Saturday, October 20, 2007

Running on Empty.

Do you like tricky questions? - Here is one - it has intricate complexities:

When did you ever run out of time?

If time exists, then where is it coming from? - It seems to me that there is always plenty of time, endless time. – The end of time is just a concept. – Space is similar to time – because they both are invisible and no evidence can be found of them except in relativity or in what I will call ‘absence’.

The beginning of space or the beginning of time, isn’t that just another concept. – Some scientists say that space and time came into existence when ‘the big bang’ happened. – The Hindus say that the universe is breathing – expanding in one eon and contracting into the next – a cycle of creation and destruction. – Such concepts spring naturally from our organic nature. – It is easy to use analogy to explain the inexplicable.

The consumption of spiritual literature is not going to bring understanding – the adherence to spiritual images and beliefs is not going to bring about the great revelation. – You already are this wakefulness. - That wakefulness is not different from true understanding. – There really is no wrong understanding – what we call wrong understanding is just the minds translation of perceptions. – The perceiving is not wrong – what is registering on that wakefulness is not distorted or wrong. – What is true is clear and obvious. – The error is in the believing in ‘things’ that have no substance and taking them to be real. – As so-called ‘identified people’ we try to manipulate a mirage (of water). – It does not matter how much we try and shape it or push it, it is never going to shed a drop of water.

The paradox is that the one trying to manipulate an illusion, is also an illusion.

Wakefulness is presence with what is. – It IS what you are right NOW.

That wakefulness was not acquired in ‘time’ and it cannot be pumped up with practices or methods. – There is nothing wrong with it.

That is the truth. – The truth cannot be used to build a spiritual empire. – Only lies and falsehoods can appear to build such imaginary things.

The elimination of the believed in fabrications of the mind is easily accomplished.

It is the investment in belief, the belief in an agent, a ‘me’, believing that ‘I’ am a spiritual being, a spiritual entity - that is the problem.

Take a look at the popular gurus and teachers. – There is an obvious belief there displayed for all to see, the portrayal that they are ‘someone extra special’ and of course that they ‘have got’ the ‘awakening’.

- Of course wakefulness is there – it could not possibly be otherwise. – The point I am getting at is that placing themselves ‘above’ their followers and emphasising the illusion that they have something that their followers do not yet have – that is a falsehood and ‘a slippery trick of the trade’.

The whole charade is arranged to make them feel special and to support that belief in THEM. – The followers can come and go and they do – but that emphatic entity, that egoistic appetite of the Great Teacher needs to be fed.

Belief will never bring a sense of completion. – Belief is not the actual. – The actual does not need belief to support it.

What you are, is wakefulness – knowing - presence. – That is the actuality that cannot be denied or negated.

In KNOWING that to be what I am – what else does one need?

What time is there to wait in – what practice is needed?

What method could possibly reach into that knowing presence and alter it?

The whole spiritual game is quite absurd, once you see through the mirage that it is.

Explore your beliefs – no harm can come from it.

The ropes that bind an imaginary self can never slip loose because there is nothing there. It is kind of funny how there is so much drama about nothing.

Red herring: Some spiritual ‘people’ I know are convinced that they have ‘got it’ and it is obvious that they have not even got to ‘first base’ yet. – It is imagination and belief that parades as knowledge – and the investigation is not done. – They know all the right concepts but they just come out sounding like a cracked bell. - Who cares?

It just clearly indicates a dead end track - 'don't go that way'.

Don't do anything - just 'stay put' - and SEE. - Everything is revealing itself naturally with no effort on your part.