Monday, July 09, 2007

SEEING is happening - but where to look?

Why should I be concerned that 'seekers' are being mislead by erroneous spiritual stories? - I have seen through them all. - I am free of all that nonsense.
Belief is completely transcended by knowing. - That is not some acquisition - it is the nature of what I am - and That is this true existence which does not change.
You can discover this for yourself - I can only 'point' as to where to look.
Concepts are concepts. - God is invisible - what you are is also invisible. - God's body is the universe, the immediate expression of his 'grace'.
'Your body' is the immediate expression of an 'instrument' of being - through which cognition appears to be presented to the mind - yet the 'self', just like 'God' remains invisible and beyond all such transient motions. - What God is there if you do not think about it? - Is it, he or she, just a concept in your own mind - common mind - ideas handed onto you by others?
Left to your own devices, would you conceive of such a concept as God?

The Oneness of all things is beyond all concepts, including the concept of God.
Oneness embraces all, without differentiation and yet differentiation 'appears' within oneness.

Contemplate the following: - Knowing is not a concept.
Awareness is not a concept. - They appear as concepts but the concept is NOT what it re-presents.
The conceptual spiritual 'steps in time' are an illusion and the practitioner is also a fiction.
There is no escape from a prison that does not exist.
There is no prison, there is no prisoner, except in the deviated mind with its erroneous belief.
All there is, is THIS immediacy. - How can you not know that?
The immediate function of knowing is IT - even the belief in erroneous concepts depends on it - they are just no necessary.
Slipping into beliefs about changing the world into a better place is premature - get to the first principle and 'be the knowing' - be this knowing that cannot be altered by a concept - then one can be the action in the world - without that all you can be is re-action and that is conflict. - The world already has enough of that.
In bringing the mind back to THIS immediate presence-awareness and in cutting away those 'old concepts', so the pure function of seeing-knowing has a chance to penetrate, permeate the dualistic mind and so it renders the 'drama' of apparent twoness into an impotent play of elements - and so one realizes that I am the harmonizing factor and the source of it all.
Do you have a choice?
Believing in the stories of time and a future deliverance is a sloppy way to live and it is unsatisfying. - But who cares?
You cannot get behind that knowing, that immediacy of knowing. - No concept can 'go there' - Nothing can 'appear there' because it is empty, clear and obviously full of knowing - is it not obvious that that is where you truly are? - You ARE the Knowing - how could you not not be THAT?
Non-conceptual awareness. - Knowing, immediate knowing cuts through all concpets, all that is known. - Have a look - see for yourself.

Response to above:
Gilbert, Potent post on your site - this sentence was like a sutra - "Belief is completely transcended by knowing." - Excellent - Confirmation in words of what is known 'here' - Regards - R.

Note: There is an ancient story about the wizard/shepherd, who hypnotises his flock of sheep, because they had cottoned onto the fact that he was killing one of them for food every few days, so some of them were escaping. - He 'suggests' to them, through hypnosis, that they are 'free' and need only 'do what he indicates'.
You will see in that, whatever you see and that will belong to the mind, while 'pure seeing' remains timelessly beyond the 'seen' and the 'seer'.
There is a simplicity to your existence that is subtly overlooked - it is the fact that you remain here in this so-called 'now', while everything else, without exception is appearing and disappearing consistently. - In attaching ones self to anything, a concept or object, an image or an idea, that attachment will be dissolved 'at some point' and one will still be present and aware.
Knowing that is the simplicity of being just as one is.
Knowing is in being - not in the mind.