Saturday, October 07, 2006

You are THAT seeing knowing presence

Dear G, thank you very much for your advice. - I have re-read your e-mails several times and they catapulted me instantly into a state of profound silence, lasting over an hour each and only the ringing of a cell-phone brought me back.
Am also continuing reading in your book. - It is really helpful and clears up more illusions of the mind.
We went out for supper to a restaurant and living in this silent place is really strange, there were so many voices and conversations around us, yet total stillness in my mind.
The only voices I heard were those of the other people. - This was all really strange.
Could you explain to me about "Loyalty to a specific Teacher"? - There is something I don't understand about it.
Our Christian teacher spoke about it once and asked us to be loyal to the teaching. - Like being loyal in a marriage.
I do love the teachings (pointers) of Sailor Bob very much, as I seem to resonate and understand what he says - as I also like your book right now.
By doing so, am I committing some insult to a prior teacher?
Which (whom) I also love very much? - Is there competition in the lineages?
I would really like to understand, so I am not disrespectful to anyone.
thank you very much, many greetings from us. - D.

G replies:
There are no rules in or to THIS.
If there is a natural respect for ones teacher or teachers, then that is what is.
There is a natural gratitude that one feels for the one who delivers the message.
Teachers who place restrictive commands ‘into place’ are not really worthy of the name 'teacher'.
What you have stumbled upon, with this new input, is beyond the general realm of teachers and teachings etc.
This 'lineage' is a Living Freedom manifesting as a teacher - in essence it is freedom itself, which is your own true nature. (So you see it is Not two - Unmediated knowing)
So you may see from this that the apparent cycle is only in appearance - a loop.
Self reference via concepts. - Isn't that what is happening? - Building an image of a self with all its reference points.
When those conceptual appearances are seen through, as all mind content is seen through, then one KNOWS that this presence that I AM is all there IS.
All else is in Appearance only. There is no ‘other’.
Make no mistake about this!

This ‘teaching’ is way beyond what ‘people’ call teaching.
It is impossible to express it as a whole because it is beyond words.
Yet some have a gift to use words to bring the mind back to its empty nature - which is always present - presence.
All is seen without there being a seer. -Or the apparent seer is seen yet nothing is seen. - Everything is clear and obvious.
You already have direct experiencing happening and your note confirms it is on the right track - so stick with it - read Bob’s books and/or mine until there is no longer a need to read them.
I would not advise reading a mixture of words by teachers from outside of this clear ‘teaching’. – That can bring confusion due to sloppy conceptual usage.
You will find that the interest in reading about this will probably disappear all by itself. - I, myself, can’t read anything about it these days - maybe a paragraph or two once in awhile. - No point. - I am THAT knowing space like awareness. - What more do I need to know? - Nothing.
Everything unfolds as it does.
Warm regards - gilbert

D replies:
Good morning and thank you, G.
Understanding of your pointers is instantaneous.
Thanks for clearing up the "Teacher" issues and helping "me" to release myself from a guilt trip, that others in the appearance like to reinforce.
Most of the night i stayed up and read in your book. - It is awesome and sinks in straight away - love it. - I hold you to your promise: stay with THIS and It will be Seen! - It's happening even so "nothing" is seen. What really struck home was your question in the book: "What is it you are still looking for?" - What more do you want?"
It stunned me, and the mind delivered this message from source: "Entertainment!"
After so many years of escaping THIS (reality) into books, the path? - there is NOW a VACUUM left.
Silence, Peace, that after some time changes into Boredom with what is, a restlessness again, and the desire for another book arises. - Just like an alcoholic or a smoker, after STOPPING, never seem to loose the craving totally.
- My cycle was, six months on, six months off the books, but no total ending yet.
Do I just stay with and in Nothingness? - Trance like states can go on for hours. - Just total silence and aliveness. - Much of the old memories are history now. – Awake-ness and seeing and understanding in the Moment is there. - Wakefulness. - Then daily activities and renewed profound deep silent states.
Am now half way through your book and can't wait to get back to it.

Also your question to me: if you know that you are this awareness, what else could you be looking for in more books? - More stuff?
This really hit me like a thunderbolt and had instant results.
It is a pleasure to know you and thanks for answering e-mails and addressing specific problems. (blockages in comprehension that are still remaining).
love D.

G’s Reply: In that No Thing state, which is not a state, there is no one - just pure awareness.
'You' of 'old habitual mind' have no say in it and never had a say at all, ever.
It is all unfolding.
By not taking a stand in any thing - for or against any thing - no problem can arise.
While watching the mind, it cannot appear to divide Oneness.
Life goes on - or appears to go on – unfolds as it does.

There is No separation.
Understanding is not apart from seeing-knowing - these 3 are ONE and the same.

You ARE that knowing presence. - How could you not be That?

The mind apparently wants entertainment. - There are many teachers who do just that and little else.

Watch the mind - it will inform you of everything it is up to.
You already have direct experiencing of it happening there, from what you say.
Don't be tempted to make a big deal out of it - just be simple.
The mind will weave stories around it - so watch it.

You are the seeing-knowing presence and nothing other than THAT.

Later on:
"Good morning Gilbert,
Your book delivered the FINAL BLOW!-?

"There is no ‘final’ blow – although it may ‘appear’ as such but that is really a new story being told by the mind.

Nothing final anywhere. - That is so obvious that everyone misses it.
No beginning - no ending. - Ditto

THIS is IT - without it ever being an ‘IT’.

Thoughtless Reality.
Non-conceptual presence."

Love - G.