Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trouble in Paradise

(Tongue in cheek) - I hear news that I am a bit of an infamous ‘celebrity’ in Santa Cruz Café’s recently (California). - More than one reports about hearing my name and something of what I have said on my website, being argued about - and with vigor.
– Being a place where so many so-called Non Duality aspirants hang out, it is not surprising that some of the points being made in my notes, from time to time, appear to cause some friction in that Non Duality Hot Spot. - So many seekers and no finders?
- There was even one ‘character' who went out of their way to try and ‘shut me down’ and encouraged, via emails, many of the ‘Non Duality Gurus’ to drop their links to my website. – What a messed up dualistic piece of 'work' that one must be.
- One of Adi's devoted 'time bound seekers' I believe. - There are thousands of them apparently, 'waiting for the postman' (deliverance).
- According to my good sources of info, the place is full of ‘people’ who have been convinced, by one teacher or another, that they have ‘awoken’ (through some teachers influence) and they only need to wait for deliverance into the full self realized state.
– Many of these ‘awakened souls’ are still suffering, although they have to try and hide it from others, because they have to be seen to behave in specific ways, in order to fool not only their comrades but above all, themselves also.
(How so many ‘seekers’ take grandiose egoistic behavior in these teachers mistakenly for ‘self realization’ is absurd to say the least.)
So, I will repeat one point that really cuts to the core of it all.
Any teacher, guru or ‘person’ that suggests openly or by inference that they have ‘gained’ a ‘state’ of permanent awakening is no doubt a fraud and the freedom they promise is just a conceptual projection in their own mind. – If they cannot introduce you to your own freedom within the space of an hour, they must be playing games of building an empire.
One character in N.Z. is rather 'disturbing' to listen to, if only because of the gross misuse of his apparent influence over those he has attracted and his crazy mind constructs. – He obviously believes he is some sort of New Savior with exalted powers of all sorts. – Many such characters, once they have puffed themselves up enough, claim that they are actually Jesus or some other famous 'entity' in a new body. - Bollocks and balderdash.
- Some very unstable characters thrive on the ignorance of simplistic seekers. – History shows us that many of these cases end in tragedy.
- How can they offer a 'freedom', which they have objectified as a ‘thing’ which they have gained and then offer it to another and then this not be seen for the hoax that it is?
- The seeker places trust in that one, who appears to be confident and who convinces them with displays of a loving countenance and ever more complex conceptual constructs.
(Note: the true pointers of Non Duality are always simple)
- What’s more, these 'prophets' offer all their contrived nonsense as a possible ‘future reality’ for the seeker and then ask the gathered group of seekers to ‘do’ certain things to ‘prepare’ themselves for receiving that objectified ‘something’.
- (Note: Reality IS - there is no 'future reality')
- Then they say it will take ‘time’ being ‘with them’ and with his expertise and guidance.
- It is often said that it will take five or ten years to accomplish deliverance.
(Many of these teachers have been around for twenty or thirty years and the seekers either drift off to other teachers or on their own, or hang in there as an habitual creature of seeking, bound to the guru like some old garment.
– It is all hogwash and only ‘worthy’ as a door to door sales pitch for a double ended toilet brush.
– Anyone who studies the pure message of non duality can easily determine, even logically, that ‘time’ has nothing to do with realization at all.
Realization is HAPPENING just as it is. - 'Who' has a problem with that?
Another point is this: - How can one who is totally free ask ‘another’ to go the ‘long way’ and to also indulge in all those mind structures, those endless conceptual nonsensical beliefs?
– Not only that, but then these glorified teachers compose complex methods and practices to ensnare the mind of the seeker so as to occupy the seekers attention and seemingly adhere that enthused ‘entity’ into identifying with all those ‘time bound activities’ on a daily basis.
It is clearly known by anyone with a bare minimum of intelligence, that the path of acquisition practices and methods has nothing to do with Non Duality. - Only a 'time bound' teacher will insist that another must 'do the practice'.

Clear and Obvious: - One who is clearly free cannot ask another to enter into any deluded notions about methods or time bound concepts at all.
The vivid awareness of the so-called teacher is 'pointing' to itself (in you) at all times.
(History tells us that some teacher's even 'taught' in silence.)
In truth there is no teacher and no pupil. - Non Duality.
Why would a teacher ask you to believe in his time bound notions, if he was free of them himself?
- If you look closely at a clear 'teaching', you will see that ‘time’ is rarely mentioned and the pointing is always 'from this present' to ‘this present’, this clear open space of presence awareness. - Not two.
It is already here, complete in itself just as it is, no matter how it appears to 'be'.
– It is only a concept that can ‘seemingly’ obscure this naked awareness.
– However, even though you may well believe otherwise, everything is appearing in the seeing- just as it is.
– This seeing is already happening and it is totally effortless. - No concept of being an 'entity' is needed to make 'seeing' happen.
– No one can, or need, teach you 'how to see'.
That may be too subtle for some but if you look into the immediate present moment, you can see and know, without a doubt, that you are present and aware. – There are NO ‘levels’ of consciousness anywhere to be seen or known. – All such things are concepts.
These deluded teachers rely on many subtle concepts to hold their ‘stories’ together and they will tell you it is very, very complex (inferring that they understand it all and that you are stupid not to see it clearly and so you NEED them to ‘show you the way’.)
How many steps do you have to take to be in the present?
What do you have to do to turn on the ‘knowing’?
Isn’t it already so?
How far away is the Now? - It is not even a millionth of a millimeter away from right here. – Freedom is not acquired.
- Bondage is simply seen to be a fiction.

This following fact cuts through it all:
Awareness is NON DUAL.
Awareness is ever present and always immediate - unmediated.
The true ‘path’ of any non dual pointing is through negation.
If all thought or concepts ceased for a moment what is left?
Naked Awareness.
What must be seen clearly is that a ‘seeker’ is a time bound concept itself.
It can never attain what it seeks.
– That is precisely why no seeker ever becomes a finder.
There is no becoming in non dual awareness.
All is as it is right now, as it ever is.
The ‘seeker’ is seen through and that which is complete and ever present reveals itself, even though it was never hidden.
The activity of seeking, seemingly obscures the subtle freedom on what is called the natural state.
Thoughtless reality is nothing less than naked awareness.
How can you acquire the most subtle, natural gift of presence awareness?
No one can offer it to you or ask you to ‘pay’ for it in time, energy or money - or even to wait one minute for it. - It already IS. - Just look - see and know.
Seeing and knowing are not two 'things'.
You can't 'get behind' those pure functions - You ARE THAT.
No time bound concept or 'path' can lead to where you already ARE.
– No conditions can bar your 'way' IN this natural presence.
– There is NO path 'to it' or 'away from it'. - THIS is it!
It is what you are. – Simply know that as the fact that it is and I can guarantee that ‘everything will fall into place’ for the mind.
All the problems of being a ‘seeker’ along with ‘the seeker’ itself are just reference points in mind.
There you have it - now a few sorry souls in Santa Cruz can have something NEW to argue over in their famous Non Duality Cafe’s.
P.S. - Thank heavens that they have John Wheeler in Santa Cruz, so at least as these seekers wake up to their own 'gurus game', there is someone right there to ‘point’ them to the natural presence of themselves, without any unnecassary ‘time delays’.
- What a relief for any tired seeker. - The good news is that freedom is totally available right now. - It is only the mind that seemingly covers it over.

– What is wrong with right now, if you don’t think about it somehow?

Email response: (Thank you) For clearly shining a light thru the fog of so many mind constructs. - Your words feel like coming home... after reading so many "non-duality" teachers' websites. - So much ego, so little real pointing. - Thank you - Lori Simpsonville, SC USA