Monday, May 22, 2006

Back in the mind again, looking for the Code.

What Code?
So why is it that one keeps going back into the mind content, with an expectation that one will discover an answer?
One is pointed to the immediate presence of conscious being, by conscious presence itself, represented by one who knows.
Having tasted THAT, the mind comes up with its stories again and again.
Habitually the me is the self-centred activity and it is believed in.
It wants to be the centre and it appears to try anything and everything to make its foundation as the consciousness.
It fails over and over.
In desperation is creates a God or Hero to assist in this endeavour.
All this activity is in appearance only.
Now I have an all powerful God to back Me up. - “My God is an all powerful God”. What a load of nonsense. - What an elaborate embroidery of imagination!
- In believing all this nonsense, I set myself up against everything that disagrees with this belief.
- Look at all these anti-De Vinci Code demonstrators.
- Even logic can reveal something: What good is a belief without an opposing force?
- Stagnant minds in agreement are the realm of fools.
- Even in the terms of your own belief, didn’t that God create everything?
- So, are you not simply arguing and fighting with what God has created?
- Love your enemy? - Where is your enemy? - except in your own mind.
- Your opponent may ask: “Who in hell are you - to take a stand against God’s creation”?
Are you so sacred and so pure, to be an agent of God?
Do you say?: “Oh, but I have a special relationship with God”.
Its all just words! I say: “Bollocks”! - That is an expressive word.
It’s all dualism. ‘Relationship’ is dualistic by its very definition.
Some think I am angry when I speak like this. - No, I am not angry at all.
The shell of belief needs to be challenged from the inside.
- Will you do that all on your own?
And what is there, outside of your own mind? Isn’t this webpage appearing in your own mind?
Am I there? Did I force my way in? You can stop reading at any moment.

The peace of simplicity is wordless presence, presence with what is.
How can you get there?
If you drop all the words and simply remain quiet, even for a moment, it will reveal itself.
But most likely your restless mind cannot abide with that silence of being for very long.
On top of that peaceful presence, the drama of life is a transient play of the elements.
Observe nature. - There is no conflict there, except in your own mind.
Life lives on life. - Patterns appear and disappear.
Whatever transpires, Life remains as the One and Only.
Call it ‘God’ if you want, it makes no difference.
You can say ‘there is a God’ or you can say ‘there is No God’.
What difference does it make, except in your own mind?
You cannot deny that you are present and aware.
If there is a God, then surely THAT is it.
Where would you be without it?