Monday, June 09, 2008

The Profundity of: No Steps need be taken, away from right here, right NOW.

Traditional versus New: -

The tussle going on between traditional Advaita AND Neo-Advaita is ridiculous.

Those who argue about Oneness have no more substance than a mirage of water.

The intellect ONLY ‘appears’ to divide THAT, which has never been divided – and the arguments that follow are nothing but ‘foam’ on the ‘beach’. The campsite of each ‘contester’ is founded upon erroneous opinions and beliefs.
Calling yourself an Advaitan, a Buddhist or whatever, puts an erroneous boundary upon this immediate, clear and present Being. – That Being is boundless presence.

That which has never been divided can never be re-joined. - Yet there is a sense of wholeness that permeates the being, as a clear message is imbibed.

Note: An excellent new Urban Guru program (Pointers 4) on Bob Adamson is now down-load-able from that site. - It does not come much clearer or direct. - However, it does require the 'hearing of it'. - Many dabble in the subject of 'Non Duality' due to its apparent 'trendiness' or because it is 'Cool' etc. - Some talk endlessly using the latest jargon - some write songs and put out CD's about it all - others go on about 'The Beloved' and various other nonsensical notions, all 'hand me down' notions bandied about the spiritual circles. - If that is what you want, then stay away from any clear message - because it will dissolve all erroneous beliefs. - You can pretend to be 'earnest' about it all and even fool yourself - What for?

Most recent Note:

Looking at things from the so-called ‘ordinary point of view’, the realms of confusion may loom ‘at my door’ but that realm cannot enter into this clear space of knowing that I am. –Thoughts, ideas and concepts have never ever have had any power at all – yet through ‘belief’ they ‘appeared’ to keep ‘me’ in a state of searching year after year. – That search vanished like a puff of smoke IN 'the clear seeing through' of those old habitual concepts.

Some may say “Oh yeah its alright for you – but it is very difficult for me” etc. – They miss the fact that they are just adding more concepts and imaginary difficulties in ‘this moment’ by believing those ‘old ideas’ about difficulties etc. - What is being overlooked is this natural clear and present awareness. – Due to the nature of awareness itself, there are many spontaneous expressions appearing for the apparent benefit of ‘seekers’.

An example of that is: The latest podcast on the Urban Guru Café is a most profound ‘introduction’ and within the simplicity of being open to its clear expositions, it seems (to me) impossible that anyone could not ‘get’ what it is ‘pointing at’ as long as it is heard - with an open 'mind'. – In this new program, as always, Bob Adamson ‘shoots straight and clean’ – he takes no prisoners. – No one is expected to ‘hang around year after year’ and play the game of being a ‘devotee’. – There is no ‘life style’ to imitate. – At ‘all times’ the ‘pointing’ is direct and immediate – a direct introduction to your own true nature. - Listen to the short program as often as you can – let it resonate in your being. – That is my advice.
What more can be done? - I can sit quietly and listen to all the stories about how difficult it is and blah-blah-blah and that NEVER brings anything new, unless it is ‘heard’ and recognized as being what it is – A story. – It is easy to see through someone else’s story or get bored with listen to it – but take a look into your own story – seeing that for what it is, is the revelation that needs to ‘happen’. – The chains, the bondage is cut and that chain can never be forged again. – The weakest link is the one we believe to be the strongest and the most difficult to be rid off – It is the belief in being a separate individual. – ME.

The new program is remarkably potent. - Bob does not diminish with 'age' - he seems to just get more and more 'direct' - whether it is heard is 'another matter'.

- Some are smart and 'make the move' to go see him. - The latest book on Bob Adamson's 'pointers' is called "One Essence - Appearing as Everything" - It is a remarkably compact text. - It has already drawn the attention of several translators, and versions in Dutch and Spanish have been finished. - It carries the potent message that Bob expounds in his regular meetings. - The book is only available via Bob's website or the Theosophical Bookshop in Melbourne. - You can order it on line on Bob's website.

Whatever was obscuring this clear presence of being, it vanished once I heard and recognized what Bob was pointing at. - Now there are no questions and no doubts.

I do not say that I have what everyone is looking for - since that would be a conceptual mind projection. - I KNOW that everyone is THAT clear presence. - The old habitual beliefs are not necessary and they cannot stand up to this investigation. - They will and must vanish - yet they may need to be 'penetrated' over and over - because of a life time of habitual belief. - They weaken and crumble. - You can spend your' lifetime' looking for that illustrious 'beloved' or some other 'stale old concept' handed down from 'yesterday' via some dead guru or you can search for some of your own 'mind projections', searching 'out there' and not realize its all unattainable - BECAUSE it does NOT exist. - What is true resonates in being because it is true. - When you hear or read something that 'clicks', delve further into it. - You can follow what resonates in your being. - What you are is that living resonation. - It need not stay bogged down with traditional beliefs and old second hand concepts. - Get the book - it really does resonate if you let go of your old ideas - read it thoroughly.

Note 2:

Even though there has been a relentless pointing out of the salient points on this subject of 'Self-Realization', people do not crowd my 'space' trying to get some knowledge. - There is no delusional self-imaging going on here, about being a guru. There is no pretense that 'I have' something that the 'seeker' does not have.

That is also how THIS 'self-realization' was introduced to me by my teacher, Bob Adamson some 8 years ago. - Once delivered and recognized, the apparent 'seeker' and the 'teacher's role' vanish naturally into knowing presence.

The Teaching: It was only ever a 'direct pointing' at THIS immediate fact of being presence, and the pointing itself appears nowhere other than in 'THIS moment' of presence. - It 'appeared' as duality - In fact it IS Non Duality!!!

Once the message has been absorbed and totally recognized, then naturally gratitude arises for the messenger - however, the messenger does not revel in any delusion about any of it - He is already busy delivering the message to others who are prepared to listen. - Such is the nature of a genuine 'messenger'. - Being beyond ego, there is a freedom and an infinite patience for 'bringing you home' - to THAT essential being-ness that you ARE'.

There are some profound difference about this direct 'teaching'. - Some may not be recognized straight away. - In this direct pointing, there is no indulgence about stories, about a 'future time' when deliverance will come. - There is NO self-important 'image' projected onto any individual - especially the (teacher) 'messenger'. - There is no sacred atmosphere to respect and no kissing of feet etc.

In the immediacy of THIS moment, all there is is naked knowing - the rest is 'of the Appearance'. - Even the evidence of that fact, appearing as 'knowledge', is only a translucent pattern in mind. - It fades into the naked presence.

There is only KNOWING - pure and simple Knowing. - I am THIS knowing presence.

Here in this first instant of knowing, the appropriate expressions appear naturally. They are not second hand, 'hand me downs' or empty rhetoric. - If they resonate with you, well and good. - If not then move on to something that does. - Find the message that resonates 'in your being' and follow THAT. - That leads you where you need to go - and yet you never leave this presence. - It all unfolds naturally as an emerging pattern - while the essence of what you are, remains as THIS presence of Knowing.

All there is, is a pointing out of the salient points - hammering away at those points. - Most seekers want a 'teacher' to show them the way and give them practices - all in vain. - All such activities are engagement with a conceptual realm - thus ignoring the present evidence of 'presence' itself - completely open and free of all concepts. - The natural state of one's true essential being.

NO step needs to be taken, in any direction, away from right here, right now!

Even though such directness is expressed over and over, few actually 'hear it'.

It feels 'to me' that enough has been written over a few years and these notes may soon cease to appear.

Other means of delivering the message may come about. - One to one meetings have been increasingly fruitful. - Direct and immediate investigation is the Key.