Thursday, January 26, 2006

Final Notice! - to a Seeker - maybe it's YOU

The New CD is called "One Moment of Eternal realization".
- Check the website for details of how to order it.

- OK, fun promotion time is OVER! - Updated below.
Here is what I called a ‘Double Whammy’ for those clever seekers.

“It is against ‘the laws of physics’ for an intellectual to come into a full understanding of Non Duality”.

The request was: Tell me clearly and precisely why this statement is true or false and receive a free copy of my new CD. - There can only BE ONE winner. - Is it YOU?
- Email your answers to me via the email address on the front page of the main website.
Warning: Don't stress out over this. - If it gets too convoluted, then you have missed the point.

Thank you for all the ‘good’ answers.
Some were better than the question.
Why is it a Double Whammy? A mind twister!
Well, can the intellect answer such a question?
Does the question have any meaning?
In the space where there is a clear view of what the intellect is,

there is just knowing with no questions at all.
Can the intellect ‘go there’?

The quiz is over.
The winner is: Bridget.

New Note:

Basically, everything is as it is.
- Speaking of truth or untruth does not change anything in the essential nature of things.
Now in my case, as a seeker, my apparent ‘journey to truth’ ended like a fading cloud, as it dissolves into the empty sky. - That appeared to come about by contact with the Non Duality message. - The message first hit home via “I am That”, a book I am sure you are well familiar with. - That book led me to India and to meetings with Ramesh Balsekar and Sri Ranjit Maharaj. - On my second day in India I heard about a guy called ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson, who lives in my homeland, Australia. -I followed up that info and that proved to be the finish of it all.
Through contact with Bob Adamson, the message was received in no uncertain way and yet it is still inexplicable, if I try to explain it.
Bob is an ordinary guy with a dubious background (in the appearance of life stories).
There was a time that he would punch your lights out and ask questions later.
In his journey, so he has told me, in the company of Nisargadatta, his mind just ‘packed up’ and a clear view came to the fore. - Further ‘help’ was never needed from that day to this.
I have witnessed many come into a meeting with Bob, full of expectation and reverence for the Guru etc. - What they are faced with is a naturalness which is disarming for the expectant mind. - If they still find a resonance persisting while their expectations are dissolved, then they return again and again. - A ‘clearing’ opens up and ‘conscious presence’ is found to be their own. This conscious presence is in partnership with ALL presence. - The focal point called the ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’ is found to be a transitory reference point. - It is a clear one to be sure but it is a reference point which fades away.
In the following years after meeting Bob and in the seeing through of ‘everything’ there has been a sharing with ‘others’.
Like a Blossoming fruit tree, ‘small flower buds’ open up here and there.
It is a beauty to behold. - Delicate yet as hardy as steel. - Even in the bitter frost of a winter morning, these flowers shine with a presence beyond explanation.
It is genuine presence. - It can’t be given or acquired. - It can be uncovered.
My advice to anyone who still takes themselves to be a seeker:
Go see Bob if at all possible. - He won’t be around forever (in the available form he is today).
Many have already taken this advice to heart and the ‘results’ have been clearly conveyed to me. - It only goes to confirm that what happened for me, is still available.
It is always available.
Yet this availability still appears to be a conundrum for most seekers.
If they fall into the hands of an ‘egoistic’ teacher, then true freedom is forgone.
This applies to 99.99999 percent of seekers.
If you are a follower of some teacher or guru, the chances of your true freedom actually opening up as an immediate and ceaseless conscious knowing, is slim.
I am not being dramatic or unrealistic here.
It is very subtle.
I spent some 30 years on a ‘path’ which led me nowhere. - The teachers on that path were honourable men and I cast no dispersions on them whatsoever.
However, it did not free me. - It kept me bound in subtle ways.
Some would say that the journey was necessary and the result came from the Journey.
I KNOW that that ‘story’ is untrue.
What Bob pointed out for me was not necessarily actually put into words at all.
In fact it can’t be spoken at all.
This immediacy right now is appearing as the ever changing nature of life.
The essence is unchanging. - When that unchanging essence is fully resonating, then conscious presence in this now is naturally overwhelming to the minds inadvertence.
Tasting this over and over, establishes one in THAT, even though one has never been anything other than THAT.
All that happens is that the belief that I am anything ‘other’ that THAT is vanquished forever. - Nothing and no one can take it away.
That is my advice to the reader. - Take it or leave it. - It makes no difference to me. I am Free. - Join me if you wish.