Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nothing is acquired - whatsoever!

It is odd how gossip spreads so fast and everyone takes a keen interest in it - yet the news that can actually free them from the bondage of self is just passed over.

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Today's Note:

Gurus love telling stories of how they ‘woke up’. - It often becomes a business venture.
– Their fancy story helps to keep their ‘self-image’ intact, in a mythical realm for themselves and their poor ignorant devotees. - Many of those devotees love to pretend that they have woken up also - what a sad joke - but they are serious - seriously imitating their guru!

Regarding this ‘waking up’ or self-realization – There is no ‘How’ to it.
– No ‘How?’ - either with or without a 'question mark'.
– There is no separate one that wakes up and all stories that there is someone that has or does is a complete fallacy – including the Buddha.
Non Duality means one without a second - so Buddha nature is the whole - no pin pointed individual is isolated as containing Buddha Nature. - It is the Totality - the Whole.
Why can't you see that?
Because in taking oneself to be a separate individual, the view is automatically limited.
The origin of any view is SEEING.

It has been pointed out over and over that NOTHING is acquired and there is no one to acquire anything. – All is as it is.
- All that can be said to 'happen' is that the habituated mindset is seen through.
Yet that old idea of ‘acquisition’ persists amongst seekers like the snakes on Hydra’s head.
'Who' is it that believes in these concepts of acquisition or any concepts?
There is a so-called ‘Law of reciprocal vibrations’ which can seemingly explain why the concept of being ‘a person’ and the concepts that this ‘person’ believes in, can never be separated. – Both these vibrational patterns are appearing in the mind.
Unless this is clearly appearing in SEEING, without capturing the sense of identity, then it all is just a rotating wheel of repetition for the mind.
There is no one caught in concepts, no one identified.
Naked awareness has no content, no centre and no boundary.
That is non negotiable.
No seekers can ever attain anything and those patterns of belief could never have any ability to attain anything at all except as something equally transient as the seeker itself.

Just see that the one that believes in acquisition is just an idea, a stubborn idea, it seems.
Bob says: “What you seek, you already are”.
So the seeking is useless.
Paradoxically there is no one to stop the seeking.
So, the old question arises once more - ‘how’ does it happen?
So, I say this: - As the pure function of seeing sees through the mirage, it is not anything extra that is happening, not some added element that one 'does'. – The mirage reveals itself as a mirage just IN the SEEING.
This factor is quite subtle and easily passed by because of the habitual identified mindset.

Know that nothing touches the space of knowing where seeing is happening – everything is appearing IN the seeing – everything is appearing ON or IN awareness and is awareness.

See that 'the seer' and 'the seen' are simply objectifications IN the space-like awareness which is also called SEEING.

Simple. - Yet it appears ( for this one writing) that this factor took over twenty years to discover. - There is no way to make you see the truth of this fact.

- Yet seeing is happening.

There is NO ‘How?’ to it.

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