Friday, April 27, 2007

What progress? THIS is instant - Actual - Reality - Now.

It is rather odd why this 'teaching' remains 'hidden', even though it is spelled out loud and clear. - The fact is that thousands of followers of non duality teachers, remain in bondage because their teacher is telling them lies, pretty spiritual lies.
These followers believe the nonsense that their illustrious teachers sprout and so they remain trapped in 'time' and 'belief' - Slaves to a super ego.
Politics is not much different.

In meeting a clear 'teaching',a few simple words may stop the mind and a moment of pure insight may (appear to) happen. - Projecting that 'result' back onto the messenger or teacher, as being the one responsible for the insight is dismissed immediately by a true messenger. (The unscrupulous teacher swells with pride)
In following the pointers and in investigating as indicated, these moments of insight (appear to) increase in frequency and a most definite taste permeates the mind from beyond the mind. - One knows in the deepest recesses of the heart that at last something is ringing true in oneself.
The messenger is recognise as a messenger, not turned into a god of worship.
One needs to be vigilant and stick with it. - Any little thing can take you off the scent.
Many have profound insights and it is then lost again because the mind comes in and adds the old habitual ideas in reference to the old image, the self-centre.
However, as the habitual identification drops away (in and 'as' those moments of freedom), there may be a perception that everything is floating just beyond what you are. – That is a temporary ‘phase’.
– It settles and opens out into a simple seeing that everything is appearing in this space of knowing that I am.
Even space appears in THIS.
So, (as a child) before words were learned, everything ‘was’ un-differentiated - one.
– Words appear and with those words what is truly one appears to separate into parts
and so the unicity of all things is seemingly fragmented (but only in the mind).
– Then word is ‘finally’ cut away in a ‘moment’ of no thought. – thought-less reality.
Who can contrive such an event? - What practice can achieve such an event?
Spiritual empires are built on stories of awakening - while simple wakefulness is ignored. - You cannot franchise what is totally free and totally available to all.
You can only sell spiritual lies to spiritual beggars.
How much have you donated to a guru and his organisation?
Has he delivered you into freedom yet? - Does he say, it will take some time, years?
Crap! - Make no mistake about it - that is crap - complete bullshit. - It is the old pyramid sales stuff.
The immediate living-ness is the true, the actual and that is not 'an event' at all – the first instant of it for you is the natural state of pure seeing – pure knowing – pure intelligence. - Why ignore that and take up so many concepts and do so many practices? - while the simplicity of being present is effortless.
Investigate the 'me', the 'spiritual climber'.
The mystery of why one will take full delivery of a direct ‘pointing’ while a million others will continue to make efforts and admire a guru with all his trappings is inexplicable.
The masses are as if hypnotised and the guru of ‘the path’ is no different – just another appearance in a dream. – The dreamers are imagination, a self-image that they are making progress and they follow their guru as he climbs an imaginary ladder to higher and higher consciousness.
– It is the most insidious mind game and bound up with transitory emotional highs and lows. – Treading the wheel of time keeps them all in a realm that cannot exist in the immediacy of freedom.
Pointing this information out to those caught on 'the time wheel' only brings reactive accusations and defensive language.
– The threat of losing what they imagine that they have gained is just too much to bear for that fabricated self-image, which they are convinced that they are.
– That conviction is threatened consistently by doubts and so the search for wholeness goes on and because og the poor quality of information (erroneous data) that they receive, the obvious is overlooked or hidden by uninvestigated beliefs.
Believing in the ‘time stories’ of a guru will never cut through that habitual mind stuff. - (He does not want any rivals - except the ones he chooses and trusts)
In that 'camp' anyone that starts to see through the gurus game will be thrown out quick smart.

Beyond all the spiritual games there will always be one that speaks directly from ‘timeless’ freedom. - That one can direct the mind to look precisely and directly at what needs to be investigated. - But it is yourself that must do the investigation - no one can do it for you.
– All these popular teachers with their emotionally charged stories and promises are nothing but ‘forms of resistance’ to what is ‘the actual’.
When will you cut away the erroneous beliefs? - NOW is all there is.
This instant of seeing is all that is needed.

Watch the mind and see, investigate this moment of presence.