Saturday, October 07, 2006

“…And in the writing of books, there is no end.”

Do you need another book?
No! - But to recognize your own natural freedom, you may well need some clear 'pointers'. - Sailor Bob Adamson's two books are profoundly simple and direct.
The influence of his pointing clearly shows in my second book but it is not a rehash of Bob's words. - That intelligence (in me) which appeared to be so bound up in seeking, was freed and it expresses itself, to my own amazement, in a fresh way over and over.
- In understanding all the usual traps of the mind, I witnessed a series of expressions being written by myself and somehow the expressions glide past the old traps and lead the attention back to its own source - living presence.
And that is what 'comes through' for the reader in this new book "Everything is Clear and Obvious".
The simple view ‘through’ the old mindset is, in most cases, what brings insight.
Sharing those sometimes happens as a consequential expression in written words. - It is a sharing of 'something known', something fleeting in something absolutely stable.
- Life is just like that. - Fleeting moments of indistinct duration in timeless presence.
Need another book? - It is all being made available to apparently assist others, to 'see through' their own mindsets and realize the freedom of their own essential natural presence.
That ‘process’ ‘here’ appears to have stopped now. - I have recorded many of these insights for the apparent benefit of others.
Now, seeing is constantly present, as it always was but it is no longer being diverted into conceptual realms.
Some teachers say impotent things like: “There is nothing you can do.”
I know beyond any doubt that that guiding comment is useless.
Also, those teachers who talk about 5 or 10 year deliverance are also equally deluded, no matter how popular they may appear to be. - It is more or less conclusive that no one listening to these teachers will ever see through the binding concepts. - However, nothing is absolutely impossible.
I know first hand that this direct pointing works, not only because it worked for me when Bob Adamson pointed it all out for me but because subsequent clear evidence from my own ‘pointing it out’ to others has worked.
It may appear to be mysterious but it is actually very simple. - It well may feel like a ‘magical event’ as the innate freedom reveals itself to be present but that initial impression subsides and it is recognized that this freedom was always present.
The natural state underlies whatever appears on the surface.
As seekers, we were seduced into believing all sorts of erroneous stuff, beliefs and because they were never questioned, they quite naturally perpetuate themselves.
They have no power to survive in the face of a simple and direct inquiry.
Pure seeing, which is already functioning, cuts through all mind content and non conceptual awareness reveals itself (to no one).
That core essence is ones own 'unmediated presence' and that is 'That which cannot be negated'.

Most seekers avoid the direct message because it is far too simple or far too dangerous to the belief system. - And so they continue to suffer and plod on believing in erroneous information handed out by ignorant ‘teachers’.
It is all so unnecessary, yet it can never be anything other than an appearance in THAT knowing presence that you are.
Everything is clear and obvious.