Monday, April 10, 2006

Blind Spots

There are a few common blind spots.
I see them come up repeatedly in conversations with seekers.
There is the exaggerated ‘waiting’ for that immanent event.
The wish to arrange the invisible components so that, that great event of final liberation can happen.
That reveals the seeker as a ‘neediness’ - unto the unscrupulous teacher.
And it’s a ‘meal ticket’ for such scoundrels.
All in a realm of dreams of course.
So it is that the wolf in sheep’s ‘clothing’ gets away with it over and over.

Any teacher that is totally free cannot lead anyone astray.
Only a ‘bonded’ mind could utter the words of bondage.
So many teachers use high minded concepts and fancy ‘potent’ words to entrap their ‘prey’.
If one looks closely at the words of some of these famous teachers, one finds concepts of bondage.
The unwitting don’t recognise these traps of the mind, because the mind loves them and the self-centre (me) ‘gets’ a new lease of life.
As long as the ‘event’ is ‘safely tucked away’ up ahead in the future, then there is no danger of its losing the ‘hold on things’.
All this activity is simply ‘content’ of mind.
It all comes and goes and there is not one ‘sacred’ exception in that.
No ‘yes but’!

It is not Freedom!
It is the ever unfolding content of mind.
Freedom is in this immediacy of pure functioning, seeing, knowing.
It is happening right NOW.
There is no possibility that it isn’t happening now.
It appears that if one does not have a clear intention of being prepared to witness whatever is happening, no matter what, then one drifts back into identifying with mind content.
It is the dull realm of ‘the me’, where only mechanical reaction is possible.
The ‘me’ can’t see - but it can appear to steal the impressions from ‘seeing’.
Therefore it seems that moments of freedom in pure functioning are the ‘result’ of some previous effort or condition.
They appear to come and go and so the ‘seeker’ of them is born.
This is a totally false premise.
All the pure functions are happening, although, for the identified ‘me’ they appear to be insignificant and in the background.
In this realm of psychology, a ‘false king’ has usurped the crown of ‘presence’ and turns it into a dull witted kingdom of fools.
Both ‘I’ and ‘me’ are invisible.
One is universal and timeless, while the other is nothing but limitations and bound to the fleeting realm of mind content.
It is this formless ‘I’ that sees - that is this 'seeing' - it is NOT an Event! It is ever present - and even the ‘witness’ is within open view of this direct cognition and presence.

- Enough.

P.S. My new CD "One moment of Eternal realization" is a gentle guide for the attention, so that the mind releases from its inceasant conceptualizing and rests in clear seeing - knowing.
- Intelligence is pure function. - Unmediated knowing.

You are beyond the phenomenal realm of attachment and delusion.
- You are free right now.
- Why not live that freedom completely?
'Who' has a problem with that or indeed with anything?

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- Warmest Regards Stephen Wolinsky.
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