Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spiritual pursuit - a tiring business.

I have it on good authority that John Wheeler's new book "You were never born" is very good. - Burt Jurgens's new book called "Full on Being" is excellent, I have just been perusing its contents. - Bob's latest 2 CD's are 'tops'. - The contents of these various items are constantly assisting the mind to 'come back' to presence awareness, in a most practical manner - at least for those that are willing to really look into things thoroughly and are not just wishing to embellish their spiritual self-image. - Each author obviously KNOWS the taste of being free in a most intimate way. - And they share that through their 'pointers' and expressions.- Check out their respective websites for more details. - Bob of course had an influence on the other two mentioned as well as myself, as you may well be aware.

Email: Hi Gilbert,
I've been reading your web posts and emails. - A few little flashes, but no enduring results. Written "pointers" are useless for me - I've read too much and thought too much.
Bob doesn't 'do it for me' because I can easily think of counter arguments to his comments and questions.
I need to meet someone sharp. - You wrote that you are relocating to Melbourne. - Are you willing to meet with me? - Martin.

Gilbert replies:
We can meet – but I think you have been missing the point and that Bob is far too sharp for you – how sharp do you want ‘another’ to be? - YOU must put yourself on the razors edge yourself. – The razor is THIS immediacy of living presence – seeing – knowing – what is. – You may be too fond of concepts and the 'result' you want will NEVER come - it is a pre-conception full of erroneous beliefs, all second hand nonsense - meanwhile you may well be ignoring the obvious presence of clear knowing with you right now - that is what you truly ARE.
You may also think that you have a good grasp of the concepts about Non Duality.
You may have some favorite spiritual heroes, like Ramana etc.
Ramana, the man, was not the great teacher as he is made out to be - he would be the first to confirm that.
The essence that you are and the essence that 'appeared' in the form of Ramana is the same essence - One without a second.
Those old second hand 'sacred concepts' about 'sacred individuals' are merely recurring reference points in the mind, collected together to form a stale attitude and that is all hovering around a self image, like flies around rotting meat.
- Rubbing shoulders with these modern gurus who 'play the game of being special' and hanging around 'spiritual people' is a sure way to dull the mind or pull a blind down over your own light of knowing.
There may be a strong habit, an 'old river' that flows automatically in your habitual states - it is a kind of confusion of identity - is any of it what you truly are?
Any confusion of mind is merely conflicting reference points.
You are truly not any of them. - Negation (neti neti) is the way to proceed.
Bob is so clear in the way he expresses - you must be present, consciously, to catch the mind as it throws up its defenses and responses. - Who is the 'agent' of that 'stuff' and what is he trying to protect.

The resistance to whatever Bob is pointing out is in the mind stuff and it is nothing other than 'yesterday' stale stuff - held onto by the ME.
The razor's edge is nothing but conscious presence.
The 'me' is blunt, dull and slow - seemingly quick because it is believed in. - In paying attention you will find a new 'space' which expands (appears to expand - allowing more to be seen clearly) and you will see what the mind is doing from habit. - It may be extremely challenging to the habituated mind but unless it is seen clearly, it will keep the mind bound to those old and stale ideas about 'what you are - what you call 'your self'.

The mind is its content - thoughts, images and concepts etc.

One must go beyond it - see the content for what it is - No one can force you to do that - the impulse must arise from within, a genuine investigation, no matter what the cost.
See that they are not YOUR thoughts - they simply appear and disappear.
In 'doing' this investigation, one finds that one is actually beyond it already and that profundity is found to be inexplicable - but it is Knowing and Knowing is really all there is.
Investigate the mind, find this 'me' if you can. - Don't give up - keep looking.
I can tell you what you will find but that would be empty words - you must discover it yourself.
Once it is done, you may laugh like you have never laughed before.
I see the evidence of many who think that they have done the investigation - yet their own words betray them and their false proclaimations are empty and foolish.
Some well known popular gurus fall into this catagory. - No harm done - they fool only their own type, ignorant 'ego bound' devotees, the ones who do not even suspect that their silly practices are totally useless and just a trap of the mind. - THIS moment, prior to thought, is empty of all content, no entity, no time, no practice - 'who' is going to improve on THIS? - and with what?

That pattern of belief, the one that 'appears' to fool itself into believing that it has done the investigation belongs to the habitual mind - it is only thought. - SEE that clearly.
You have presence, you ARE presence and that alone will cut through any belief whatsoever.
Have no truck with the 'devotee self image' the foolish and ignorant mind - SEE and Know that you ARE this presence of Seeing - discover directly that there is NO see-er.
There is just this knowing, THIS seeing - ever fresh and totally unencumbered by any concept, idea or whatever the thinking is throwing up - you are THAT presence that is seeing - in which ‘all of it’ appears.

The ego has no access to the immediate function of seeing or knowing - it, the ego is merely a concept and is a false agent, one that 'seemingly' causes so much havoc unnecessarily - merely because of belief in it.
This is totally confronting to the idea of who I habitually believe I am. - It must be seen through one way or another......and it is being seen through right now - just recognise that fact and avoid constructing any new beliefs about that. - The profound resonation of clear being is not limited to concepts, words or ideas. - It is the original presence - the only presence - how have you ignored it? - The mind believes in nonsense and it is unquestioned - that is why.

As long as there is an ego perusing a 'prize' then what you long for, what you seek will forever recede for the mind - and that appears to the mind as 'something' which is always out of reach.
It is the concept that creates the apparent distance. - Surrender and devotion is one 'way' but it is a 'long path' - for those with a pure heart - Knowing, Jnana, is THIS Immediate Knowing. - You are THAT.
Who will you bow down to? - Some guru who teases his devotees with a 'promise' of holy deliverance in the future? - Give it a break my friend - Listen to what Bob is saying in his meetings - do yourself a favor - drop that old crap about someone 'doing it for you'.
Have it out with him - he will not flinch - get to the bottom of it all.
You may not benefit from these words but someone may - it is not all about YOU anyway - or is it?

This knowing presence IS your own heart essence - already present as presence awareness itself.

Those words will seem empty until a genuine resonation happens throughout your whole being.

False humility and sacredness is really bullshit - easy to criticize in 'others' and not so easy to detect in oneself.

You expect 'someone' to 'do it for you' - that is an erroroneous belief - give it up - be the immediacy of being that you ARE and just see.
Stay with that wordless I am - that is enough.