been.

We overlook the natural state of simple 'presence with what is’ and go off in the mind with stale old habitual beliefs. – Those beliefs cannot stand up to a clear and precise investigation of the substance they are believed to contain. – Don’t be put off by some teacher saying that the investigation is just more seeking. – INTELLIGENCE and SEEING belong to 'presence-awareness' - the close examination of beliefs is revealed to be insubstantial, transient 'mind-content'.
This revelation is totally radical, from the perspective of mind.
Yet it is totally ordinary from the perspective of simple 'silent being' and seeing ‘what is’.

Telling this, does not win me any friends in 'the spiritual circle'. - The spiritual 'business' is rife with practices and methods all leading nowhere at all - good for business though - "good on 'em".
The messenger may appreciate an expression of gratitude but it is not sort after.
If your teacher has these qualities then you may well have found a true messenger.

Email: -
“When I first found your e-book “Everything is Clear and Obvious”, I remember well, reading it, and that night the sleeping was very good – I slept well. - And the next day, in the waking state, it was like, ‘I am in the background witnessing all that happens’. Later that view, (which is probably the 'knowing' you refer to) that view later seemed to diminish, it is like the ‘personality’, that type of limited perspective, came again
." – Sergio

Reply: Yes, all manner of things ‘appear’ in that 'knowing', that ‘open view’ – whatever appears in and on that, they are all transient appearances.
The habit is to believe that "I am in the mind", a character in the body. – See it for what it is. - The body and the mind content both appear on awareness.
If the body (your body) is the 'first pattern' to appear in the experience of the world (for you) - The first 'thing' you see is 'space' and the body appears in that space - and if that pattern, which we usually associate our 'self' with, the body, is not recognized as an appearance also - then that is the obscuring factor.
Where are you seeing from? - Is it not from that space? - Does it have any boundary?
Does it have a form? - A color? - Is it not spaciousness itself?

This spacious ‘open view’ is always here – it is the very nature of 'being', of awareness itself. – It is the basis of every experience, prior to whatever the mind translates it into.
– It is knowing.

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Hi Gilbert, - Sometimes there is a seeing of the personality as a thought. - It is so simple that I can hardly believe it. - The seeing is usually brief and followed by a sort of return to the previous way of perceiving. - Is it really this simple?
I see the seen but not the seer. - The seeing seems to just happen out of nothing.
Is nothing the seer?

Although there are occasional 'glimpses' of this seeing, the understanding is not on gut-level. - I still suffer, although there is an increased ability to let emotions and states just be and float on by at their own pace.
Sometimes I feel almost desperate, because I really, really want to understand this now. - I do not want to seek anymore, I want to live. - I do not want to be obsessed by this anymore.
Best regards – Jens.


Yes, it is so simple we miss it.
SEEING is happening. -
There is No seer that has any independence or substance 'apart' from SEEING.
There is NO 'entity' that is seeing anything. - Believing there is is just a thought.
The 'thinker' is a thought.
"I am thinking" is just another thought appearing in the knowing-seeing.
It is the emptiness that is seeing-knowing.
This emptiness is not a void - it is pure intelligence.
There is no benefit or harm in it for anyone.
Believing there is is just a thought.
There never was a 'someone'.
The 'person' is NOT reality.

Whatever you see is not you.
The 'seer' is a thought only - 'I see'.
Have a look - does that 'I' have any substance?
If it did, surely you would know that by now. - You are not a fool and yet this obvious fact has eluded you. - Why?
The duality of 'the seen' and 'the seer' are only appearances in SEEING.

You say you want to stop seeking - that 'you' is nothing but thought based habits.
That 'you' may want to add substance to 'itself' by attaching itself to anything and everything - but nothing works for long.
What you actually ARE can never seek - because it is already THAT. - Start there as THAT and then the seeking cannot even 'get off the ground'.

The moments of seeing clearly (the glimpses) you speak of are moments when the 'me' is absent. - The 'space' in which a 'thick forest' appears in, is always there, whether deforestation happens or not.

These glimpses appear to come and go - but is that actually true?
The momentary glimpse of the Ocean does not mean the Ocean disappears. - SEE what it is that seemingly obscures the view. - It is inevitably 'mind content'.

The seeing is always present - what comes and goes is the thoughts, concepts, images etc.

In the appearance of 'things' you identify yourself with (those) thoughts.

My advice is: Drop them - and just BE the seeing.

Even though this is pointed out over and over, no one seems to hear it - actually quite a few have heard it and seen the truth of it - but generally the habit of identifying will not allow any 'space of knowing' to remain uncluttered. - The nature of mind is to divide. - Even though it has no power at all, that habit of believing in a 'me' reappears simply because it is believed in and never questioned.
WHO is it that believes it?

See if you can find any substance to that self-center that you believe is 'you'.
That is what needs to happen - it cannot be done by a 'you' - intelligence 'does' it.
Be that intelligence that you ARE.
Yes, it is indeed so very simple. - But you must persist in this examination - this exploration of what you are.
The mind will not want to stay with it - it will throw up all manner of diversions because that is the habit.
Do not hold onto anything - let the thoughts flow freely, let them appear and disappear - do not take delivery of them. - They will be 'Returned to sender' - They will lose their apparent 'attraction' and will recede into being only transparent 'visitors' or a slight 'buzz' in the background.
Realize this profundity: What you truly are has NEVER stepped OUT of presence.

You ARE present and aware - As Bob says: 'you are not asleep'.
Awareness is not a concept.
The concept about awareness is just a name, a concept.

Write again if needs be.

Warm regards - Gilbert.