Sunday, June 11, 2006

New CD from Bob Adamson - Get it!

These notes will now take a break for awhile.
But first one last note to 'nail' the bloody thing once and for all.

As one well known text suggests, the more you think and talk about it, the further you move away from the truth. - I would put it this way: The problem is always for the mind. - The more you think and talk about IT, the further you seemingly get away from the immediate presence. Of course you can’t really get away from presence because that is what you are. - In the knowing space, the knowing presence, the true identity resides without being any ‘thing’. - Once one is established in That – as knowing that I am that knowing space and nothing else, then it matters not whether there is thinking or talking and in fact all thinking and talking is only about That – because That is all there IS.
No ‘thing’ can budge you from That. - And above all else, that natural confidence does not abide in a concept. - Knowing that is the freedom of pure knowing.
It is not ‘held’ by anyone. - Yet this apparent someone appears in that.
You can choose the very highest esoteric knowledge or the most highest sacred spiritual text and none of these is anything more than a pointer, a concept, which can only ever appear in that Knowing Space that you are.
In this pure, empty space, the body appears. - It is actually light and so is full of light.
The mind is known to be only a concept. - The world is known to be similar. - The habitual patterns still appear and these are revealed in the light of this knowing space.
At some point, it may appear that you are floating through an empty world.
See clearly that what you truly are, is not moving - and that all these ‘things’ appear nowhere other than in this knowing space.

If it still by passes you, then go to the Master - Bob Adamson. - He will finish you off, like no other can. - He "did 'me' in" pretty quickly.

Still want more?
(Little known fact: Many teachers read these website notes trying to grasp some new angle on it all)

- Maybe read some of the 60 or so notes listed below, if you have not already.
If you don't want to read much any more then the title of Bob's second book says it
all. - "Presence Awareness - just this and nothing else".
If you imagine, as many appear to do, that awareness comes and goes, then you are mistaken.
What fluctuates is this movement of belief into 'things' that are NOT. - Being identified with it all and being identified as being a character in the drama, then it appears that awareness does come and go. - What really happens, is the degree of identification fluctuates. - Presence is awareness and awareness is presence. - See that it is the fictional character that comes and goes.
- Well it has all been said there in so many ways already and the obvious appears to remain hidden for so many. - If only they would stop 'guru hopping' and stop listening to these teachers who 'tell whoppers'. - It is time to give up all the running around chasing after 'what'?
You don't have to even take one step in any direction to find the truth of what you are.
"No University can teach you to be yourself" (-Nis'tta) It is extremely simple. But the mind won't sit still with the 'direct pointing'. One sentence can say everything but the mind goes off in all directions from it. "The great perfection is Non Conceptual Awareness".
See how direct that pointer is. - But the mind can't make anything from it. It more or less stops the mind dead in its tracks (even if only for a brief moment). Instead of stay open in that non conceptual space, the habitual mind weasels its way back into that free space. And so the great perfection appears to have been lost. It isn't.
I know (remember) very well what it is like to feel 'so close' to IT. - That membrane, that bubble of apparent separation will burst at some point - probably when you least expect it to.
It is not what that self-centre wants, but it must be exposed. - The Lovey Dovey approach is rarely successful.
Angel dust and self-hypnotic affirmations are just feeding the illusion. - Clean and clear wakefullness is the only vehicle needed to transcend the habitual mindscape. - "I am not that"
I am not any of those objectfications at all. - If I am lost in mind stuff, all I need is a direct 'pointing' to what I am and that is usually and pointing out of what I am not.
Put simply: I am Present and Aware. - Stay with that simplicity and the rest unfolds naturally.

In the mean time, for anyone in need of some further advice, I give this simple indication:

- Drop any concepts that you are something 'special' – merge with life, just as you are without trying to be anything that you are not spontaneouly already. - That is effortless. - No mind set at all.
- Your ordinary life circumstances are bound to be full of all the subtleties of this Living-ness. - Get out into nature as often as you can and taste the livingness of it all.
- Feel the subtle atmosphere with all of its shadows and light.
- See that you are not separate from the Air you breathe.
- See that you are not separate from the water, the Earth, the Sun, the Space.
- You are the livingness itself which is experiencing it all.
- All is good - even the (so-called) bad bits.
- See that you are the space of knowing and that this has no boundaries whatsoever.
- All your brothers and sisters appear in this space that you are.
- Take no conscious action to harm anyone or anything.
- If you take this as a useful suggestion, you will find or re-affirm a whole realm of subtle livingness and this will nourish you in ways that you cannot imagine.
- Imagination will be replaced by the fullness of life and that is our potentiality in every moment.
Why close it off, with preferences for internal drama and inner conflict.
Stop punishing yourself and everyone around you and live this spontaneous life openly and freely. - Ever fresh and ever new.
- It is here - we just need to open to it - and in that openness, drop the 'old views and ideas'. -
No one else can do it for you. - You can't 'DO' it either - but if trying disappears into a relaxed openness, quite spontaneously, then that subtle beingness will resonate with the greater qualities of nature. One discovers that this natural state is boundless. (I am That)
As the Dzogchen teaching says: "The great perfection is non-conceptual awareness".

That clear space of knowing is already 'with you' but you won't find it in thoughts or in old images of what you imagine that you are. - It is ever Fresh and New. - Tasted only in this immediacy and in only being this immediacy, so it remains ungraspable for the mind because the mind is 'time'. - Got it?

(Well hurry up then, I only need one more brownie point and I get promoted to Arch Angel status with my own Golden Harp and a music book of rare angelic Hymns)

Note: You may be tied to the corner of a room and you may be so familiar with the view, so much so, that you resist quite varmint’ll anything that threatens to dislodge you from your false security, which that corner represents.

This metaphysical room does not actually exist. Only when the walls are seen through will the transparency of the self-centre, with its erroneous view, be known fully for what it is.

What keeps you tied to that corner?
Isn’t it simply belief in ‘things’ that are not? - Words - images - concepts?

Words may appear to caste a net for the mind to get caught in.
The net which is caste, over and over with my notes, has a huge hole in it.
Each knot has an arrow attached to it and all these arrows point directly to the escape hole.
Once you pass through that hole you discover the Whole.

With my heart felt warmth – gilbert.

Well, it has happened! - Horray!
A NEW CD from Bob-ananda!
This new CD from Bob Adamson is just a delight to listen to.
(For once, I had the pleasure of listening to a finished CD without ever hearing any of it before hand.)
Eliot Weber has gathered some excellent material and put together what I consider to be 'tops'.
I would venture to say that if one were to listen to this CD regularly, there is no way that one could survive as a seeker with what it is being pointing out.
The first book "What's wrong with Right Now?" is similar in that regard.
So many points are covered, that it is near impossible to take it all in, in one sitting.
It is a natural and uncontrived expose. - Very clear.
Some get it straight away but there is always more to it. - Others need 'time' and careful attention as one absorbs what is pointed out and this absorbtion is accompanied by seeing and knowing THAT truth in your daily life via direct experienc-ing. - As Bob says: "It dawns on you".
The erronoeus beliefs are seen through. - Once seen through, the 'old habitual story patterns' lose their grip on the mind. - They may still appear but they do not 'stick' anywhere, so they float on through without picking up any energy of belief.

The CD will ONLY be available via Bob's website. - Link on Bob Page on my Website.

I can't help but love this guy.
(Speaking ordinarily) Even though the message hit home 'here' quite some time ago, I still love to hear the fresh expressions coming from Bob. - I have witnessed it unfold beautifully over the last 6 years and the subtlety is just beyond words, even though it is expressed in (pointing) words. The source (awareness) reveals itself over and over.
It is much more than words can convey and yet somehow they do - it is intelligence straight from the natural state.
A bonus is to watch or hear the 'seeker minds' attempting to hold onto some reference point only to be left hanging in empty space.
But that loving presence is always right there and even in the midst of some argument, Bob is fully there (here), showing that you are not that 'content of mind'.
In recent months, I perceive a subtle flourishing of responses happening around Bob and his message.
Added to that, in those 'getting it', it is having a direct influence via a witnessing of a definite change in them by those around them. -However it must be pointed out that nothing is gained, as such (It is more like freedom recognises itself).
Our natural freedom is here already. - It is only the mind that needs clearing up, from its
erroneous beliefs. - Without a clean series of 'pointing' and without seeing the natural truth of what is pointed out, the mind will always return to belief in the content of mind.
- In most cases, it has to be hammered at relentlessly. - Listening to one CD over and over may sound rather limited but that, in my experience, is not necessarily so.
There are so many points in it to test and varify for oneself.
- Speaking about my own situation, 6 years ago, I was fairly stubborn and stuffed up with all kinds of esoteric concepts, gathered over 25 years. -That was all deconstructed by emersing myself in what Bob was pointing out. - Elimination. - Then the ever present clarity dawned unexpectedly and has never been covered over with any deep identification ever again.
- I know that so many teachers these days are 'selling truth' and offering 'wonder fixes'. - No matter how it is dressed up and no matter how sacred the presentation is and no matter how many hundreds have gone along with it all, I know it is all crap or just entertaining sidelines.
There is one thing I do know without a doubt. - Bob is genuine.
- Many will kick themselves 'later on', for not following up any living contact they may have had with him and his message.
Remember this: You have been told! - So don't come crying on my shoulder later on.
If you can't get to Melbourne then - at least Get this CD.

Mezzo Note: "It's funny how when you 'push a few buttons' on these fancy Spiritual Juke Boxes, they start playing 'wonky tunes' and then drop a whole lotta crap on the floor".

Correspondence on "The First Instant" book and other written pieces:

Email: Hi Gilbert.
I've seen the simplicity of it, with the help of your book and friend John.
- The suffering mist sifts back in, but I have seen and know simple non-conceptual awareness.
I am very grateful to have found your book - beautiful. - I will continue to use it on a daily basis, until there is no more need for pointers.
Thank you so much. -
Love, S.

Another Email:
Hello Gilbert.
This is wonderful! - This is marvellous!
I just want to share about your book, the more I go into it, the more insights happen and the ‘deeper’ I reach. - I want to tell you that I am really grateful for this.
There had been some odd moments and doubts, then I start getting more of the subtleties of it.
Thank you. - Thank you so much. - Love - André.

Another Email: Dear Gilbert.

It’s good to know that with "The First Instant" I have your most complete and direct expression of what is being pointed to. - I read the second chapter this morning (I am taking your suggestion and going one chapter per day or slower with it) and I see what you mean. - I am finding the book to be paralysing to all remaining beliefs of myself as a separate "me". - Hope to give you more feedback when I complete it.
With much gratitude - James

Another Email: Dear Gilbert,
Your book is amazing. - It's like being in a tiny room with four clear "teachers" in each corner and every time you say "yeah, but", they all move in closer and return you to your true nature. - There is no escape.
- It seems like nothing else is necessary. - It is "in your face" clear.
- The mist of the mind is pretty patchy right now. - There are short glimpses that no-one is there, one ‘aha’ after another. - Joy and giggling coming in spontaneously at times.
- I read, sit with a clear and open seeing, then back to reading.

Love, S.

Email re book:
Hey there Gilbert!
Flop goes the seeking. - This is what was finally seen:
There is ONLY ONE THING HAPPENING AND THIS IS IT. -Nothing else. -Every ‘thing’ and every ‘happening’ is That - In that seeing the resistance drops away because there’s nothing to resist. -THIS IS IT and it can never be different. -No matter what happens that is IT, or THIS. -No where for thought to go. -Just SEE and BE.

-Life continues as it always has.
-It is absolutely simple.
Love, M.