Sunday, July 23, 2006

Natural Knowing

Note: "Everything is Clear and Obvious" a new book on Non Duality will be available in August.

Do you imagine that I know something that you don’t know?
The only difference can be in the (cognized) patterns that appear within and without.
The Knowing is the same and the apparent boundary between within and without is only a way of looking. - It is a learned way in acquired mind. - Natural seeing is not conditioned by such concepts.
What I am getting at is that natural ‘knowing’ is not separate from natural 'understanding'.
Misunderstanding is only reference points in mind and they seemingly cause confusion and conflict in an identified mind.

- Why? - Have you ever looked at that simple question?
- The self-centre, which is the habitual point of reference, is the only confusion there can be - a 'self' seemingly confused by its own attachment to conflicting ‘data’ and belief in those myriad points of reference. - All of it is temporary and is a misplaced value, placed conceptually over 'the natural' from a phantom point of view. - Is that what you are?
Of course not! - So, investigate the situation and realize your own natural freedom of simple understanding.
- It is so simple; it defies every attempt to explain it.
- Yet, somehow we know innately what we need to know.
- But somehow as identified consciousness, we so often ignore it. - Why?
- Because the majority around us are identified consciousness and so they also ignore it.

By seeing clearly that a concept is only a concept, we see that they can serve us or hinder our clear sight of what is.
Through clear seeing the mind aligns itself with that pure intelligence that you truly are.
Problems solve themselves when seen in a new light.
Data is data - knowing is knowing.
Data can appear grossly distorted or relatively 'close' to direct cognition (knowing).
By 'seeing' the epicentre of distortion, which is the ‘me’, means that the view is 'outside' of the 'me's' distorted view - only then will a clear view open up and allow that intelligence to flow freely.
New data is 'flowing in' constantly. - Let it be as it is. - Don't grasp at the 'good bits' or reject the 'bad bits'. - There is no need to purify the natural functions of seeing, hearing etc.
- You do not have to build an empire with any data. - Don't bother pretending to be a guru - There are already enough Gurus to fill the Albert Hall and few of them have brought any benefit - most have been downright 'conmen' decked out in fancy garments and trinkets.
All data, in its own relativity, lives only for a fraction of so-called 'time'.

- You are that knowing principle - this timeless knowing presence.
- Why you reject that knowing presence with a preference for conmen's stories based on mere beliefs is a mystery. - Is it just irresponsibility?
- Letting someone else tell you what is what and so remaining in ignorance?
- Responsibility is 'the Ability to Respond'. - Find out for yourself!
Stop being a lazy slug like creature. - Stop being filled with 'second hand data' handed out by gurus and others.

- Stop pandering to gurus and set them free from your own hypnotic adoration.
- If you identify with the ego of a guru or teacher, that identification will bend your mind into servile attitudes and imagination. - And that is all ego based rubbish.
- Have you not had enough of that garbage? - The commonly perceived state of the world is due to such nonsense and it is a violent abuse of the natural state.
- Stand in a beautiful forest and see the wonders of the natural world.
- There is no gross self-centred activity there. - The natural presence of one tree can inform you a thousand fold more than any politician or ego-bent guru.

- Stay with the facts. - Know what is what for yourself.
- In the relativity of phenomena, I know that I am free yet this knowing is from beyond the relative. - I am this knowing - same as you.
- I am this awareness.
- I am this consciousness.
- I do not need to imagine what 'others' think or understand.
I look through my own eyes and direct cognition informs whatever is needed to be known.
The so-called 'great understanding' is here, as ordinary as breathing or walking.
I know without the slightest doubt that this is the (potentiality) case for you also.
I refuse to play a game of pretending that I have 'something' or to be 'special'.
I refuse to become another 'trickster', another guru that has succumbed to the egoistic realms of 'being recognized' by the 'outside'. - In relativity, I was extremely fortunate to find one who is free of all mind games. - Since then there has been a 'wish' for others, like myself, to go and see Bob Adamson. - Although it seems against all the odds and against all the world's dramatic self-centred activities and the evidence that few take heed of the advice, that wish persists. - Call it compassion or whatever you like. - It is naturally occuring.

- The so-called 'arrival' is little more than the absence of belief in the ‘me’.
Understanding is naturally right here and ‘when’ the fixation of ‘me’ drops away, this pure understanding is known to have always been right here.
So, if you imagine that I know something that you do not know, then simply see it can only be imagination.
- Stay with the knowing presence, that you are, long enough and that effortless effort will be enough to reveal pure understanding.