Sunday, December 10, 2006

Obvious clarity of simply being

Feedback on the recently published book "Everything is Clear and Obvious":
Hi G,
Blow me down, everything is, indeed, clear and obvious.
What a breath of fresh air!
What seeming effortless and scintillating prose!
It has the exquisite flavour of a Dzogchen text.
This is an utterly singular work in a class of its own.
Thank you, - Warm Regards, - John.

Email 2: Michael wrote:
Dear G,
When I bought your latest CD 'One Moment" some weeks back, you were kind enough to offer that I might come back with follow-up questions.
- I have decided to take you up on it.
I can see that everything appears in awareness.
- I can also see that awareness proceeds on its own without any effort by anyone in the same way that my hair grows without any effort on "my" part.
- The person Michael and his various characteristics and even "his" body are all appearances in awareness.
- It seems, however, that "I" am able to change the course of the appearances - during my days of work or leisure, for example, substantial planning seems to pay off in terms of at least partially predictable outcomes - and it does seem as if "I, Michael" has something fundamental to do with it and that my ability to do this is closely linked to my history background, education etc. , i.e. what I normally would call "myself".
- Deciding to do regular exercise, for example, seems to change the way the body feels and
looks - my intuition tells me that the whole thing rolls along without any doer-ship, but the realization hasn't penetrated beyond the mind - I would appreciate any reaction or advice you might have to this. - Warm regards, Michael.

G Replies:
The basic nature of insight or knowing is intelligence and seeing.
The nature of everything is intelligence.
"Remark the intricacies of the spider's web" - Marcus Aurelius
A spiral galaxy, a minute organism or a billion examples of intelligence at play.
The faculty of recognizing or cognizing any of these things requires intelligence (surely one can agree on that point).
Insight is simply seeing into things, a revelation of the obvious.
- It is a mystery for the usual mindset, or dullness of mind, which can only label it as a 'special talent' that others possess.
Pure 'Seeing' is instant and from beyond matter for all of us but that point will not sit well with a stubborn intellectual type.
- I don't usually mention 'the Third Eye' because so much hocus pocus has been woven around those words.
The Third eye is SEEING with the whole being, which of course includes all the senses.

If you try and find your 'self', you can't.
In such a case 'Who' is looking for whom?
You may see that you are indeed invisible and yet very present, or mindful.
- 'Seeing' may be realized to be nothing 'other' than this functioning presence that I am.
Am I the 'doer'? - It seems so.
Volition? - Events happen. - Where is the choice maker? - Do you know it?
Now, if we do not understand ‘what we are’ most thoroughly, how can we determine that we have volition? - Who decides what?

Now, the problem is that if we do not understand ourselves and know what we are, then we must be running on assumptions.
Everything flows as it does and then we make up 'laws' to explain it all.
They are man made theories based on observation.
Now, this so-called ‘teaching’ says that we must make an investigation.
- A very ‘personal’ investigation of our ‘own’ consciousness.
There is a wondrous intelligence totally available to us. - It is in fact what we are.
No step is needed, into any mind realm to ‘get to it’. – It is our very ‘substance’ or better put, our apparent substance emerges ‘immediately’ from That – Intelligence Energy.

Who has a problem?
The one with a problem is just a pattern of energy – a belief.
Even that is intelligence energy appearing as that pattern and the belief that it is real.
What I am is impartial and that appears as the partial – which is a paradox for the mind.
We are emptiness and fullness – These apparent two different apparent states are not ‘two’. - One is ‘the appearance’ and the other is invisible.

Profound insight is here as the pure awareness.
Pure Awareness is what we truly are.
In the mind, there may be belief that, that awareness is conditioned somehow.
'Relativity' and 'the Absolute' are actually One, although the intellect can never resolve that truth. - It IS, no matter what the intellect decides. - One could say that truth is ruthless.
It, the intellect is quite naturally biased, due to its own nature of being ‘thought based’.

Awareness is thoughtless, or better put, it contains 'no thought' and 'thought' equally without preference.
- It is sometimes called ‘non-conceptual awareness’.
When all the mindscape is seen through - what is seeing?
It is not some special 'state of seeing' that has been acquired.
It is indeed, the very same seeing that is happening right now (with you and everyone).
With profound insight, the mind is simply not getting caught on its habitual mindscape and so everything is seen clearly.
Speaking from the normal worldly view: - The environmental challenges we face as a Global Community require profoundly clear sight.
One has 'done' many things as a 'me' in the appearance.
The investigation is basically the mind exploring itself - and eliminating what has been erroneously believed in. - This pareing back to the basics is highly informative for the mind.
The so-called 'me' appears to be taking part in this investigation. - Then at some point that reference point called 'me' is seen for what it is. - This insight is from beyond our normal psychological realm of thoughts etc.
So, even though the 'me' appears to be a part of the investigation, it loses its hold over what we truly are and it is known that I am free of that erroneous reference point. - Like a breath of fresh air, it feels invigorating. - One needs to be vigilant at this point, because the mind will come back in and all it has is memory based material to attempt to explain what has happened.
By watching everything, this 'time' can be a very rich period of insight.
In fact, we do not have to take up any 'old views' again. - In seeing it all clearly, the mind is freed from attachments based on the past.
In this freedom, there is no impulse to make a big deal out of it all.
- Those who do make a big deal out of it, like these 'special egos' called western gurus, have simply gone back into mind games. - These gurus cannot direct anyone to real freedom, because they missed it themselves, preferring to grasp at an egoistic self image, in being a 'holy person'.
Many have 'fallen' recently. - Their game is exposed and nothing they can say can redeem their 'old reputation' of being holy and above us all.
Don't trust anyone who sits on a platform and refuses to converse with you openly one to one.
- A genuine desire to find what it true deserves an equally genuine response, does it not?

Note in reference to recent events 'out there'.
Can you imagine 'God' ( and these fallen gurus have been playing 'the role' of being God ) refusing to answer certain questions and then saying "My lawyer has advised me not to speak about this matter with anyone"? - What the *x#+# bleep?
- When your chickens come home to roost, you might find that they are shifty foxes instead.
- Describing your partner as being 'a dog' is a little over the top and rather revealing isn't it?
- Then trying to make a profit from doing workshops on the whole 'tragedy' is a bit like the money lenders in the synagog isn't it?
The guru who is too busy keeping up their own appearances, of being special, and trying to protect that failing reputation, has nothing much to offer someone who has a genuine desire to find what is true.
- The truth is not conditional. - It is obvious!
- Trying to hide things, just reveals the game playing that has been there all along.
- These gurus expect their followers to come clean and expose all their own dirty laundry but when it comes to 'coming clean' themselves, the table quickly turns.