Sunday, July 02, 2006

You impose limits on your infinite being

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So do you 'think' and believe quite strongly that you are on a spiritual journey?
Is it seeking fulfilment or enlightenment or whatever?
How does it start? - Doesn’t it start with a negative type feeling or a lack of something?
What are the roots of that sense of lack?
Is it just an idea? - A concept? - A concept from the Common Library of Concepts?
- Who introduced you to that concept?
Wasn’t it just about everyone you know?
The story of “Poor Me”.
As I sit in a café, I hear this story over and over. It is like a mass virus which has infected everyone.
There is a quote from Ramana Maharshi which is so clear and so accurate, that it demolishes the 'foundations' of every organised religious group. - Yet no one seems to hear what he says.
– They seem to prefer to make him into a ‘god’ and write endless books about him and so obscure his direct message with their own miss-understandings.
If you can get what he is saying, then you can put away every one of those old dry concepts about seeking.
- Here is the quote:
“You impose limits on your true nature of infinite being. - Then you get displeased to be only a limited creature. - Then you begin spiritual practices
(in order) to transcend these non-existing limits.
But if your practice itself implies the existence of these limits, how could they allow you to transcend them?”

Now does that not directly cut asunder the erroneous teachings of these fancy teachers, who indulge in TEACHING those very practices?
There is a book from the Tibetan Dzogchen teachings and its title is (also)
a complete teaching in itself.
It is called “Self Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness”.
There is one factor which is glaringly and obviously different about a ‘true teaching’.
It is the negation of erroneous beliefs. - Nothing is spared in that negation.
Everything is pared back to the naked and direct cognition of ‘what is’.
The erroneous sense of separation vanishes.
No one there! - (It is) Clear and obvious freedom - for no one. - No one to hang onto any teaching or teacher, word of concept.

See these limits that you place upon yourself and KNOW that they are just conceptual nonsense – every single one of them.

Read Ramana’s quote again. If you see what he is really saying, how could you invest another moment of belief in those false teachers and their practices?