Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Everything IS

Recent correspondence:
Email 1:
"Dear G, I can not convey in words the extraordinary beauty and depth of it. - If my opinion was to count I would say it is one of the most important and beautiful books I have ever read in my life. - Thanks-Thanks-Thanks - Love, André."

Email 2:
"Dear G,
I have been immersing myself in Sailor Bob's two books and have had some cracking of the ‘Kirk foundations’ already. - I have ordered the book and am looking forward to your take on things as the descriptors or pointers you use seem to penetrate my cranium like no others. - The recent-cy of the ‘snuffing out’ of your own seeking and the insights gained probably have a lot to do with it."
Thanks Again, - Kirk

“Everything is Clear and Obvious”.
Forget those impotent sayings by sloppy teachers like: “There is nothing you can do”. - That only blocks your innate potentiality.
- You must take an active part in the deconstruction of your beliefs.
Reading this book may very well assist in revealing a profound intelligence at work within your own presence. - It is easily overlooked but I have intentionally covered every angle, so that it is virtually impossible for any reader to miss it. – With the possible exception of those stubborn intellectuals who may stay forever bound up in concepts.