Saturday, October 28, 2006

It is a mystery - no one knows

Email: Dear G -
I thought I would let you know how fond I am of the new CD.
- I've listened to it for 5 mornings in a row and it comes across as fresh and new each time.
- The odd thing is that afterwards I don't really recall the details of what was said, but somehow the message is registering 'somewhere' as I find essential questions are coming up, couched in the terminology from your recording, like: Can there be such a thing as Realization for Knowing, or isn't it that, Knowing is already realized? (ed:Realiz-ING)
Could there be anyone who would know 'Knowing'?
Who would know 'Knowing'?
Isn't Knowing all there really is?
Seems the answers are already there in the formation of the questions.
I've puzzled a bit over the concept of the "First Instant" and think it refers to the immediate moment which is the only Instant I can think of but isn't really even that because it seems that there isn't really any thing or any time. (ed: How do you KNOW that?)
But as I've implied, the details are not sticking, which may not really matter because the general and specific concepts are generating insightful questions when I think about this later in the day.

The word "Knowing" is very riveting and seems to point to the only reality (which IS).
The essential message you are providing seems very clear and precise.
I like your delivery.
Anyway, well done! - and thank you! - Steve – UK.

G: Yes, it works – it’s a mystery (for the rational mind).
– Like that line in a movie about Shakespeare - Q: “What’s the Play about?”
– A: “It’s a mystery – no one knows”.

And yet all there ever is, is Knowing.

What is meant by ‘not knowing’? - Contemplate that.

You may come to see that “Knowing is all there is”.

(An ignorant intellectual does not see that, without that spontaneous 'knowing', all their opinions are worthless and even their biased views would amount to nothing at all.)
The title of my first book “The First Instant” is somewhat puzzling for some but it has a specific meaning which for me expresses something very well - but it is not 'numeric' in any way. - This instant of perceiving right now is it. - It has no qualities of itself except as that movement of cognition.
Douglas Hofstadter's new book, yet to be released, is about an exploration of what we commonly call 'I', from a 'scientific' point of view. - The Germans are making headway in their research in this same field of inquiry.
- In my terminology this ephemeral moment of cognition is 'I' - yet it cannot be said to be an object, thus it remains as a mystery, even though we may use the single letter word a thousand times a day, without ever questioning what it is. - "Know thyself": Self Knowledge is really nothing other than the investigation of the 'I'.
The First and ONLY Instant is the nature of 'I', an Empty Space, that Knowing presence, in which Everything appears.
Like Advaita or "One without a second" - it is not even 'One' - it is not numeric.
The 'first' is One - without a second.
No one occupies that knowing space of the first instant.
It contains all.
It is ever present yet totally invisible because it is not a ‘thing’.
- It is the Knowing presence.
Without it, there is nothing.
The first instant is the first (and only) dynamic movement of awareness as it appears as all things - and they all disappear back into the first instant and NO duration exists in that. - Timeless!
That is just too much for the intellect to deal with but it is clearly obvious for the one who knows their true nature.

The CD: The contents of the CD carefully bypass the minds habitual notions about this and that and deliver 'something' inexplicable. - It is not trickery or devious.
- What is clear, is that what is clearly obvious within what is clearly obvious is clearly obvious! - A mind caught up in details and thoughts misses all the salient points of what is clearly obvious. So, on the CD, some extremely cutting yet subtle points are presented in a gentle manner without presenting a full frontal attack on the ego – which is usually so ‘counter-productive’ – (if you see what I mean).
- So you are left to add the only required element - yourself
– Your own presence of Knowing. – And that is already present, no matter what the circumstances are.
– So you see, it is already done - just needs to be uncovered.