Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cutting Edge

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warm regards - Gilbert.

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Today's note:

There never was a person that ever existed in 'time'.

Believing you are 'someone' is just a thought stream.

Staying 'with' and 'as' the immediacy of cognition - so everything is known to be an appearance in THIS presence of KNOWING.

Where is that seeing taking place?

It is a profoundly vivid investigation - very subtle and easily dismissed by a restless mind.

'You' cannot get behind that activity of cognition.

Everything appears in front of that and yet there is no in front nor behind, above or below to THAT. - It may be seen clearly that everything does actually appear in that cognizing.

There is a quality of spaciousness there - that is why they say that it is 'space-like' awareness.

There is no locality to it and the sense of 'I' is an appearance in that.

It is impossible for the mind to translate that non-conceptual awareness into a concept and yet concepts are all we have to direct the attention in this investigation.

All attempts to conceptualize that space-like awareness fail.

What one conceptualizes oneself as can only be a concept - what one is is beyond description.

So, it may be said that you can only BE that non-conceptual awareness and being that is not something that needs to be done - it is already complete.

No thought can add anything to it - nor can a thought take anything away from that.
All of your activities plus the most vigilant activities of 10 thousand monks and 20 thousand nuns do not touch or alter that non-conceptual space-like awareness.

There is nothing more to know.
KNOWING is happening. - See that it is complete just as it is.

What is true resonates as the living-ness - what is expressed about that may also resonate in that being-ness (when it is heard). - That subtle resonation in being is what lets one know what is genuine.

- A teaching that only inspires the imagination and sentimental notions is representing those qualities of 'images and sentiment' and probably little more.

Many such teachings are merely based on stories about 'someone' who is special, in a so-called 'higher state' - separate from yourself. - 'You' can never 'become' that 'special someone' - all of that remains as idol worship in a dream state of mind. - It may seem like the teachings are all similar but there is a profound difference that may seem subtle at first but it is actually far from subtle once you taste it.

There is an obvious difference between the common spiritual teachings with its teachers and what can be called ‘The Direct Introduction’.

The common teacher implies that he has attained a ‘state’ and that ‘you’ can also attain that state and that it can ‘become’ permanent. – His stories entertain the spiritual self-image of the seeker and fill it with ‘hope’. – What is not realized is that those stories are a mind construction that blocks the immediate open view. – Everything that is added to that story, experiences that ‘seemingly confirm’ the stories validity is just more ‘bricks in a wall’ and that is all based on a sense of separation.

The direct introduction does not tell stories about ‘time’ and some ‘future deliverance’. -

Any story told in ‘the direct tradition’ is either light entertainment or it is a deconstruction story – a revelation of the fabricated nature of beliefs and a ‘pointing’ to something ‘beyond belief’.

In contrast to that, the illustrious stories of the common and popular gurus are always seductive and dream inducing – the ‘creation’ of a ‘state of belief’ based on stories of a possible attainment for that ‘entity’.

The incontestable fact is that ALL states come and ALL states go. – There can never be a permanent state – such notions are made of dreams and they cannot ‘stand alone in the light of day’.

The direct introduction cuts to the core of immediate experiencing – bypassing the realm of concepts and reveals the nature of clear and present awareness.

This revelation is ‘instant’. – All notions about ‘time’ disappear completely.

In my experience, when I meet spiritual devotees of popular gurus, it is obvious that they are strongly under the influence of a spiritual dream. - They often get very agitated if that ‘personal dream’ is disturbed by any statements that threaten to reveal the absurdity of reliance on mere beliefs.

Oddly enough these aspirants believe that they ‘as an entity’ are awake and making real progress on their ‘path’.

Wakefulness is not an entity – it is absolutely formless – presence awareness.