Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oneness is a concept only

Gilbert, I contacted you a while back and have been to your website a few times, as well as having spoken to John Wheeler. I have a question for ya....!!!
With direct experiencing, isn't the final understanding this; "there is no separate individual, and all there is is THIS"? (G: Yes - true enough)
If that's the case, who is doing the direct looking?
Isn't it ultimately just Oneness seeing through the illusion that it put there to reveal Oneness.
Please help out with a few pointers. So, close to clear seeing, actually there are many times that this is beyond belief and fully understood (by no one), and yet there are times that the "me" returns....basically, going from "me-ing" to "be-ing" and back and forth.
Bob showed you, you showed Burt - or we can say that, but then again - Oneness showed itself! (G: Shows! Present tense!)
Can you point me - to seeing the obvious that is so easily overlooked - so that the TRUE is seen and the false is dropped for good?

Thanks, Arthur.

Gilbert answers:
- You asked for it!
(some words may appear cold in their use but I assure you my heart is warm.
Brief-ness and cutting to the core can appear blunt, if you want a 'comfy' read)

Isn't it more like this: 'The true' can't be SEEN - It IS the SEEING.
(That is why Bob says: "Start from the FACT that you ARE That".)

Seeing is happening.
That sentence is far more profound than most can appreciate.
If you explore the place where seeing is happening, you will find only empty space.
The reference point of ‘looking’ is of the mind.
Seeing is actually beyond and not limited by any reference point or any 'witness'.

To say that there is a Oneness is just a concept. - Remove that and what is left?
Clear and Obvious. - THIS immediacy just as it IS.
Still missing IT?
Let's explore it for a bit. - Weaving in and out of things.
You may think you know a great deal and have much knowledge.
What do you know of that pure space of knowing?
It is boundless like space. ('Your' own knowing is not different from the 'all knowing'.)
No entity could ever encompass it.
All apparent ‘entities’ can only arise 'in it' and nowhere else.
We take ourselves to be limited and this happens via concepts and what we commonly call conditioning. - Although all that 'stuff' is Trans-Parent unto pure seeing.
- It has no parents - uncaused.
- Now the tendency is for the mind to objectify those words,'Pure Seeing', and so all the trouble starts and all trouble is in the realm of mind translation, which is 'of the Past'.
It is NEVER in the pure and direct Present Evidence.
The most profound journey you will ever take is to attempt an entery into that pure space of knowing. - How is that done? - A thousand glorified Gurus will tell you how but it is all nonsense. - It can't be done!!! Ever - because you ARE that space of knowing and the one attempting to enter can only vanish!
Very few attempt it because it is just too scary or too much and the baggage of belief and attachment is all too cumbersome. - Seeing is clouded by Mind Stuff (fixating awareness).
'They' believe that they are ‘something’ and that something resists quite feverishly any revelations of its own nothingness.
(That something is only 'made' of resistance. - In naming them as 'them', there is a suggestion that 'they' are something real.)

Since you imagine that you can't see what is clear and obvious, we must use concepts - and the concept of 'time' appears in the equation like this:
'Once' this investigation is done, then just like a bath empties its contents, 'once' the plug is pulled, so one's own true nature is emptied of erroneous beliefs and a myriad paraphernalia.

I suggest that you examine your own question to me again, carefully. - WHO wants to Know?

Take out the concept of ‘time’ from the equation in your question.
Remove all concepts of ‘something’ 'doing' 'something'.

Seeing is still happening - even if you remove all concepts, seeing remains.
Then see that there is NO ‘why?’.
Seeing is happening.
Knowing is happening.

Did YOU make these aspects of awareness start happening?
Pure Knowing is happening and it is NOT knowledge - it is simple, ever fresh KNOWING, right NOW!!!! And NOW!!! And NOW!!!!
- Is it 'final'? - Can it ever be final?
- The 'Final Understanding' is a Carrot for the ignorant.
Ashrams are built on such nonsense and seekers get trapped in service to an egoistic guru. - How absurd is that!? - All part of the dream!!!? - Well, you tell me!!!
- If you truly know it all to be dream like, then where is the problem?

So, what happened? - Nothing!

However, as a seeker in the world of phenomena, I was encouraged to examine my own consciousness.
A simple and honest teacher 'pointed' me to it over and over. I did not give up.
My mind squirmed and tried to hold onto some false identity but the present evidence is just too overwhelming and the struggle gave itself up.
It was NOT an event in time.
It 'was' and IS - SEEING.
Ordinary SEEING.
It is still happening here just the same as it is happening there with you.

It truly is NO Big Deal. - Who wants to know that? (Everyone wants to be special and have a special Hero Saviour or a recipe book for a New Earth. - It's all seduction of the intellect and that indulgence is the very thing that appears to cloud present seeing, even though it can never be clouded, since pure seeing remains untouched. - Who knows that appart from the authentic presence, commonly called 'I'?)

Speaking now of my own experiencing: ‘I’ disappeared in the investigation.
The essence of the investigation is SEEING.
However that ‘I’ returned as an appearance in the space of knowing.
Yet nothing changed in this essence of presence.
I am free as I always have been.
This is the message which spontaneously is pointed to by those who truly are free.

How rare are those clear messengers? - and how rarer are those who wish to discover their own true nature? Are you one of these?
It is a ‘path’ with no ground and it is fraught with illusions and mind games.

The paradox is that you are already THAT freedom.
THIS freedom.
Nothing needs be done and there is no one to do it anyway.
Just SEE what is so very obvious.

Note: It can never be objectified.

Like the air you breathe, it is not noticed except in glimpses.
By speaking about all this, I may hold your attention long enough for you to glimpse something.
The mind will try to make something of that glimpse.
Let things be and just see and keep seeing.
You don’t even have to make any effort in this seeing.
Far too simple and that is exactly why no one ‘gets it’.
They already have it and could not BE without it.
I would add this:
I do not consider myself as anyone special.
What I have discovered is the ‘great prize’.
I was assisted in this revelation.
Bob is that one.
He has been saying the same things for so many years.
His first book is packed with pointers, yet so very few recognise them for their intrinsic value.
I have been active in spreading the word about Bob.
The conventional world ignores it all as nonsense.
It has to. - Would the collective dream vanish? - Let your own dream vanish and SEE for yourself. - From one perspective I am awake and wandering through a world of hypnotized 'people'. There is only one true perspective and that can't be called a perspective at all.
'You' are insisting on finding out what it is, even though it is already presently active.
Drop the charade of being a seeker and see.

No matter what I appear to do, I am free and NOTHING compounds into anything that I can call the past. The dreamer is the dream. The awakened one is the wakefulness. One is transient and the other is the unchanging nature of Presence, which is everywhere and nowhere specific at all. (Thus the seeker shoots 'Blanks')
There is NO Final Understanding!!!!
The seeker of that can never arrive at its own projected images, just like you can't drink the water in a mirage.

All there is, and ever is, is THIS moment.

And this moment is the Eternal Revelation JUST IT IS.
There is NO entity here or there or anywhere.
I am the KNOWING of THAT.
I can match the willingness of anyone who wishes to make the investigation.
So many want to talk about it all. They read a mish mash of spiritual books and wonder why they are confused.
They jump from one teacher to another and repeat their habitual pathways to nowhere.
What can I do about that?
I am present and aware.
No big deal anymore.
Stop making a big deal out of it all and just SEE what is.
Stop believing what the mind is telling you.
It is of the PAST.
Present Evidence is IT. Present evidence INCLUDES your 'own' presence, not as a body but as pure knowing. - It is the vastness of itself. - Who are you to claim it for yourself?

You are THAT.

Why is it so unsatisfactory? - (If it is!)
It can only be a self centre that is unsatisfied.

I am present and aware.
- Isn't that also true 'right there' where 'you' 'appear' to be?

If you can find a fault in what I say, it can only be in your own mind.
As all things are.

Warm regards - Gilbert.