Monday, January 09, 2006

Silent words and empty minds

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Today's Notes:
Now, if you are making a whole lot of noise and disturbance over this non duality thing then it is all for nothing.
All that struggle and turmoil is just useless.
If you continue to think that you will uncover the gems of enlightenment by making internal grasping motions and all this indulgence in conceptual rigmarole, then you are grossly mistaken. - There is no doubt about that.
Insights will most probably come effortlessly when you least expect them to.
Following the minds inclinations is drawing your attention 'out' and away from the heart essence of wakefulness.
You can't actually stop that activity - but if there is a clear seeing of it, then it will abate of itself.

All that binds the mind into un-easiness is based on words.
To loosen this bondage, more words are used by ‘a clear teacher’.
A genuine openness to that connection is necessary.
As the bondage loosens, the expansion or openness is more obvious.
The space between concepts reveals itself as the background of presence awareness.
This thoughtless reality makes itself clear and obvious without any words necessary.
Silent understanding emerges (appears to emerge relative to the disappearing fixations of habitual mind).
As long as that habitual fixation of a ‘you’ who needs to perceive something to grasp or understand is feed by belief, then it will keep that ‘you’ treading ‘the mill track’.
So in a way, it seems that words and concepts have the power to bind you.
The only thing that is bound by them is the conceptual ‘you’.
It is not your authentic being-ness or presence.
See that the source of all words is actually silence.
Therefore, know that all words are an expression of silence.
Your true essence is that silence.
So when the attention is with that silence and the words or concepts are witnessed, then the proportion is more balanced, so to speak.
The fixations cannot construct a realm of erroneous belief.
You are present and aware.
Don’t trade that for a bunch of concepts.
What does all that mean?
Well, it is an ‘attempt’ with words to ‘reveal’ something which is not even obscured by words or by anything at all.
Our apparent dependence on words occupies the habitual internal processing which is of the ‘past’.
It’s all stale, like last weeks bread.
All those mind activities are usually believed in as being meaningful and necessary.
- For whom? For the conceptual ‘you’!
You are not that image.
Words are like the mirage of a camel.
You climb onto that camel and ride it into the realms of imagination.
See and know in this immediacy that you have never gone anywhere at all.
Everything is clear and obvious.
All such activities can never bring you to some final realization.
Realization is made out to be some big deal.
It is not. - In fact realization is constantly happening.
It is all of the mind only.
All revelations are transitory and they all disappear.
Most spiritual teachers rehash old revelations and begin to teach a method based on their ‘yesterdays’.
The very basis of such activities is completely erroneous and can only lead to more ‘stale bread’.
The ground is fertile and many plants sprout in it. - All the diversity sprouts there.
No seed will sprout in the sky (space like awareness).
Without the ground (awareness) nothing could appear at all within this being-ness.

How can one grasp that? - It is indeed ungraspable.
All attempts to do so are fruitless.
No matter what anyone tells you of their spiritual achievements, its all delusional.
The genuine teacher lives in this heart essence presence of THIS NOW - and any teaching that may be imparted comes directly from THIS presence right now. - Ever Present.

This is why most of the unfortunate seekers quests are so rarely successful.
The egoistic seeker will resonate with the egoistic teacher and so they dance thier dance in a frenzy of self delusion. There is nothing wrong in that. It is just that the promise of freedom is a confidence trick.
The seeker that is fair dinkum will resonate with the genuine teacher and the job is done quickly, depending on the ammount of resistance.
A genuine teacher will not tell you that they arrived at the understanding via some method or practice. - They are the immediate knowing - and that is what makes its mark.
How rare is such a one! How many teachers do you know of that do not teach some kind of belief system?
All those who teach methods and practices, have possibly only touched the eternal presence of pure knowing for a moment and then they have slipped back into a mindscape.
Their ego builds a story of attainment from it all and so they fall victim to self delusion.
Then they teach from that platform in mind and so cannot lift anyone beyond that platform which is only erroneous beliefs. - It is only made in the realm of concepts.
Delusions of freedom on such a platform is all transitory mind stuff and its false confidence can be lost at any moment.
So, one should not hand over ones trust to any of those who teach methods and practices.
Practices and methods are dead flowers on the seekers grave.

This realization is only ever in this immediacy. It is LIVING.
Ever-fresh and new.
No method or practice can enter this immediacy.
The sword can’t cut it.
The fire can’t burn it.
The water can’t drown nor wet it.
The wind can’t touch it nor dry it.
IT contains all those elements.

One without a second.