Sunday, May 21, 2006

Free of all 'things'.

Free of all things.
Yes that says it efficiently.
But how to convey this in more words?
It seems impossible and the language does not lend itself so well to the task. – Yet somehow something is expressed of it and it appears that some actually taste what is being pointed to, in themselves.
It appears that words can easily bind the mind into slavery.
Freeing the mind from words and their hold challenges the poverty of language and words.
Poetry is needed but if one is not a poet, then it just has to come out the way it can and does.
This space in which everything is appearing is not cluttered by things at all.
There is a vastness to this presence. - Somehow it is free space and nothing actually touches it, even though everything appears to occupy it almost ceaselessly.
Things everywhere.
City chaos, noise and clambering bodies rushing here and there like ants.
- Each one believing it has volition and some sort of purpose.
- Some appear to have compassion and many more appear very selfish.
- Are there invisible stings pulling them to the office or some other destination?
- Mobile phone conversations, seemingly about trivia, shared with all around.
- A pretty woman gets on the train and the charade of activity is often better than going to the movies.
- She has taken great care to be 'dressed to kill' - but she appears to not know how to deal with the responses.
- It seems that she has a particular ‘prey’ in mind and these local specimens are not on the menu.
- The drama of life, on show all about the place - and its free.
Are we free to observe this drama in its full florishing beauty? - By letting whatever response that arises, to be what it is, without resistance, then the drama may well remain free flowing.
By not assigning my identity onto anything nor by limiting myself to being fixed in this body, the subtle sensation is one of vastness.
- Unbound space like awareness.
It appears that ‘things’ and ‘events’ encroach upon this openness but if one simply comes back to the simplicity of just ‘seeing’ directly from ones true nature, then it is known thoroughly that nothing sticks to this open space.
- Not one molecule of it stays put.
- Take a look at the sky and see how big it really is.
Things and events appear and disappear. - I am nothing that can be reduced to any place or event.
- The space is filled with things, some of them appear to be the same things on a cyclic rotation. - The office or home. - All is appearing in the immediacy of this moment.
- The old hypnotic trance has been broken.
- Who is asleep? - Who is awake?
- No longer is it my concern.
- Each moment is fresh and new.
- The dynamic display of awareness is ever fresh.
- It is wakefulness itself.