Sunday, July 23, 2006


Those interested in my new book "Everything is Clear and Obvious", keep an eye on the Suggested Reading Webpage on this website, for its details. - That new book says precisely what I have to say on the subject of Non Duality. - It is a dynamic and a gentle experiential exploration of conscious presence.
- Once this book is readily available, I may cease writing these notes and just suggest you read that book.

Today's note:
All talking, every conversation, all expressions are about THAT.
It all appears from That as That. - It appears to be differentiated and particular due to how the mind deals with impressions and the influence of memory on those very impressions. - That is also That. - There is nothing 'outside' of That.
It is all inclusive.
It is all undifferentiated in its immediacy as the actual and forever immediate movement within THIS presence – THAT.
It is all THAT and that includes the apparent myriad appearances of That in That.
It is all valid in its undifferentiated 'state free' activity. - It never coalesces into any state or duration apart from how it appears for the mind and memory.
I would call it the 'pure duration' of timeless presence. (I am That.)
Intellectually you cannot enter into it, because the very activity called the intellect is arising (out of) within That undifferentiated movement.
The ground of all movement is stillness and these two, apparent qualities, movement and stillness are actually One.
So all this activity which you are witnessing, called Life, is THAT.
This knowing that you are, is the pure duration, which has no beginning and no end. - This knowing presence is seemingly engaged right now with these words that appear before you.
If there is zero resistance to what these words are pointing at, then there is silent understanding.
The 'personal' disappears. - The personalized 'I' of habitual states of being cannot enter the so-called enlightened state. - The enlightened 'state' is formless. - Formless knowing – presence.
This silent understanding is completely unachievable for any seeker.
It is already here. - There is no possibility that it could not be here.
Does the only problem that can 'appear to be', simply arise because we ignore the natural state of silent understanding?
A 'person' is really just that ignorance.
Right now, there is abundance beyond all comprehension.
We love to be. - We are most intimately entwined in this Oneness.
When this being-ness begins to fade you will give anything and everything for another five minutes of this livingness.
Why punish ourselves with imaginary misunderstandings?
Investigate. - Investigate. - Investigate until it all reveals its true nature. - You have the most powerful tool there is – Knowing.

It only appears that we get closer and closer to the essential understanding?
That ‘getting closer’ is an illusion.
You ARE the essential understanding.
- In clearing away the misunderstandings through the investigation, all paradox disappears.
When one ceases in attempting to claim ownership as the ‘knower’, then ‘knowing’ reveals its ever present nature – (to no one).
There is nothing that I can say, or anyone can say, that will convince you.
All that is necessary is a clear view. - For the mind it is like a ‘glimpse into’ its own space. – In that the ordinary mind plays no part. – A clearing. – Emptiness.
Not vacant emptiness – A fullness of knowing presence. - All inclusive. – I am That.
Like an open space that appears in a crowded city.
Like the drama of life suddenly appears transparent or absent.
Natural understanding reveals its presence.
Pure Simplicity.