Friday, August 11, 2006

So says the 'know all guru' - "you can't do anything"

One of the most insidious things in the Non Dual teachings is this propagation of weak and pathetic concepts of impotency. - “There is nothing you can do”.
It is such a weak answer to give to anyone who is striving to understand.
- It is a weak challenge to the belief system and such answers are only worthy of a second rate teacher. - The teacher’s realization that there is nothing ‘you’ can 'do' may well be true from his perspective but for the seeker, the mind will not be satisfied with that at all.
It is a kind of Bhakti method, where you invest all your faith into the teacher and carry on believing in 'his realization' and so subjugate your own potentiality - natural freedom.
It is a most insidious situation. - Rarely can it be fruitful except as a profit for the teacher, who gleefully gathers his fees week after week.
- He obviously loves to promote himself as the 'only one' who speaks accurately about the Non Dual Nature of everything.
One without a second - means exactly what it implies - All inclusive.
- So, even the impotent words of this feeble teacher is included in the all inclusive, just like any another pattern of energy appearing.
- However, the freedom that lies behind all patterns of energy and within them is not attainable for a seeker, because the seeker is just another pattern also.
The fact is that you ARE this freedom.
- It is only the mind that says I am something other than that. - And it is that which must be investigated most thoroughly.
- Waiting about in a passive mood, thinking that "I will, just by some chance, be the next Ramana Maharshi" is tantamount to spiritual madness.
- My first teacher would often say “Move from that dead spot” in a reference to someone being stuck (internally stuck in some fixation).
It could be called a semi-hypnotic state of mind or a 'brown study'.
So I say, be active and move, shake yourself out of that complacency – investigate, investigate.
Be ‘the doer’ until the doer is revealed most clearly.
And stop going to listen to these weak teachers who wallow in their self pride and special-ness - so full of impotency.

It is just a little 'prick'.