Saturday, May 10, 2008

Notes from May 08 - Part 5

Part 5.
The basic nature of what we call mind is clear and empty, like a crystal ball. - It is flawless and totally empty. - It is so obviously so, we miss it. - This is because our habit is to approach everything with habitual conceptualising. - In hearing about this the habit of thinking is quick to translate ‘that clear and empty nature of mind’ into ever more concepts and even into a denial of the clear and obvious fact. - Non-conceptual awareness is never a concept.
“I spend an hour every day meditating and only ever have brief moments of clarity” is often expressed by those addicted to convoluted practices and methods. - We are so used to going with what ‘the mind’ tells us, we do not recognize that the mind is only a ‘tool’ – in being a tool, it could serve us well if only we recognize it for what it is. -
The subtle fact is that what we call ‘mind’ is only a transient appearance ‘in or on’ awareness. - The mind is not aware of anything – it, the mind, is ‘the past’ and it is also the home of the ‘self-image’, which is, in its basic nature, a conceptually based notion and nothing more than that.
The ‘problem’ is that there are so many erroneous beliefs that spring into the picture at the slightest provocation and they are not recognized for what they are. - These beliefs continue, only because they are not questioned or looked into. - The mechanical nature of a mind, operating with belief, is very obvious but this fact is missed by the one caught up in ‘habitual mind stuff’. - That ‘someone’ has no possibility to wake up at all and it cannot see or know anything at all. - It is entirely made up from conceptual stuff – mind-content. - Some traditions name that condition as ‘waking sleep’. - In the ‘appearance of things’ any apparent attempts to wake someone from such ‘sleep’ is most usually fervently defended by the ‘sleeper’. - Awareness does not sleep. - The body-mind organism sleeps.
The clear and empty nature of ‘mind’ is obvious in sleep but there is no one there to recognize it as being so.
What is your opinion about this? Is it merely a belief? Is there a ‘knowing’ without doubt?
That ‘knowing’ is not reliant upon any beliefs whatsoever. - It relies on nothing at all. -
It is the first and foremost nature of your own existence. - Recognize that.
In re-cognising that cognition replaces re-cognition instantly.
This ‘direct and immediate cognising’ may have a sense of coming home to it. -

Conversely, it ‘appears’ that belief, by its nature, must defend itself in order to continue the habitually believed in fiction.
The only thing that can recognize anything at all is ‘awareness’ – THAT is ‘what you are’. -
With a resonating urge to inquire into what is really going on, so things are recognized for what they are. - If this does not happen then the mechanical nature of mind and belief will continue to turn on a ‘dead spot’.
The ‘character’ that appears to be caught up in such a drama is a complete fiction. - It only seems to be real because it is supported by habitual belief. - None of it can stand on its own – it cannot withstand a direct and immediate inquiry.
Some teachers suggest that “any form of investigation is just more seeking” - but that is just an ignorant statement and a denial of the potentiality (that each of us is).
The innate capacity of pure knowing belongs to our true nature and it lies at the core of what we are. - What we truly ARE is not depending on anything at all. - It needs no time to find completion – it requires no method to adhere to and it requires no concept at all. -
Its nature is NON conceptual. - Recognize that.
In seeing through our habitual beliefs, they are let go of. - The core essence of pure knowing itself ‘cuts through’ every belief and renders them inactive. - If such direct insights are conceptualised as being a ‘new event happening to someone’ then the mind quickly builds a story around such insights – but recognize that this can only ever be merely ‘more thought patterns appearing’ - these must be recognised for what they are. - An ‘insight’ is not an ‘event’ at all – the essence of an insight is ‘seeing’ - and seeing unconditionally belongs to our true nature - which is timelessly present and free of all time realms and free of all burdens. What joyous news it is for those who hear it clearly. - How annoying it is for those who resist what is true.