Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nutshell - numero uno - repeat-o

I am going to spell it out once in a nutshell.
Word, words, words, words. - Endless words!
Ramana said this and Papaji said that. - Eckhart Tolle said this and ‘so and so’ said that.

Well? - What do you say or think?
The essence of non duality is not a matter of what you think or don't think, or what 'they' or anyone thinks.
Thoughts spontaneously appear. - Like flowers appear in a field, thoughts appear in the mind.
- All this manifestation, including thoughts, is all expressed spontaneously. - It all just appears and disappears. - Apparent duration is witnessed from a point of no duration (immediacy).
- Does awareness disappear? - If you say 'Yes' - How do you know? - It must be witnessed as disappearing. - If there is witnessing taken place then awarness must be there for the witnessing to take place.

Everything spontaneously appears or happens without any entity with any volition being behind it. - It seems to be there for sure. - Is it a projection of belief?
This is all too spooky for most seekers and they turn away and reach for something more comforting.

In the ordinary sense of things, we have learnt many, many words.
- We interpret everything with words but it is always after the fact and based on memory. - The speed of its functioning in mind (process) is always behind the immediate instant of knowing, which is mind free (pure mind).
Do you label everything and project these words out into your world? - We label very little but it is enough to apparently get caught in.
Can you descriminate between pure cognition and the labelling that goes on?
Contemplate that( it is not so easily recognized or seen).
In the psychological appearance, of being a ‘person’, this mindscape is so habitually constant for this ‘me’ that the natural world appears masked by a realm of words.
- These words make a screen, which is often in conflict with personal drama.
- It's the cage of limitations, as Bob calls it.
- It seems to bring suffering and you want someone to save you from it.
- This 'me' keeps appearing to fall into its trap. (This applies also to a great number of so-called non-dualists. - Why else do they hang around teachers and gurus?)
Is your life like a weird court scene? - Where various solicitors take the stage and argue about everything while you keep taking sides with one and then another and then another. ALl about the past and what it true. - Isn't it confusion and not much more than that?

- In our quite moments we may hanker for the peace of no conflict, no mind.
Sex brings a brief relief as the psychological ‘me’ disappears for a short time.
But quite often sex becomes a big problem too.
- The very thing that brings relief is now a problem.
- Due to the reliance on words and conventional values, handed onto us, all the drama appears as if by our own making and guilt arises or anger.
In the appearance of time and things, you are the only one that can transform it all.
- Your teacher or guru cannot do it for you.
- All they can do is point.
- All talk of the grace of the guru is just belief system clap trap crap.
- All these dramas are a transparent film which does not touch you.
- It only appears that we transform them into clarity.

Reality is wordless – changeless. - Your true nature is THAT.
There is no possibility that you could not be THAT.
You can negate every ‘thing’ systematically but reality remains timelessly present.
Absolute silence/stillness is the core of what I am.
- What identity can ‘you’ or 'I' put on it?
The psychological ‘me’ cannot perceive it (or anything).

Seeing is knowing.
There is a silence/stillness where cognition registers all movement, sights and sounds.
It spontaneously happens without ‘doing’ anything and without becoming anything that we call a ‘Witness’.
- It remains empty and because it is empty we call it clarity.
(But that word is over used by some to the point of obscurity)

- Find the timeless. - You can't depend on memory.
- Time is memory only. - All doubt is in time and arises from memory.
- And who is the rememberer? - The one engaged in memories?
- Transient waves of appearance only!
The core is: You ARE Reality.

Why sacrifice your absolute silence for a bunch of words?
- Is that really what happens? Isn't that silence always here?
How can you hang onto it?
Stop trying to make efforts and let is be.

That is it in a nutshell.