Saturday, August 11, 2007

New expression on 'The First Instant'

Other notes below this one may be more easily comprehended, than this one, for some.

What are you? – A name, a body in a time and place – ‘space time patterns’ appearing and disappearing? - An activity? - In what?
The first instant of being is this existence right now. - It is not a ‘series of instants’ all lined up in chronological order. - This first instant does not lead off into ‘a future time’ and it does not slip away into any thing called ‘the past’. - This first instant is the ONLY instant there is. - It is absolutely stable. - This fact is a most extremely obvious fact, so obvious no one notices it.
All motion arises within this first instant, which is absolutely stable and beyond stillness or movement – it contains all qualities, including stillness and movement.
In the realization of this the false identity evaporates and all that remains is 'That which ever is' - THIS first instant.
All there is, is this ‘presence of knowing’ in which 'time and space' appear and yet these qualities of time and space do not create anything with any substance that is independent of, or apart from, this first instant – which is absolutely stable as ‘what is’.
This all encompassing existence is the only true identity that there can be – it is existence itself. – This existence that you are right now is it – yet the mind cannot appreciate this fact, because the mind can only deal with its own content, non existent ‘things’, concepts, ideas and all manner of ephemeral mind stuff.
– The question may arise: - What am I? - Not, who am I? - What am I?

Can you get behind that space of knowing where thoughts appear?
Any answer can only ever arise in this 'space-like awareness' that I am – THIS is existence itself.
How could you or anyone be anything ‘outside’ or ‘independent’ from THIS?
Could there be any separation between the source of existence and existence itself?
Everything that you think you know, every object that has ever appeared and every moment that has ever seemingly ‘come and gone’ has never been anything other than THIS.
– We name it as ‘right now’ and the dullness of mind misses this profound presence – this vivid existence.
We make a big deal out of a concept called ‘enlightenment’ and then place it in ‘the future’ as a faint possibility.
The only wakefulness that there is, is nothing other than this vivid presence - right now.
Every being that has walked or will ever walk upon this planet Earth, or any planet anywhere, throughout all the eons, has never, is, nor will ever be anything other than an appearance that ‘has’ – ‘is’ – or ‘will’ appear in this time-less first instant of now. - Obvious!

Are you an appearance - or are you this existence, which contains all the possible states of being - this most surely is this stable being presence - this stability that never changes, in which observations appear in and AS this conscious presence, right now?

In the mind you can appear to be so many things. - Which one is true?
In being, you are, most undoubtedly, this vivid presence, this existence, which cuts through all mind stuff and is always prior to the 'buying into' the concepts - it is prior to all concepts, and prior to any concept about there being anything other than THIS.

THIS ‘moment’ is absolute presence – and you are this.
There is no possibility that you could not, not be This.
This is so extremely obvious it is misses by the habituated attention, which is a seeming entity caught in its own 'space' and 'time'.
This is obvious – Drop all concepts for an instant and SEE what is obvious.
It is extremely subtle yet so very obvious.
In going beyond the mind (mind is time), in 'returning' to what is absolutely stable, the subtle sense for the mind, is that one re-discovers THIS first instant and in THIS there is a realization, for the mind, that THIS changeless pure seeing - pure knowing ‘is’ and can only ever ‘be’ my true identity.

In THIS there is no ‘other’ – it is One without a second.

Any difficulty in comprehending what is being expressed here is simply due to the intellect, which cannot embrace what is beyond its capacity. – The intellect is a rudimentary instrument, meant for practical living.


Knowing , the activity of knowing, is actually (from) beyond the intellect.
There is only knowing – the intelligence that you truly are, is KNOWING (right now) – not a knowing of ‘this or that’ – just knowing – present tense.
In the seeming ‘processes’ of mind, in the attempt of approaching its own source, time itself vanishes and in that immediate realization ‘time’ is known to be simply a concept. – This is obvious.
It is the knowing of all that is – This is obvious.
Any doubt, about this or about anything at all, any thought, image, concept, state of mind, can only ever be an appearance, a movement in THIS first instant of existence.
The concept that there is something called a ‘mind’ is also an appearance in THIS.
The false identity cannot arrive ‘here’ – the true identity never leaves ‘here’.
Do you have a choice?

This first instant is this actuality, this self-realizing factor - this presence right now.
It is only the mind that places limitations on this and tells a story and a story is about time - while THIS presence is not in time at all.
The realized one does not chase after seekers. - There is no need to 'push' anything onto anyone. It could be said that those who find the realized one are responding to a call from within themselves, a resonation and this appears as a lucid transparent being, stepping beyond the mind and over the seeming threshold to their own natural presence.

It was once said: “Stop pretending to be what you are not - and simply be what you are”.
It only needs to be heard once.