Sunday, January 28, 2007

it IS simple - far too simple for the habituated mind

Reply to an email question:
There is NO separation. - All such stuff is belief and in a mind realm called ‘time' - but if you LOOK from this immediacy of right now - you won't find any of it to be there at all.
Have a look! - Now!
Read Bob's first book until every page is alive for you-there are a hundred pointers in it and even before your mind is familiar with them-you will start to recognize what they are pointing out-for yourself - and in your own direct perceptions-then it is YOURS - and no longer theory etc.

My advice is to do that - and that has the potency to deliver you back to the essential nature of your own awareness, which you have never truly left.

Theories are Theories and Knowing is Knowing.

Warm regards - Gilbert
So, how can this Non Duality stuff be made simple?
Well, it is simple. – All the talk about it is complex because it is all talk and all talk is dualistic by its nature. – The speaker and the listener, the writer and the reader are dual with an apparent means of communication as the mysterious third element. – Words are divisive. - Everything appears from the same source. - The big question is, can something come out of nothing? - 'Transmission' is the great myth that appears out of nowhere and reputations are built on dreams. – The 'Great Gurus' and 'Great Teachers' and their reputations appear to depend on that Wondrous Transmission. (There is no 'great' being to teach - your own heart essence is 'nudging' you all the time but you ignore it)
There is NO teacher, no disciple and no dependency in the Non Dual. – How could there be? - Only the mind appears to divide THAT which can never be divided.
One without a second.
In the relativity of being a seeker, a message ‘hits the mark’ – ‘when’ there is a complete listening, an openness to the essential ‘message’. – In a very direct way my ‘last and final teacher’ (Bob) pointed out to me that there can be nothing more simple than “One without a second”. – He also 'pointed' it out using a hundred other ways of expressing the same essential ‘message’. – After twenty or so years of restless struggle with ‘esoteric teachings’ and little to ‘show’ for it, by the time I got to Bob's I was ‘ready’ to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ and somehow a resonation, a simple resonation started ‘ringing’ in my ‘heart’.
– There was a resounding, a ‘knowing’ of what was true - and that resonation became ‘a discrimination’, a ‘touch stone’ and ‘then’ what was or had been an elaborate complexity in mind was (is) naturally seen and known for what it was (is), a fanciful dream. – I saw how my mind (had) loved to indulge in ‘knowing about special knowledge’ and I saw how those very same notions were divisive and connected to the primary notions of separation ('me'). – One aspect of this ‘new circumstance’ was (is)that it had (has)an effortless nature of dissolving all beliefs that arose and this ‘happened’ over and over until all beliefs were discarded, not by any choice of mine but, naturally. – This left (leaves) me present and aware with no beliefs at all. – ‘Belief’ was (IS) seen to be unnecessary.
– ‘Knowing’ was (is) found to be the nature of simple awareness. – It needs no foundation and no evidence or data taken from memory.
Knowing is the immediacy of all knowledge - without exception.
– If you contemplate that last line it may reveal ‘something’ which has gone unnoticed yet profoundly potent.
So, that is 'one way' to ‘make’ this ‘available’ for anyone. – However, there are few ‘takers’. – ‘Giving up’ belief and what could be called a ‘self hypnotized state of mind’ is impossible without your true essence, which appears as a natural resonation of what is true in your ‘heart’.
– The dominant ‘head’ is stubborn and just not interested in 'standing aside' because it is 'the throne of the ego', the phantom.
The paradox is that your true essence is already free and there is no ‘getting’ of any message from any great teacher. – A 'true' teacher may appear in your life and he or she will appear to be very relaxed and ordinary. - There will be no airs of being 'holy' or above anyone. - There will be a 'low profile' and no seeking of attention in the media or anywhere at all. - He needs no attention other than his own which is totally 'with what is'.
- The seeker is nothing but a mind realm of ‘seeking’ - it is a restless activity and it has no power of any sort. – It seeks support everywhere and finds none, because it is looking in the wrong direction - 'out there'.
- There is NO waking of the dreamer. – All nonsense about such an 'event' is total nonsense propagated by (fanciful dream) teachers and gurus. – Characters in a dream, who can only, offer in that dream, ‘bigger and better’ dreams. – But the nightmare of a restless mind returns because it is all in the head, all a dream state of mind. – And ‘you’ have mistakenly ‘placed yourself’ in the midst of it. – That ‘you’ is not what you are and that 'you' can only ‘fade away’ as it does every night in deep sleep. - It can fade away right now, all it takes is some attention, some watching of the mind. - Be present and watch what the mind does.
Right now is all there is. – It is unshakable and it does not move or budge from its ‘presence’. – This is what you truly are – Presence Awareness.
It is only in the mind that a ‘conflict of interest’ appears. – Reference points in a realm of belief, with an idea of ‘who I am’ being a central ‘player’ in ‘The Drama of Life’.
‘Who’ is suffering?
“What is wrong with right now?”
Without taking up some thought, any fabricated evidence that something is wrong, all falls apart. – And in that falling apart there is freedom and a view of freedom. – For the stale old 'habituated mind' it may be far to scary to stay with freedom and so the mind reaches for its ‘old ideas’ so it can return to its realm of struggle, restless activities and ‘stories of woe’.
And so, it appears that the drama of life continues.
It does NOT have to be like that.