Friday, March 16, 2007

THIS moment is IT. It can't be anything else but THAT.

Bob’s latest CD is ‘a must’ and probably the best of the lot. – Even though it is very typical of Bob’s meetings, I found it to contain some of the most salient 'pointings' to Non Duality. – Order it (only) from Bob’s iinet website - a link to that site is on my 'shining' website.

Here is part of an email reply I sent recently(after many emails back & forth) :

"What you have stumbled on is way beyond all other 'teachings' - so much so that there is NO comparison that can be made.
I am not sure that you have realized that fact as yet.
'People' are caught in 'belief' because that is what 'people' or a 'person' is - it is just a belief.
The essence of KNOWING, that which you truly ARE, is not a person. - An apparent substantial pattern of energy may 'appear' in that Knowing Presence but if you look closely, you will see that everything, without exception, is an appearance in that knowing presence that you are.

The simplicity of it all, is just to look into things most thoroughly - see and know - that there is ‘no one there’ in that habitual space called ‘me’.
If this is not 'done' and that 'me' is not exposed, then the mind will just go on and on dividing THAT which has never been divided and so one will wander in the abyss of ignorance - like every other seeker.

The popular so-called ‘Non Duality Teachers’ are really just from the ‘dime a dozen box’ and their ‘ego’ is so obvious, it is on display for anyone and everyone to see.
That only works for those who want to imitate a ‘superior ego’. – Freedom from the bondage of self is forever postponed in the dualism and devotion of such teachers.
That may sound like a negative comment. - It is not negative at all. - It may sound sharp and may sting in that old feeling ‘centre’ but only for those that are still caught in the bullshit of time bound teachings.

This LIVING lineage or ‘teaching’ is nothing but THIS immediacy - shining
un-obstructively through various living 'ones who speak from the immediate knowing’ They negate the concept that there is a ‘teacher- pupil’.
Their words are profound and cutting to the core for anyone that has the capacity to hear what they are pointing to. – For the rest the habituated mind stuff will prevent that clear hearing. – That is just the way it is and you cannot force anyone to SEE or KNOW anything. – Seeing and knowing are already happening.
The ‘old ideas’ are the flimsy obstacles that need to be brushed aside as one investigates the self-centre".
- Gilbert

Today’s note:

This moment, which we commonly call ‘now’ is not fragmented except in the mind and even that fragmentation is nothing but a series of transient conceptual appearances in THIS moment. - The word ‘moment’ implies ‘time’ but this ‘presence’, this ‘moment’ has no beginning and no end. - Whenever you look into it, all you find is presence, presence of things, concepts, states, images and ideas etc.
This moment is not an object in space. - Space appears in it just as all things appear in it. - It is NOT ‘in time’ at all. - What we call ‘time’ can only appear in THIS ‘moment of presence’. – Is there any other presence other than THIS presence right now? - (with you right now!) - It cannot be 'somewhere else'!
Do you see that the mind is so often engaged in conceptual nonsense about 'presence' being somewhere in the future or past. - A dualistic teacher, parading as a non dual teacher, will postualte a perfect presence for YOU and it will be way up ahead, 5 years or more in the FUTURE. - And you fall for it! - Wakefulness can only be right here, right now. - I could say that it is baffling how this obviousness can be so elusive for seekers....its all shadows on the cave wall.

This moment has no known 'duration'. – One could say that it is all duration but all duration could not be labelled as duration at all – It is NO duration – Only presence. - No begining, no end - just THIS.
In our mental ‘terrain’ we imagine a whole series of moments back to back from the ‘beginning of time, right through to the end of time.
– For that apparent individual, the conception or the birth of that body could be said to be the beginning of time, for it. – Only an extremely ‘rare one’ would remember anything of that ‘beginning’ and any such declaration of such a memory would be held to be very suspect by ‘most of us’. – We measure everything by our own experience and doubt spring up when our own ‘reference library’ is challenged.
Without memory 'who am I?' - Still present and aware.
We imagine trillions of other 'moments' and a flora of fluctuations in states of being. - We judge all those states in memory while being stuck conceptually in (just) another state.
The gross memories or experience-ings stand out more than any subtle impressions from our experiencing.
If you pause thought for ‘a moment’, for an instant, then a clear view is ‘seemingly’ more present. – What we usually don’t realize is that that clear view is not ‘something’ that comes and goes. – All impressions are registering ‘as presence in presence’. – Self-knowing awareness.
However, for that identified mind, that clarity of vision seems to vanish or leave.
– And a desire to get it back may arise. – That desire and its ‘efforts’ can only be an activity that appears in that clear view and yet it is not recognized because of an attachment, a fixation, an occupation with that apparent substance.
‘Who’ is caught in the mind content?
How do we cut through that inadvertence in mind?
There is only one ‘proven way’ (that I am the knowing of) and that is by a thorough investigation of the self-centre.
An exception could be said to be brought about by an external ‘shock’.
– That may or may not come and one can ‘wait’ in eternity for it to strike. (That ‘exception’ implies ‘time’ and the ever present evidence is infinitely more reliable than anything that is anticipated or expected.)
As the web of associative thought patterns are abating, or being seen through, the profundity of direct insight is ‘dawning’ in presence awareness.
At all ‘times’, THIS is the moment of SEEING and seeing is KNOWING.
All mind content is subsidiary and it is ‘dead’ by comparison to direct knowing.
This is why all the knowledge in the world has no effect on any true liberation of the self.

The thought comes up that maybe my notes are not all that useful and too raw to be digested. -
Whatever I say in my notes is due to my being introduced to a radical and penetrating 'knowledge', not some written words or some secret. - Bob's 'pointing' directed my mind to investigate and that 'intention' subtly and profoundly cut through an age old way of looking at life and myself. - His pointers can assist in the same way for anyone else, including you.
I recommend that you read Bob's books and listen to his CD's.
Go and see him if you possibly can. - This 'teaching', if we can call it that, is showing sure signs of spreading. - I have witnessed its blossoming over the last 7 years. - It is no accident that there has already been quite a few who have 'emerged' from the 'common hypnosis' and the bondage of self. - These 'messengers' are not pretending to be awakened beings and so they avoid the common pitfalls of being a 'guru'.
- Links to some of them are to be found on Bob's Web Link page.