Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It is up to you!

A New Website:
Burt helped me set up this Website some months ago.
More than twenty thousand visitors have dropped in to this website since then.
- Awareness has been expressing clearly with Burt.
- Here is a link to his new website (small, as yet) where you can read some of his writings.
- It is excellent and has a punch.
Email your comments to him via this address:

Today's Note:

It is very simple and so it is bypassed by the busy mind.
A 'person' is simply a series of beliefs, which appear to reside in the mind's terrain.
It is all ancillary to direct knowledge or more accurately, Direct Knowing.
Direct Knowing does not need to be freed from whatever the mind appears to be caught in.
- The 'entity', which feels that it is caught, is only a reference point, which is attached via identification with other reference points. All these are from memory and none of them are contained in the immediate and direct evidence of presence awareness. - It is this content of mind which appears to need to be corrected with more accurate information.
- When the projected terrain of belief in these reference points is dropped, then the 'problem' dissolves.
In direct cognition there are no problems whatsoever. - That also means that there is no entity there in that simple space of knowing. This can easily be ascertained with a simple investigation. Paradoxically, the mind content appears to avoid this investigation, since such a direct investigation would in fact dissolve its apparent control. As Nisargadatta says, "The mind is a good servant but a bad master".
Now since the obvious clarity of the Oneness of all things is directly cognized, not only by the so-called 'sage' but also by every single mind-body organism without exception, how can we say that we do not see it?
Where is the problem?
All problems are contained within a kind of 'geometry' patterns of reference points.
When all this geometry is not referred to, then the clear and open view comes to the fore.
- Even so, this view is always present, just overlooked.
Whether reference points appear to be binding or not does not affect the fact that you are present and aware.
Some teachers say that silence arises between thoughts. - This is a complete error.
It is totally misleading and shows a certain kind of ignorance. - Silence is the ground from which all sound arises. - Speech is an expression or extension of thought. - It is subtle vibration.
- The silence is not affected by the sound. - No sound can overcome silence. - Even the most noisy and exuberant Football crowd is swallowed by silence.
Standing on a mountain above a city, I heard the gentle hum of the city. - In the midst of it, it was a great deal louder. - Flying high up in the atmosphere in a Balloon basket, the combined sounds of the Earth are not even noticed. It's all relative.
Silence is an aspect of the Totality.
Sound versus silence is dualistic notions only. - Unconditional love versus conditional love is just dualistic nonsense. - All teachers who rant and rave about unconditional love are deluding themselves and their followers.
However, when these gurus and teachers speak of it, their seeker followers swoon into emotional delusions. - And they love it.
Once one is out of it, there is no concern with it.
It is no comfort to those who refuse to let go of habitual beliefs but it is rare that a seeker reaches the point of emergence from its delusions.
- Most turn back to 'the familiar' insecure beliefs.
It is just the way it is.
It does not have to be that way.
It is up to you!
Some say there is nothing you can do about it.
What use is such sprouting?
If you do not pay close attention to the immediacy of life, then these patterns will hold you in their repeating orbit.